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We open an online store in Vkontakte

Every entrepreneur dreams of building a business with minimum start-up capital and simplicity. It is very easy to create such a thing as to open an online store on VKontakte because it will require insignificant investments and a minimum of knowledge. A lot of companies have moved from offline stores and started to successfully do business on the Internet, flooding social networks, which act as an ideal trading platform. The indisputable advantages of social networks are a large audience that is easy to analyze and easy to open. Even a schoolchild can conduct such a business, earning on an equal basis with his parents.

A few tips for aspiring businessmen

The entrepreneur must draw up a business plan for the project and strictly follow it in order to minimize possible risks. Also, take a look at a few tips:

  1. When opening an online store in VK, it is best to use your real page, so that in case of blocking or other problems, they are quickly resolved and do not complicate work.
  2. The uniqueness of the content is important for such a business. Experienced users can immediately distinguish between pictures downloaded from the Internet and real photos of goods.
  3. The same applies to product descriptions – the more information the user receives, the more likely he is to make a purchase. Also, a complete description of the goods gives the store more weight and credibility.
  4. Keep track of the regularity of posts – fresh information, interesting facts, discounts and promotions, updating the assortment, the user should learn about all this from new posts.
  5. Pay attention to all activity – likes, reposts, comments. By their actions, users will prompt in which direction it will be better to move. Statistics let the owner know whether the buyers like his product or not.
  6. Try to answer customer questions and place orders as quickly as possible. Since there is always a risk on the Internet that the user will simply leave if he waits for a long time for an answer.

How to open an online store on VK: proven methods

For an entrepreneur thinking about how to open an online store from scratch in contact, you need to clearly understand how to create a community, how it differs from a public page, and which option is best suited for business. The community is more suitable for doing business on a social network since all the necessary sections can be easily created in it – promotions, goods, delivery, payment, and others. Also, you can easily add all the necessary documents to the community for detailed information.

Do not neglect the design of the page – you need to create an avatar, come up with a sonorous name, add a description. All these seemingly little things come together in a single puzzle in the client’s head.

Method # 1. Service “Products”

When you open a community on the VKontakte social network, there is a convenient function for doing business – the “Products” section. It is located right under the group’s description, so it is impossible not to notice it.

Each product card can be filled with 5 photographs, a description of the provided product and its cost, as well as the “write to the seller” button. This is what makes it convenient to sort and receive purchase requests directly in private messages.

In order to create cards with goods you will need:

  • Go to the community management menu, select the “information” tab and enable the service for adding goods.
  • After that, you can start creating the cards themselves – you must specify the delivery data, price, leave contacts so that the buyer can contact the seller.
  • You can choose to leave comments enabled or disable them.

The service can be replenished with fifteen cards daily, which is undoubtedly suitable for a successful business.

Method number 2. Creating an application in VK

The next method in the question of how to open a VKontakte store is to create your own application through a program provided by a social network. To create applications, you need to go to the “Install Application” tab and follow the instructions.

Thus, you can create your own store without any investment. One of the convenient functions is payment via VK Pay, which allows the buyer to pay for the purchase immediately. Also, the application supports many accounting programs, which are easy to understand and report.

Method number 3. Combining methods

The best possible way to do this kind of business is to combine the first two options and use them at the same time. The community with product cards and the created application can be synchronized with each other, which makes them easy to use.

Best Apps to Create an Online Store

If an entrepreneur doubts his ability to create an application, then you can use the already developed programs for doing business.

In the question of how to open a store in VKontakte, popular applications become the solution:

  1. Ecwid is an application used by businessmen to post advertisements for sale. You can keep only 10 cards with goods for free, but if an entrepreneur wants more, you will need to pay 790 rubles per month or 659 per month if you purchase for a whole year.
  2. Shop script is the second most popular application with a monthly paid subscription (499 rubles a month). The entrepreneur receives for his use the technical address of the store, where he can lay out the goods.
  3. Fresh shop is the most expensive app, a subscription costs 8,690 rubles in a one-time payment. The first week is free, you can evaluate the application and see if it’s worth continuing to work with it.

And here we talked about how you can start a business without investment and really start earning.

Step-by-step creation of a store in VK

There is nothing difficult in creating a store on VKontakte, you need to spend several hours to fully understand all the nuances of work.

Community building

First of all, you need to create a group in which the goods will be laid out. To do this, you need to do a few simple manipulations:

  • Go to the “Groups” section.
  • Click on the “Create community” button, select the name of the store.
  • The final step is setting up the community wall, adding a description, an avatar.

Create store description

One of the important elements in the question of how to open a store in VK is filling in all the free fields with information, which affects customer confidence and increases the chances of success.

Categories appear in front of the entrepreneur – add a description, payment for goods and delivery. Please fill in these boxes carefully. It is also worth describing your advantages as a store, various promotions and great offers.

Create product cards and merge into collections

It is also easy to add a card with a description of the product, its cost, and a button “write to the seller”. For this, you need to click on the “Add Product” button, which is located under the description of the community. After that, a window will appear in which you can upload photos, make a description of the goods, indicate the materials of the goods, the cost. After adding a card to a group, it becomes visible to everyone.

There is an excellent function in VK – combining cards into groups, which helps to sort and easily find goods. You can create different categories – women’s clothing, footwear, accessories, men’s clothing.

Setting up payment methods

There are many ways in which a customer can pay for a selected product: cash upon courier delivery, cash on delivery, transfer money to a bank card or pay to a virtual wallet.

You can set up payments in the VK itself – go to the basket and set up the “Store” option, where the cost, payment option is indicated for each product.

Setting up receiving orders

It is also very easy to set up a service with taking orders, you need to select the “form” tab and fill in the fields. You can describe the following information: contact information, methods of payment and delivery, promotional codes, leave a field under a comment on the order.

You can also configure required fields, without which the form will not be submitted.

Payment for goods: VK Pay service

The VK Pay application appeared not so long ago, but it has already become indispensable for buyers and sellers who trade on social network. The emergence of such a service greatly influenced the question of how to open a store on VKontakte, because now payment for orders has become simple and affordable.

You can connect the service by contacting the community administrators directly, you will need to fill out a special form. You can also choose the type of wallet:

  • Basic – up to 15,000 rubles.
  • Extended – up to 60,000 rubles.
  • Premium – up to 600,000 rubles.

Legal entities can open wallets for storing large amounts – up to 5,000,000 rubles.

How to promote your online store?

Community promotion is one of the main elements in a successful business. The goal of the community will always be to sell the product and as much as possible, so its advertising will be different from the PR of a personal blog.

You will need to create and add unique content, it is also a good idea to set up discussions in which you can communicate with customers, hear their opinion about the store.

It is important to make permanent publications, and the information should not consist entirely of advertising for goods – it is necessary to add interesting information, useful articles, make promotions and giveaways.

Also, do not forget about targeted advertising and buying promotion in already promoted publics. But this method should be used only when there are more than a few thousand subscribers in the community.

What do you need to know before opening?

You need to study several important nuances before opening your store in VK. According to statistics, there are about 200,000 online stores on the social network, which indicates the relevance of the business and its development. To create a profitable business that attracts a steady stream of customers, you have to work hard.

First, you need to choose a niche in which the store will develop. Research is needed to understand which products are relevant and which ones have fallen in demand. The whole further concept of development and promotion of the community will depend on the choice made.

After choosing a direction, you need to create the community itself, design it, create an avatar and come up with a good name. It is also important to start developing the “Menu”:

  • Create a product catalog.
  • Describe information on methods of payment, delivery.
  • Add contact information for communication.
  • Set up a Feedback discussion where customers can share their experiences.

It is important to create detailed product cards with photos and descriptions, they need to be combined into albums to make it easier for the buyer to find the product he wants.

What is content in an online store?

Before you open your online clothing store in VKontakte, you need to understand how to publish and what content is. The first step is to create a content plan that the entrepreneur will follow in order to successfully market the business.

One of the important elements in selling texts, and the way they are presented is also important. It is better to entrust the creation of such texts to a person who understands them so that he writes catchy posts that will interest the buyer.

Also, do not forget about various promotions, discounts, and sweepstakes – they will help to attract an audience and subscribe to the community, which will positively affect its development dynamics.

First of all, it is important not only to understand how to open an online store in contact from scratch for free but also to be able to keep it afloat. A novice businessman should understand what he is doing and why because if you look at the groups in VK, you will notice that many of them have long been abandoned. It may seem that such a business is easy, but it also requires constant monitoring and attention, it needs to be developed and improved in order to retain the audience. A business idea with minimal start-up investment attracts many entrepreneurs, but some of them quickly lose interest and the business slowly dies.

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