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Microbusiness ideas: options with minimal investment and quick return on investment

Gradually, an increasing number of ordinary citizens are thinking about starting their own business, but for a number of reasons, not everyone has the opportunity to open a company with large initial investments. There are various reasons for pushing to start a business: unwillingness to work for someone, low salaries, unloved work, on which one does not want to spend the rest of his life.  A business with a quick payback is not a myth or a fairy tale, even with minimal investment, you can open a promising business that brings stable income. In the article, we will consider the current options for microbusiness, business ideas, and the organization of such a business.

What is microbusiness?

Many people think about starting their own business, but in most cases, they are afraid of large investments, the risks of bankruptcy, and the chance of failure. But not every successful enterprise has opened the way it is at the moment. It is not necessary to open a huge shopping center, it is much easier to start small, try your hand in different directions and eventually find an idea that you like.

Microbusiness, as a widespread phenomenon, appeared in Russia more than 10 years ago. Over the years, small businesses have been gaining momentum and gaining an audience. About 4 million start-up entrepreneurs started their own businesses, which started to bring good profits.

The essence of microbusiness is the minimum start-up investment, often the amount of 50,000-100,000 rubles is enough for the initial opening and development.

People who open such a business may earn a little higher than the average salary in the country, but doing what they love, independence from bosses and a stuffy office give strength to develop, discover something new and look ahead with confidence.

The most important thing is love for the business that the entrepreneur will do. It is she who is the engine of progress and further development. By investing in even a small business, you can ultimately get a large company. After all, everything starts somewhere.

How to start your own business with minimal investment

At the start of any idea with minimal investment, it is important to adhere to the following points:

  1. Business idea. For a micro business to generate income, it must be enjoyable for the owner. He, like a child, needs to be cared for and cherished, constantly supplemented, developed.
  2. The financial part. A business, even a small one, should bring income to the owner. And in order for it to generate income, it is important to understand who and what you will offer, why people need your products.
  3. Start-up capital. Even a small business requires small investments, so you need to choose the amount that the entrepreneur is willing to spend on opening. It can be either 1,000 rubles or 50,000. Having made up the capital, it is important to consider whether this amount will be enough to implement the idea.
  4. Directly start microbusiness. This point is the most difficult, because many are faced with the fear and risks that await in the future. Fears can be different: losing money, going into debt, fear that everything will not work out or it will turn out really bad. In this case, you need the right attitude – even after losing a small amount, you will get something more important – life experience.

Microbusiness is built on an idea that an entrepreneur has a heart for. There is no point in starting a repair firm if you hate renovation. It is better to think about something that you were fond of in childhood or who you dreamed of becoming. The payback of the business will depend on the effort invested, even if it was opened with 500 rubles.

Real examples of successful business with minimal investment

Many have heard of the SubWay fast-food chain, but few know that the multi-million dollar company began with a small shop selling fast food. The creators of the network shared that, opening a business for 1000 dollars, they could not even imagine that they would eventually become millionaires.

Another example is JivoSite, a website developed to increase online sales and communication with potential customers was opened for 150,000 rubles, and at the moment it has a huge solvent audience.

Each founder of large publics and sites started with a few thousand rubles for advertising and a dozen subscribers. But their love of business and a constant desire to develop made them successful businessmen, receiving net profit from 100,000 rubles a month.

Actual business ideas of 2018 that work in 2019

To open the most profitable business, it is important to pay attention to competitors – what services and goods they offer, what is in demand among the population. Where there is no competition, it is impossible to open a business with minimal investment, because you will need to invest a lot in the promotion of a new product to attract customers.

In 2018, the following micro-businesses were relevant:

  • Services sector. Initially, all services can be provided by the entrepreneur himself, and in the future they can hire employees. Various services can be provided: repair, legal advice, accounting, website development, repair of household appliances.
  • Resale of goods from China.
  • Home production – handicrafts, furniture, interior items.
  • Earning money on the Internet – providing services (freelance).
  • For rural areas, there are ideas for growing food or animals.

These categories will remain relevant in 2019, so you can safely start a small business in such areas.

A selection of trending ideas for microbusiness

All the ideas presented below require a minimum investment of up to 50,000 rubles, have a quick payback, and a fairly stable income. All ideas are perfectly implemented in small towns and large metropolitan areas.

Some of the ideas presented do not require any initial investment at all; they are suitable for men and women of different ages. Each one can be developed at its own discretion, creating a unique product on the service market.

It is important to remember that for every business, even the smallest, it is recommended to open an individual entrepreneur, but at the very start, you can wait, test the product, and then arrange all the necessary papers.

Selling goods on one page sites

In 2018, the business gained considerable demand, so its further development is quite stable. The essence of the idea is to sell various products on one-page sites, they are also called landing pages.

To start such a business, you need to create a website, select a trendy product, order it from suppliers from China or Russia, launch advertising and start selling.

Business for the resale of goods from China

Resale of goods from China has long become a popular option for earning money because such a business requires almost no investment, special knowledge, skills. The goods are purchased at wholesale, low prices and are resold with a margin of up to 200%. 

You can post ads for sale on free online auctions and sales sites.


Dropshipping is a middleman role, the entrepreneur just delivers customers to the seller, he ships the goods, and the mark-up you make remains in the bank account.

This type of business does not require any initial investment at all, which makes it attractive for those who are afraid of losing money.

Selling goods on online auctions like Avito

A simple business idea with minimal investment, and sometimes no investment at all. The bottom line is selling any category of goods on Avito or other free message boards.

You can start selling from unnecessary things by testing all the nuances of the work. After that, it will be necessary to purchase a batch of goods, which will be sold in the future. By selling personal unnecessary things, you can earn an initial investment for further development, purchase of products.

Sale of Chinese cosmetics

Almost all women dream of having a cosmetic bag filled with various shadows, lipsticks, mascara, but in fact, prices for decorative cosmetics often bite heavily.

This is where you can start a business. Arrange the supply of goods from China, order a little different assortment and start offering it at a premium, but below store prices. You can sell such a product by creating a public on social networks, or at online auctions, also do not discard the option of personal sales.

In order for a business to generate income, it is important to analyze the market and demand, choose the latest skincare and make-up products, and then purchase the first batch of goods. The profit depends entirely on the markup of the goods. For example, you buy lipstick for 100 rubles and sell for 250, then the 150 rubles difference will become net profit.

Breeding chinchillas

This option is suitable for people living in rural areas. Of course, the income is not very large, for a year, on average, from three females, 50,000 rubles of profit are obtained, but the initial investment will amount to only 10,000 rubles. You can make animal cages yourself, buy 3 yourself, feed and you can start breeding.

Gradually, the business can be expanded by purchasing more and more new individuals that will give birth to babies of chinchillas. The main thing is to organize the sale of animals.

Bouquets of sweets, cosmetics

This type of handicraft is in demand, giving a sweet bouquet for a holiday is an original idea that will delight a close friend or family member.

It’s easy to make such a bouquet, you need to buy various sweets or cosmetics, other little things, wrapping paper, ribbons. Then everything will depend on the skill. On average, one bouquet can make a profit from 500 to several thousand rubles. Everything will depend on the complexity, the size of the work, the price of the material.

Handmade candles

Candles have long ceased to be just a source of light, they represent an interior, a romantic atmosphere, and are used in aromatherapy. Design options are suitable for a gift and for decorating a room. Making candles requires certain skills, a sense of taste, but the extra charge for this product is cosmic – from 200 to 1000% per item.

A small factory can be organized in your own house or garage, provided that a high-quality product is created, the business will develop in a few months and begin to generate income.

Growing indoor plants for sale

The hobby of growing flowers on the windowsill can be not only fun but also profitable. This option is suitable for additional income because the growth process takes quite a long time. You can choose fast-growing varieties or choose for breeding, for example, orchids that grow for a long time, but bring good earnings.

Service industry: organization of holidays

Organization of holidays for a fixed fee is suitable for creative people who are looking for fun everywhere and who want to give joy to others, entrepreneurs. You can organize any event: weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, etc. The list of future services must be thought out in advance and offered to the customer, they include: finding a room, ordering decor, agreements with cafes, restaurants, ordering transport, toastmaster services, a DJ, and so on.

For such an idea, a lot of capital is not required, the main thing is to find several responsible people who will help in the design of events, you will also need a toastmaster, a DJ, a florist (in the future). Earnings will directly depend on the number of events held per month.

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