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Seven Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of motivational books in the style of “how to become successful”. Probably the most of this useless literature on the market right now. Useless, because no book will make a person successful if he does not roll up his sleeves and start working on himself.

But, it is possible and necessary to take an example from those who have already achieved success in life. And before that, you need to determine for yourself what success means for me personally and what I need to do in order for this to be present in my life.

Let’s talk about the habits that successful entrepreneurs have in their lives. And to apply them in your life or not is up to you.

Unrecorded target = non-existent target

Goals in the head are good. Well, in any case, better than none at all. But they are not realistic, because they are not physically displayed anywhere. Therefore, write your goals down on paper, do it in a positive way. For example: instead of “repay the loan by the end of the year”, write “earn a certain amount by the end of the year”.

When you write down a goal, you finally formulate it, it is no longer something abstract. And this is followed by thinking about its implementation. So there are more chances that the plan will be implemented.

Plan your day, make a personal schedule

Planning your day in detail is not boring. This is the efficient use of time, the development of a balance between work and rest. If chaos reigns in your tasks, then you may not have time for rest, because you only work and do nothing all the time. As a result, you burn out, efficiency is at zero, but stress, fatigue and irritability are off scale.

Detailed planning will show a real picture of where your time is spent every day, which tasks will be more effective to delegate to someone, which ones to transfer to other days, give them more or less time, and which ones it makes sense to refuse.

A reasonable plan will be easy to follow. And it will also protect you from stress, overwork and dissatisfaction with life, because you do not have time to do something important all the time.

But, be prepared for the fact that the first time everything will not work out correctly. And immediately it will not come out to strictly follow the scheduled schedule. Don’t give up – plan, follow what is written and you will develop a habit.

Learn to think like an already successful person

Each of us is successful in his own way, but many of us want to rise higher and achieve new goals. Therefore, develop a mindset of success – think as if you have already achieved it. Remember thoughts are material. Brian Tracy talks about this in detail in his lecture “Your Successful Business Plan”, it is publicly available on YouTube.

Stay up late

Many successful people get up at least three hours before the start of their work day. This doesn’t mean you need to do the same, but getting up early is a good habit not only for business but also for your health. Doctors say that sleep before 6 in the morning benefits the body, but everything that later is useless.

From 5 am to 8 am is the most productive time for the human brain. Your head is not yet filled with anything, the hectic day has not yet begun – so you can think about important things, make a schedule for the day, determine priority tasks and have already completed some of them.

Go in for sports

Sport is not a habit of successful people. This is a necessity for every person – to be healthy, in good shape. This is especially important for those who spend most of the day in a static position – sitting or just standing.

Physical activity has a positive effect on mental performance and charges with positive energy. And the first and second is important for a successful life.

A day is enough for 30-40 minutes of moderate physical activity – cardio with strength. If you do not like these kinds of sports, then as an alternative you can consider swimming, active games (football, tennis, basketball), some kinds of wrestling.

Surround yourself with successful people

You as a person are shaped by your environment.

Communicate more with people who have already achieved more than you – you can learn a lot from them. In addition, intuitively, you will try to reach the same level as your environment, and this is additional motivation.

How to introduce new habits into life

Many of us read useful materials, save them with the note “I’ll have to start somehow.” And everything remains the same, nothing changes.

You can introduce good habits into life like this: choose 1-2 that you really need, you realize what their value is for you personally, and methodically follow them. Gradually add something new and so gradually you will build a comfortable rhythm of life for yourself.

It only takes 21 days to form a habit, that’s only three weeks. Not much to learn something new and useful to improve the quality of your life.

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