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Office business – what kind of business can you start?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs, when choosing their first commercial activity, stop at the enterprise in the office space. Business in the office provides an opportunity to realize many profitable ideas. For a businessman who owns an unoccupied office space, this is a great idea.

How to choose an idea for a business in the office

When choosing a business idea, there are many factors to consider. They depend on the amount of initial capital, attracted investments, and all kinds of costs. If an entrepreneur already has an office to conduct business, then the costs are significantly reduced. To properly open an office business, you first need to evaluate and analyze the main factors that affect the successful operation and development of the project:

legal component. Is the premises rented or owned by a businessman, what organizational form (IP or LLC).Infrastructure. Characteristics of the environment (adjacent organizations) that facilitate or hinder the conduct of business.
Finance. The volume of invested funds, their nature (own or attracted, money or material objects)Clients. The expected percentage of consumers in the selected market segment.
Location. Located in a large or small city, district (sleeping, business, center).Competitors. The main competitive environment and risk factors on their part.
Physical characteristics. The area and dimensions of the premises (building), the availability of communications and services.Raw material. Sources of resources and potential suppliers.
Respectability. Whether the repair is of high quality, prestige and status of the appearance of the premises.Legislation. Information on all regulatory legal acts that regulate this commercial activity.
Entrepreneur personality. Depends on his abilities, skills and special skills in doing business. Presence of intellectual property. 

Office rental as a business

What business to open when you already have an office? One of the most popular solutions is to rent out the premises. Such activities do not involve any financial risks for the owner, and most importantly, they do not require large investments (with the exception of repairs).

The main problem of renting an office is a small income and a long payback. The positive side is a stable profit from a business that does not require management and extra investments.

Lie detector – polygraph services

An office business idea whose services are just beginning to develop on the market. Due to the expansion of public awareness, this type of commercial activity has gained good demand in recent business

A special nuance of this business is that during testing, the polygraph gives no information familiar to us. In order to provide such services, it will be necessary to hire several polygraph examiners who can analyze the information received and give an expert opinion. Most of the opening costs will go to the purchase of equipment.

Recruiting or staffing agency

When deciding what to open in an office, you can stop at the idea of ​​an employment agency. Such offices usually work in two directions at once (for the employer and the job seeker), providing the labor market with new personnel.

In order to receive income from this activity, it is required to hire a group of specialists in the search and selection of employees for enterprises in the office. Business costs are limited to a room with furniture, appliances and hiring employees. But a very important point to consider is the creation of a database on employment for employers and job seekers.

Event organization agency

This service sector is now in rather high demand, as the hired specialists are well versed in how to organize a pleasant and interesting vacation.

A business office is needed more when receiving clients and consulting. But it plays an important role in the presentation of the agency. Properly made premises inspire confidence among customers, which increases the chance of a deal.

The services of such agencies include the organization and holding of holidays (corporate parties), the provision of actors and presenters, the conduct of photo and video filming at such events. Even with 2-3 orders per month, the company will generate income several times higher than the cost of organizing holidays.

General principles of office business

Opening a business in an office does not require much entrepreneurial experience and is not particularly difficult even for a novice entrepreneur. When choosing an idea for a business in the office, before opening, you should study the principles of this type of earnings:

  • The most demanded segment of the office business is the service sector;
  • It is important to create a good image for the company (repair, decor, reputation);
  • Careful selection of employees who will work with clients;
  • Marketing and advertising of the services provided.

Opening a business with start-up capital

If there is an office, what kind of business to open? And how to do it? Let’s take a step-by-step look at these issues using the example of a holiday organization agency:

  1. For the first time, the choice of one narrow direction (corporate parties, children’s parties, weddings, etc.);
  2. Register an enterprise with state bodies;
  3. Carrying out repair work in the premises of the office;
  4. Hiring company employees;
  5. Carrying out marketing and advertising of services;
  6. Financial plan:
  • 3000 $ – the starting capital of the company;
  • $ 1000 – the approximate monthly profit of the enterprise;
  • 3-4 months is the expected payback period of the project.

Summing up, we can say that starting your own business in the office is not such a difficult task. For success, it is important to choose the right niche and adhere to the basic principles of the office business on the way to the success of the company and the profitability of the business.

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