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What is a yoga and why is it needed

I am not a yogi and I don’t do yoga. But if you’re reading, let’s start.

Yoga for beginners with eyes is NOT yoga.

First, let’s ditch the fakes. And there are a lot of them here. Fitness yoga, Vini yoga, trai yoga, yoga nidra, 23 yoga, perinatal yoga, acro yoga, hammock yoga, surfboard yoga, Bikram yoga, solar yoga, power yoga, beer yoga, and many more … I see two reasons for these fakes.

The first reason: people did a little yoga and did not understand what it is. In view of a misunderstanding, they adapted the concept to the understandable: to acrobatics or to beer. And so, they are under the delusion that they have created a new kind of yoga, because what is the “old” yoga, they have not understood.

The second reason is the same way all the institutions in Russia suddenly became universities, and the salesmen in the salesrooms became managers. Although a manager is a manager, a boss.
I want to attach a cool word to myself and through it feel cooler. Therefore, people jump, squat, carry weights – and they want this to be called yoga. Because yoga is a cool and honorable activity, and exercise is just exercise. From here came fitness yoga. A person comes out of yoga, sweat flows from him in three streams, – “Uh,” – he says – “yoga was cool today, all muscles ache!”

What is yoga and why is it needed?

Let’s move on to real yoga. I practiced yoga for three years with a real teacher who at times turned into Mahadeva himself. 🙂
Then I met a karmic obstacle and gave up classes. At the moment I am not doing anything. I am sick like all people. But still, I still have some understanding of yoga and I can distinguish yoga from non-yoga. Yoga is the Great Eightfold Path, and if there is none, then there is no yoga.

I have met several real yogis in my life. They were all pleased with themselves, proud, satisfied with life, strong and relatively indifferent to people. Here is a truth that I did not understand at first and which many who begin to study do not understand:

Yoga does not lead to God

Yoga leads to power, to tremendous strength, to power over the world and the worlds, it makes it possible to walk on water and fly through the air, and even without air, in Space. You can take possession of the entire universe, and God can slip away. Perhaps the fact is that these were not yogis in a state of samadhi. Maybe the fact is that I have observed people who have traveled only part of the path, and not all the way. After all, the eighth step of yoga is nothing more than merging with God. I do not know.

Arjuna did not do yoga, the gopis did not do yoga, Kasturi did not do yoga, the apostles did not do yoga … Many people who occupied close places near God did not do yoga.

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