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What business ideas for students are popular and do not require investments

Many students try to earn extra money in their free time. But few employers offer normal jobs to young people without experience. To avoid such moments, you can try to create your own business project that allows you to achieve financial independence. In addition, the period of study will be useful and will allow you to gain the necessary experience. Students don’t have much time to set up a business, but they can start with a simple idea with little investment.

In our review you will find interesting business ideas for students. Simple options will not bring a lot of money, but will be an excellent practice and a basis for further entrepreneurial activity.

Why does a student need a business

During the student years, the most interesting thoughts about the personal future arise. There is a desire to earn money and gain financial independence. This time can be considered favorable for the implementation of their own ideas.

It is worth noting the following business benefits for students:

  1. Large social circle.
  2. There is free time, as there is no strictly regulated schedule.
  3. Different ways to get information. It is the ability to find useful information that is one of the tasks of universities.
  4. There are no obligations.

In addition to financial independence, entrepreneurial activity teaches business management, helps to acquire professional skills in a particular area and provides opportunities for further development.

How to start your own business without interrupting the educational process

Let’s find out what kind of business to open for a student. In most cases, young people do not have significant start-up capital. It is not recommended to intervene in loans and debts. You can start your own business with little investment.

Components of the success of the activity:

  1. Tenacity and perseverance. You must always remember the purpose of your activity.
  2. Having experience.
  3. Time for business development.

Business Options for Students

There are different business ideas for a student and some of them are even related to the learning process.

You can consider the option of tailoring with logos of a higher or school educational institution. To develop such an activity, it is not necessary to have the skills of a tailor. To start a business, you can use finished products. First you need to prepare or purchase a small batch of clothes. It can be T-shirts, T-shirts and shirts.

You can also make accessories with emblems that are used by students in the learning process.

A good business idea for a student is to create brochures that contain cheat sheets on various subjects.

For students who love to learn, such earnings as writing term papers, diplomas and essays are suitable. It is important to provide customers with quality work with correctly performed calculations.

Entrepreneurial activity without start-up capital can be attributed to the repair and configuration of modern gadgets. To start a business, you will need knowledge in the field of digital technology, electronics and computer technology.

For many students, such an option as creating and maintaining websites is also available.

How to start a business what do you need

According to statistics, only 5% of young people who dream of starting their own business actually achieve their goal. Since not everyone makes efforts to fulfill their plans. Many constantly find excuses and hesitate to start their activities.

An important point in starting a business is drawing up a plan. At first, the goal should not be too ambitious. Perhaps you should start with intermediary services. When drawing up a plan, the goal should be broken down into stages and specific actions should be painted by day. If necessary, you can always master some business from scratch. Particular attention should be paid to practice, because theory will not help much without the necessary skills. To achieve the goal, it is important to fulfill all the points of the plan.

At first, you will have to save money and give up many of the delights of student life. It is also important to engage in self-education, which will open up new horizons. To learn how to save, you must first save and spend the rest. It is worth avoiding unnecessary expenses and not visiting online stores. You need to look for additional sources of income.

Such benefits of civilization as cell phones, online games, entertainment sites and instant messengers kill useful time.

Do not underestimate the potential of the Internet for student business. So, the advantages of doing business online:

  1. Less investment than in real business.
  2. Branding and promotion are relevant even online.
  3. No state required. When working on the network, you can use the services of remote employees.
  4. Budget advertising.
  5. Mobility.
  6. No risks, as offline.

If there are several options for starting a business online. You can become a freelancer, and then open your site. You can immediately open the resource and use it to earn money on your favorite business. Develop a website, and then delegate the execution of duties to other specialists. Working on your business, you need to engage in constant self-education.

Business Options for Students

Consider popular business ideas for students.

Student Portal

Good options include organizing an information portal for young people. At the same time, it is not necessary to create your own website if the educational institution already has its own resource. You can start filling it with advertisements and news. For students, this is an excellent opportunity to start their own business.

On such a portal, you can post the following materials:

  1. News.
  2. Interesting articles.
  3. Reference books that are useful for students.
  4. Information about festive measures.
  5. Timetables of regular buses and trains.
  6. Advertising materials that will become a source of income.
  7. Photoreports about the conducted student actions.

To implement such an idea, you need to agree with the administration of the educational institution to obtain permission to be the curator of the resource.

Gadget customization services

A good business option for students is providing advice on mobile gadgets. This does not require start-up capital, but only personal knowledge.

The following services are offered:

  1. Equipment setup.
  2. Consulting on technical issues.
  3. Install applications, games and software applications.
  4. Sticking a special film on the screen surface.

Babysitting during the holidays

The idea of ​​making money on parents who have no one to leave their children with is not new. But if you have a creative approach, you can come up with creative ideas for entrepreneurial activity from the old ways of earning money. For example, you can entertain children at festive events. Actual services of animators. Suitable games and scenarios can be found on the Internet.

Shopping, fitness or tourism advice

Interesting options for entrepreneurial activity include the possibility of earning on the provision of advice. This option is suitable for students of economic, pedagogical and legal universities.

If you have the talent to get the necessary information about sales or experience in fitness training, you can organize online counseling. An important condition is to find rare and high-quality information that will be useful to customers.


If you want to make original things with your own hands, you should try the ideas of earning money by creating original scarves, hats, jewelry or homemade toys.

You can consider the following options:

  1. Creation of backpacks of special durability from felt and felt.
  2. Making knitted covers for gadgets, swimwear or slippers.
  3. Bracelets, gadgets and watches made of natural wood are popular.

There are other interesting options for starting a business. If you have culinary skills, you can start preparing set meals and baking cakes. You can do business and breeding indoor plants. Cleaning office and residential premises can be a profitable business.

Business without investments, without loans and rented premises – all that is required for a student who wants to start an interesting business.

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