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How many of these methods did you know? ✨

By accident or by design, every player in The Sims has had a character dying at least once. Some people like to play with their sims in a dynasty, watching how little people peacefully die of old age surrounded by their beloved relatives, others from boredom arrange different challenges and test the characters for strength. Do you know how many options there are in the game to send a character to the next world? Meet the ultimate guide to dying in The Sims 4.

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18. Death from old age

The most normal, natural, and boring death of all is from old age. You don’t have to do much to open it: just let your Sims live their lives in safety, protecting them from fire and other misfortunes.

17. Death by hunger

Another immortal classic. Are you tired of one of the guests or do you think that there are too many people in your family? Lock the poor fellow in a room without a refrigerator or other food sources and just watch. After some time, Death will surely come for him. Just don’t let your Sim go, otherwise, they will automatically find something to eat as soon as they leave the home lot.

16. Death by fire

Now it’s time for fire! Moreover, it is quite simple to achieve death by fire – put a carpet in front of the fireplace or make a character with a low skill level cook dinner on a cheap stove. And you can also start a fireworks display in the apartment, do not clean the lint in the dryer, or for a long time force the character to “extremely” climb the climbing wall.

15. Drown

Not the fastest and most effective, but still the way to send a character to the next world is to make him swim in a pool or ocean for a very long time. As soon as the forces leave the sim, he will begin to drown. And remember that it’s not enough just to remove the ladder from the pool now, you need to fence the sides with a fence to prevent the characters from getting out.

14. Arrange an emotional overdose

Emotional death is when your Sim literally can’t handle their feelings. Mostly negative. This outcome is difficult to achieve but worth it. A character can not only go crazy with playfulness, embarrassment, or anger but also die. For example, in order for your Sim to die of laughter, you first need to drink a couple of potions for a playful mood, then wash in the bubble bath, tell a lot of jokes and watch comedy on TV for a very long time. It’s easier to induce death of shame – remove the bathroom doors, constantly start awkward conversations, and make your character go dirty in public. Finally, anger and resentment due to infidelity, the passing of a Sim’s significant other, and other similar events often lead to death from grief or heart attack.

13. Death by electric shock

Also a fairly simple way. You can force an inexperienced Sim to fix cheap electrical appliances or kick them out in a thunderstorm. After all, lightning is also electricity. 😮

12. Death from overexertion (only for the elderly)

By old age, the strength of the character leaves, therefore, even if he was an athlete in his youth, in old age the sim still cannot withstand too much active training. Therefore, this method only works on aged characters. You can force them to play sports for too long or woohoo – this is also physical activity. As soon as you have a moodlet talking about exhaustion, then Death will soon come to visit.

11. Death by Swallowing Cannibalism

That is, from a plant-cow. Do you know that this cute pet can be both useful and deadly? Especially if you forget to feed him on time.

10. Death from the well of desires

Gods are not always merciful. Therefore, when making a wish at the well, be prepared for the fact that it can play against you. The more you get on the nerves of the well, the sooner it will end your character. 😁

9. Death from overheating

As in real life, not all characters can withstand the temperature drop or take a steam bath for too long. Just remove the door so the Sim can’t get out and cool down – and wait for the bony guest!

8. Death by “Nigiri”

In the “Life in the City” add-on in a Japanese restaurant, you can order an extreme dish – poisonous fish sushi. But be careful, if these “Nigiri” were prepared by a novice chef, the probability of poisoning them is almost 100%.

7. Death from sunlight

Relevant for vampires who do not have a sun protection skill or a recipe for a special cocktail that would protect them from a fiery star. Therefore, if you want to quickly exterminate evil spirits, then just drive them out for a walk on a clear hot day into the street.  

6. Death from frostbite

In the “Seasons” add-on there is a very dangerous death from frostbite, which can completely unexpectedly kill your character. Especially if you’re playing with clothing mods. Skins, even if they look warm, don’t always fall into this category. So, as soon as your Sim has a blue skin tone, quickly get him into the house to warm him up. Or don’t do it if the character annoys you with something.

5. Death from a vase of flowers (only for the elderly)

Experienced florists know how to make not only beautiful flower arrangements but also quite dangerous and poisonous ones. For example, with elderberry. If an elderly Sim wants to smell such a bouquet, they will quickly leave the world of the living. The smell is so strong it can even age a vampire! There is not enough strength to kill, but making a decrepit and elderly character out of a young and beautiful character is easy.

4. Death from poisoning

We continue the topic of poisons. There are many dangers lurking in the jungles of El Salvador, not just poisonous insects that can kill your Sim if you don’t buy the antidote in time. Therefore, always be ready and stock up on what you need before the trip. And if you want to have fun and arrange a survival challenge for your character, then welcome to El Salvador, because she can poison your Sim in a variety of ways: poisonous arrows, insects, or ghosts.

3. Death from rabies

Household rodents are not only new little pets to have, but also a big danger. After all, some of these fuzzies can bite your character and infect him with rabies. And this is fatal!

2. Death by Murphy’s bed

With the new Compact Life add-on, there is also a new fold-out bed. And she pleased many players not only with its convenience but also with the fact that it breaks very often. And if “Murphy” fails, it always takes your character to the next world with him.

1. Death from beetle juice

Few know about this death, but we have no secrets from you. Therefore, we tell you that with the “Sustainable Life” add-on, another way to kill your character has appeared in the game – to drink poisonous juice from beetles, which is available, by the way, only at the 10th level of the mixology skill.

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