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What is consulting?

To effectively manage an enterprise, the manager often lacks knowledge in some highly specialized direction or time. Therefore, they may need the help of highly qualified specialists in various fields, such as financial or technical. For these purposes, consulting firms began to work.

Many have come across such a concept as “consulting”, but not everyone understands what it is. A general definition of this term can be given. Consulting is work aimed at advising managers and employees in the area they need. Its main task is to analyze the possibilities for the development and use of scientific and technological solutions, taking into account the scope and issues of each individual client.


Currently, there are many types of consulting services. But the most popular are:

  • Financial. It is a certain service that allows you to build a reliable and efficient system for managing the financial flows of an enterprise. Financial consulting consists of: a general audit of the company’s activities, drawing up and detailed consideration of all budget items. As well as the introduction of techniques that will make the financial system more sustainable and stable.
  • Managerial. It happens strategically, with marketing and personnel. It contributes to the improvement of the work of all departments in the enterprise, allows you to put into practice modern management techniques, and develops and implements a system of employee motivation.
  • Investment. Promotes effective cooperation with banks, insurers, and public authorities. This procedure helps to find and interest investors.
  • Personnel. This species is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. In this case, services are provided for personnel certification, personnel records, analysis of the effectiveness of personnel policy and workflow, as well as analysis of the compliance of personnel records with labor legislation.
  • Legal. It is especially necessary for the absence of a full-time lawyer in the organization.
  • Accounting. Allows you to increase the efficiency of accounting and control its correctness.
  • Design. It consists of the joint work of a consultant and an employee of the company. In the process of such interaction, a decision is made to optimize the work of the company. As a rule, such consulting is of a long-term nature.

Consulting tasks

Consulting solves a number of very important tasks for the enterprise. These include:

  1. Regulation of business processes.
  2. Reorganization of activities.
  3. Restoration of solvency.
  4. Carrying out the procedure for merging several companies.
  5. Questions about budgeting or developing a business plan.

What are the benefits of business consulting

Business consulting has a number of advantages. It is always more profitable to hire a qualified specialist to solve a specific problem than to search for a full-time employee and pay him a salary. In addition, hiring a consultant will help to avoid or reduce the cost of purchasing office equipment, maintenance and rental of premises for such employees.

Stages of implementation of consulting activities

It is very important to understand how this area works and to learn what the stages of its work are.

  1. Recognition by the manager of the existence of the problem.
  2. Primary consultation and registration of contractual relations.
  3. Gathering the data required to solve the problem.
  4. Development of an algorithm for solving the problem.
  5. Implementation of the solution and control over its implementation.
  6. Evaluation of the result.
  7. final financial settlement.

Situations where consulting is needed

Most often, the director of the enterprise is able to make certain decisions without outside help. But it happens that you can not do without a safety net. And a consulting firm can become such a safety net. Reasons for contacting a consultant may include:

  • the need for any examination;
  • lack of time to independently solve the problem;
  • lack of experience;
  • the need for an objective opinion from the outside.

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