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Popular business ideas for production

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are considering options for activities related to production. Due to the changing economic situation in the country, a small business can be a profitable solution. The policy of the state is aimed at maximum import substitution.

In our review, we offer the best business ideas for production. An enterprise is a great opportunity to conquer the domestic market, as well as enter the external one.

Business in production is one of the most difficult activities to implement. It requires not only special skills and knowledge, but also the availability of start-up capital. At the same time, it is a promising and relevant option.

The relevance of small business for mini-production

Small business in manufacturing is one of the most relevant. A large amount of investment flows precisely to the development of internal organizations in the country.

So, let’s find out what products can be opened. The following advantages of creating a company of this type are distinguished:

  1. You can start a production business at home or in a garage. You don’t have to rent a room for this.
  2. A small investment is required.
  3. Income is higher than in the field of trade.
  4. Minimal exposure to crisis and stability.
  5. Excellent prospects for entering the foreign market.

People who have already worked at enterprises often come into such a business. When opening a business, knowing the nuances of the process helps.

35 small business ideas

Now we will find out different ideas for production for small businesses that can be implemented in both a big and a small city. Some options can be started at home.

Making car covers

To implement such a production business idea, investments of up to 50 thousand rubles will be required. First, you need to purchase the necessary equipment and find suitable patterns for covers. For each car, you can make an individual product. At the same time, the wishes of customers are taken into account.

Car covers are an indispensable thing. It protects the surface from scratches, sunlight, and precipitation.

To start a business for the production of covers, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur. Then you need to rent a room and purchase equipment. It will also require a minimum of staff.


To start such a business, you will need an amount of 500 thousand rubles. It is necessary to open a workshop for the creation of modern models of upholstered and frame furniture according to individual sizes.

This activity is popular in a certain market segment. Cabinet furniture is, especially in demand.

The furniture manufacturing option is suitable for settlements with a population of more than 250 thousand people. Such headsets are purchased for residential premises, offices, and various institutions. The company has the following features:

  1. IP form.
  2. You will need a room of 50 sq. m. for the workshop.
  3. The minimum set of tools.
  4. Purchase of accessories and materials.
  5. Service advertising.

The payback of the enterprise depends on the volume of sales and the features of the technological process.

Frameless furniture

The assembly of frameless furniture requires investments from 100 thousand rubles. Lots of people love voluminous upholstered armchairs with colorful designs and stylish poufs. The creation of original products makes this option interesting and in demand.

The item of expenditure includes:

  1. Rental of premises.
  2. Purchase of special equipment.
  3. Hiring.

To start such production as a business, you can sell products through the site. It is worth trying to conclude contracts with salons and large furniture centers.frameless furniture

Wicker furniture sets

An interesting business idea in production is the creation of wicker furniture sets. Initially, you will have to invest up to 100 thousand rubles. Making furniture from natural wicker can be started in a small workshop.

This natural material is very popular. A variety of headsets are made from it for the recreation area and for the dining area.

The production process will require the purchase of high-quality raw materials. To reduce the cost of wicker material, you need to cut branches in any season and not store them. It will be useful to cooperate with design studios and furniture stores.

colored gravel

Such a business in the field of production will require investments in the range of 50-100 thousand rubles. You need to buy ordinary crushed stone, then repaint it and sell the finished product.

Crushed stone of different colors is used in landscape design. For this, special paint is used that does not change color over time. Such an enterprise can be started with a small set of tools.

To organize, you will need to go through official registration and find a room for drying.

Wild stone tiles

To start such a business idea, production from scratch will require from 50 to 100 thousand rubles. It is important to find deposits of sandstone, and then process the wild stone.

Such tiles are characterized by increased strength and wear resistance. With the establishment of all technological processes, the income will be quite high.wild stone tiles


It will be necessary to invest 300 thousand rubles to implement the business idea of ​​​​production. You can start an activity in a small room, for example, in a garage. You will need to purchase special equipment.


Investments for this project amount to 460 thousand rubles. This building material is becoming more and more popular.

To open a business in the manufacture of penoizol, you will need:

  1. Special equipment.
  2. The room is small in size.
  3. Raw material.
  4. For transportation you need a car.

cinder block

A good production option for small businesses is the creation of cinder blocks. Investments from 200 thousand rubles will be required. The material is relevant for the construction of industrial facilities and residential buildings.

You need to prepare for such expenses:

  1. Room rental.
  2. Purchase of equipment.
  3. Purchase of raw materials.
  4. Payroll expenses.

The biggest profit falls on the warm months.

Expanded clay blocks

A similar idea for a small manufacturing business involves opening a workshop for the creation of expanded clay blocks. For its implementation, you will need to spend 250 thousand rubles.

The light weight of the building material makes it popular for the construction of buildings, outbuildings and residential buildings. To create an enterprise, you need a large room and a warehouse for storing products.

The main funds will have to be spent on:

  1. Production equipment.
  2. Lease of space where the blocks will be dried.
  3. Payment for utilities.

You will also need to pay for transportation, delivery of raw materials, and wages for workers. About a thousand expanded clay blocks can be produced per shift.

Gas and foam concrete

To implement such an idea of ​​production for business, 540 thousand rubles will be required. The basis of the enterprise is the equipment of a mini-factory.

New types of building materials are replacing standard concrete due to their low cost and practicality. The production process is simple.

To implement the project you need:

  1. Find a convenient location with convenient transport access and warehouses.
  2. Purchase equipment for the technological process.
  3. Training of employees in the features of the process.
  4. Purchase of raw materials from suppliers.

A small plant can produce 10 cubic meters of raw materials. The approximate profit is 200 thousand rubles.

Polystyrene concrete

Not a bad idea for a polystyrene concrete production business. To begin with, you will need 300 thousand rubles. Such material is characterized by versatility and high thermal conductivity.

It is important to find markets, find suppliers of raw materials and buy the necessary equipment. The location may be outside the city limits. This will save you money on rent.

artificial marble

A profitable small business production idea is to open your own workshop. This will require 1 million rubles. The essence of the enterprise is the production of artificial marble of different color palettes. The average profitability is approximately 40-50%.

neon signs

The business idea with the production of neon signs is popular. The cost part is approximately 500 thousand rubles. The relevance of this option is due to the constant development of the trade sector.neon signs

The costs will be for:

  1. Purchase of production elements.
  2. Training for glassblowers.
  3. Salary for managers.
  4. The content of the premises.

Metal doors

It will take about 500 thousand to open an organization for the creation of metal doors. The competition in this sector is quite high. As a workshop, you will need a room away from the central part of the city. A small workshop can make 200 doors per month.


To implement a business idea for the production of antifreeze, you need to invest about 300 thousand rubles. Such a technological process is not too complicated, but the following investments will be needed:

  1. Warehouse and premises rent.
  2. Hiring staff.
  3. Leasing or purchasing equipment.
  4. Purchase of packaging materials and special reagents.

The expansion of the organization is possible due to additional products.

Tailoring of overalls

The essence of the idea of ​​a small workwear manufacturing business is to design and manufacture classic and original workwear models. Such goods are required by industrial enterprises. The cost part should include:

  1. Professional sewing equipment.
  2. Purchase of necessary accessories.
  3. Purchase of special materials.

The profitability of this option is higher than the studio.

Mirror making

This option should be attributed to the novelties of production for small businesses. Such products are often required by companies manufacturing furniture sets.

The main investments are needed:

  1. For renting space.
  2. Acquisition of furniture and cutting table.
  3. Purchase of reagents and materials.
  4. Transport costs.


Such an idea of ​​production for a small business requires 700,000 investments. On the basis of the production workshop, it is possible to produce modern models of eurofence.

You will need a workshop with communications, the purchase of equipment, staff training, and special materials.

Metal-plastic windows

The business associated with the production of metal-plastic windows is profitable. This type of product is in stable demand. In addition to renting a room, it will require the purchase of tools, training in manufacturing technology, and advertising.

metal tile

The metal tile business is not cheap. To begin with, you will need to invest approximately 2.6 million rubles.

Such building material is in demand in the construction of low-rise buildings. The main costs will be required for the arrangement of an automated line. You will also need premises, advertising and a solution with the supply of raw materials.

Vinyl siding

You can organize a business of small production of vinyl siding. For this, special equipment is used that allows you to make siding of different shades from polyvinyl chloride.

Forged Products

To open such a business, you need an equipped workshop. The company manufactures window grilles, fence sections, and wrought iron gates. In this case, the site with the presented assortment will help.

Figurines for the garden plot

A good option is the idea of ​​​​a small production business with the manufacture of exclusive products to order. To attract customers, you need to develop different design options.

Making wooden toys

When deciding which production to open in a small town, it is worth considering this option. An original business idea for the production of wooden toys for children. You will need to purchase specialized software, manual equipment and the purchase of stocks of raw materials.

Organization of your own winery

One of the ideas of a small production business is the arrangement of a winery. It is worth using family recipes and original tinctures. It is better to open enterprises near vineyards.

Opening your own brewery

The novelties of business production ideas for small businesses include the equipment of a private brewery. For the organization, you should find a good place, purchase equipment for fermentation, and organize advertising.

Honey packaging

This option involves the arrangement of a small apiary. You will also need to purchase special equipment for packing honey.

Production of dry breakfasts

This profitable production for small businesses involves the production of dry breakfasts.

To organize an enterprise, you will need to purchase equipment, purchase raw materials, pay rent and wages.

Packing of clean drinking water

This option includes equipment for production facilities for water purification and bottling.

spice making

The idea for a business in the production of spices involves the organization of the production and packaging of aromatic products. When opening an enterprise, you will need to rent a room, purchase various types of mixtures, and conduct promotions. First, you will need the help of an experienced technologist who will help create unique compositions.

Greenhouse business

A good business idea in the field of production is the creation of a complete set for greenhouses. It is important to determine the type of material for structures. It can be polycarbonate or plastic. Such an enterprise can have high profitability.

Children sledges

A good mini-production idea for a small business is the creation and sale of children’s sleds. This will require a warehouse, a semi-automatic line, hiring staff, and resolving the issue with promotional products.

Change houses for construction sites

When deciding which products to open with minimal investment, you can consider this option. It will take 150 thousand rubles to organize it. For the enterprise, you need to rent a workshop room, purchase materials, and tools for staff. In three days you can collect one change house.

compound feed

The demanded industries for creating small businesses include the production of compound feed. It will take 2.3 million rubles to organize the enterprise. It is important to take care of renting premises for storing raw materials, equip access roads and create a customer base.

The most profitable small productions

When deciding what is profitable for small businesses to produce in Russia, it is worth considering the most cost-effective solutions. The product must be in demand, and the enterprise must have the following characteristics:

  1. Little competition.
  2. Demand for products.
  3. Ease of organization.
  4. Small staff.

The maximum profitability indicators are possible when automating the process. Particularly promising are such areas as food – dumplings, semi-finished vegetables. Hygiene products are also in demand – toilet paper and napkins. The manufacture of tiles and concrete fences is highly profitable

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