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Unusual business ideas – what to choose and how to adapt?

Exclusive ideas for business are good because no one has occupied a niche yet, which means there are almost no competitors or no competitors at all. For starting a business, this is an excellent option. But, there is one “but” – you need to conduct a preliminary analysis of the idea, and determine – will it be in demand in the Russian Federation?

The most interesting, and at the same time, unusual business ideas in the world, which can be fully implemented in our country and will be considered further.

Virtual dinners – the best recipe for loneliness

How long have you been to a cafe or just for a walk in the park? If recently, then remember how most people behaved? They, most likely, did not let go of the phone or were with a laptop at all. The age of information technology brings not only positive but also negative – live communication is gradually fading away and there is simply no one to dine with.

Against the background of all this, such an original business idea as a virtual lunch is quite possible that it will be in demand. True, it is better to implement this in big cities – in the provinces everyone knows each other, so it will take more time for development.

In fact, such a lunch will be the same as just a video conversation using any messenger. Your customers can choose their interlocutor, and the popularity of such a cafe will definitely grow, if only because it is unusual.

By the way, this idea itself is not so new – for the first time, such a system was introduced in the USA back in 2006.

Compliment for money

Such services are provided by one Japanese company and make very good money on it. The service will definitely be in demand. Just imagine – a person sits at work, he is sad, and he thinks that everything is bad for him, he himself is the same, and there is no joy in life at all – and even if the ordered compliment (and the recipient himself will not know about it) will definitely improve his mood.

By the way, the same service will work great for those who do not know how to come to terms with their soul mate. Here fantasy practically knows no boundaries, so go ahead – the niche is completely free, there are almost no competitors.

Postcards to order

Delivering a postcard from distant countries to your friend or loved one is not a problem, even if you are not there. Such services are provided by the congratulatory service “My day card”. The client only needs to indicate the greeting text itself and the place from where the card should be delivered. The service costs about $ 30, and the company has been working in this area for more than 10 years and is very successful. So take note of it.

You can also work as a wizard

Still not believing in miracles? And in vain, they are very much even there and, by the way, almost every one of us can become a wizard. And even to make it your permanent job – this is exactly what the Austrian company thinks, which has opened a school for witches and wizards. Such a Hogwarts in Austria.

It is fair to say that the school is working seriously – at the moment it has 700 students. The course is designed for 6 semesters; upon successful completion, all newly minted sorcerers and wizards receive a diploma.

There are similar schools in America and other countries, but they do not yet have such a scale. There are no analogs to this in the Russian Federation, so it is quite possible to consider this direction as an unusual business.

Unusual Feng Shui website

This is not to say that this is a very rare business idea – the point is simply to provide a service. Such a site was created by an entrepreneur from England Paul Darby – the user of the portal fills out a special questionnaire, on the basis of which personal recommendations for improving life with the help of Feng Shui techniques are created.

It should be said that such an unusual business idea is far from the cheapest, but more than 38 million people from different parts of the world use it already.

Rub from herbs

This idea of ​​creating portraits was implemented by two Britons: Peter Ackroyd and Dana Harvey. The essence of such an idea is as follows:

  • A canvas with a lawn is placed vertically in a dark room.
  • The desired image is projected onto the hosted canvas.
  • After turning on the lighting in a well-lit place, the grass turns yellowish, and in all other places it is dark.

It should be said that such an original idea for a business is quite applicable not only for creating paintings, but also for decorating walls, creating large compositions, and even individual pieces of furniture. A completely new word in landscape design.

Calorie bill

Such restaurants are already operating in Europe, and are very much in demand. The bottom line is that in addition to the amount to be paid, the invoice also indicates the number of calories eaten. For most men, such an addition is not particularly valuable, but for girls who keep an eye on their figure, it is an interesting and useful addition.

The organization of such a restaurant in the Russian Federation will not cost more than the creation of a simple restaurant business – the only difference is that the number of calories is indicated on the bill. But the very idea of ​​an extraordinary business will definitely be popular.establishment staff

Tattoos on teeth

It’s just that you can’t surprise anyone with tattoos on your face, so the fantasy of the masters in this direction went much further – to make tattoos on the teeth. The idea is more than non-standard, and there are more and more people willing to stand out in this way.

It should be noted that the technology of applying images to teeth has nothing to do with the same process, but on the skin. Special equipment is used, the technology is also strikingly different.

There are three methods for applying images to teeth:

  • Installation of a crown with a ready-made image.
  • Drawing directly on the enamel – but the integrity of the tooth is not compromised, special paints are used.
  • Bonding a special film on the tooth surface. From above, such a film is covered with a special varnish, so that the image is not erased.

Of course, the last two options are less traumatic than the first and take less time.

Sewing toys according to children’s drawings

Another original business idea that works great for creative people too. In addition, it will be a wonderful gift for the child – the parent embodies into reality what he invented himself.

Wendy Cao from Vancouver started such a business – in 2007 she opened her own company for sewing toys based on children’s drawings. It all started with the fact that Wendy wanted to give something special to her 4-year-old son.

Today, the number of completed orders has exceeded several hundred – parents simply send a drawing by mail, and on its basis the design of the toy is developed.children's drawing toy

Bus parties

Parties on the bus or Party Bus are not at all new for Western countries, but in the Russian Federation, such an unusual business idea is just starting.

In fact, this is the same nightclub, only on wheels. The advantage is that you can rest in this way at least throughout the city, at least outside of it. By the way, renting such a bus is good not only for recreation but also for youth weddings, graduations, hen and stag parties. Interesting and unusual – such an exclusive business will definitely be in demand in large cities of the Russian Federation.

Taxi with a psychologist

The desire to speak out even to a stranger is quite an ordinary thing. And a conversation with a random fellow traveler is the best psychological session. Therefore, in the West, such a service as a taxi with a psychologist is no longer an innovation – the driver will take you where necessary, listen, and give valuable recommendations.

In conclusion

There are many more unusual business ideas than we have listed here. You may well create something of your own unique, and who knows – maybe after a while, your startup will become famous all over the world.

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