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IT Business ideas: how to find your own business in the era of information technology?

The 21st century is witnessing the rapid development of the entire digital industry. Business in the field of IT technologies continues to gain momentum because more and more people refuse to be content with little and are ready to take certain risks in order to achieve more.

Today, the Internet gives a person the opportunity to work, study and reveal their talents – the information technology market has more and more diverse proposals every day. The task of an entrepreneur who provides services in the IT field is to help the client interact with the Internet environment. How exactly should the workflow in the digital industry be built in order for the business to generate income, we will talk below.

Popular IT business ideas

At the heart of any business is a problem. A successful entrepreneur knows that it is not enough just to be the best in the competition. Much more important is the specific ability of the project to solve the client’s problems. IT ideas for businesses that bring decent income may come to mind by accident, but if you look at the current situation with startups, you can identify a pattern: they are all based on a specific problem and offer an effective solution. Of course, you don’t have to be an innovator to be successful. It is quite enough to correctly determine the specific direction and plan everything carefully.

You should not chase originality to the detriment of competence – it is better to reproduce someone else’s experience in better quality and modify an idea already existing on the market than to be a pioneer with an irrelevant, but unusual idea. What can be done in the information technology market today:

  1. Open an online store VKontakte. Social media promotion has long been considered a powerful enough tool to make social media the main selling point. Thousands of people have already started their own businesses and are successfully working in this direction, despite the high competition and rising advertising costs.
  2. Dropshipping. IT business ideas involving mediation are becoming more and more popular in Russia. It is quite profitable to open an online store and sell goods from the manufacturer with a surcharge, the main thing is to choose the in-demand product and find a reliable supplier. This business does not even need to rent warehouse premises, because the goods will be delivered to the buyer directly from the manufacturer.
  3. Online school. Quite a common direction today. As an expert in a certain field, it will not be difficult for an enterprising person to turn his knowledge into income if he can present himself correctly. Trainings, courses and video tutorials – IT business ideas of a new generation that are in demand today on the network.
  4. Working with sites. Services for the creation and promotion of Internet resources can be provided independently (freelance), or you can assemble a team of specialists. This includes copywriting, web design, SEO optimization and anything that will help your clients find their clients.

The listed options differ markedly from each other, which speaks of a broad concept of business in the IT industry.

What options for ideas in the field of IT can be implemented without financial investment?

During the crisis, special attention is paid to such ideas, the implementation of which will not require large financial investments or the threshold for entering the market will be low. Start-up capital is not required if you decide to do:

  1. Web design. To do this, you will have to complete courses and have a certain sense of style.
  2. Copywriting. For a start, literacy and the ability to express thoughts in writing is quite enough, but in order to reach a decent level of income, you will need to learn the rules for writing strong articles and learn how to work with elements of the text.
  3. Conducting trainings. Just find those who are willing to pay for new knowledge and sell it.
  4. Earning money on your own website. IT ideas for online business are not limited to writing texts and working with graphics. Creating your own portal and filling it with relevant content can subsequently become a source of passive income. To do this, the site must attract traffic, which, with the help of contextual and targeted advertising, will bring money to the owner of the resource.
  5. Blogging. It can be very profitable to create interesting, topical content. Today, large companies often buy ads for a lot of money from bloggers, because people trust them much more than the media.

This is not a complete list of what you can do on the Internet without investing in order to start earning. Business in the field of IT technologies is a very broad concept, where, in addition to content creation, there is technical and information support, which can also be provided without large investments at the start.

Your own business in IT

The decision to start a business in the field of information technology is a bold step, which not everyone can take. It is very important to pay attention to planning and documentation at the preparatory stage.

If this is freelancing, then you should take into account the amendments in the legislation and think about registering an individual entrepreneur. For a company, in addition to registration, it is very important to document commercial processes. All actions of the company’s employees must be put on the conveyor and worked out to automatism – this is the only way to claim a stable income.

Types of IT business, where it is possible to omit the preparation of a company’s development strategy, are rare, because in this area what worked yesterday may no longer be effective tomorrow. A person who has decided to start his own business in the IT industry should be able to grasp on the fly new trends and working tools that no one has used yesterday, and also not be afraid of experiments.

Business ideas in the field of IT: how to choose a promising idea?

Defining a working pattern is fairly straightforward given the needs of digital users. Even an idea that is not in demand today may become promising in the future. One way to determine what will be in demand in the future in our country is to look at the work of Western colleagues. It is no secret that most successful domestic startups are successful adaptations of an idea already existing abroad. If at first glance it is not possible to determine whether the idea will shoot, you can look for inspiration on foreign thematic portals.

Benefits and features

With the proper approach, a business in the field of IT technologies has a number of advantages:

  • there is always a client who is ready to pay;
  • regular growth in demand for IT products;
  • absence or relatively low requirements for the size of the start-up capital;
  • development prospects.

In addition to the obvious advantages, the idea of ​​opening an online business is remarkable in that the company’s employees can work remotely from different parts of the world. This not only makes cooperation more convenient, but also allows you to select only qualified personnel from all over the world.

IT development trends

Currently successful IT business ideas will be in demand for a long time only if they adapt to new times and technologies. Technological progress does not stand still, therefore, over the years, qualified IT specialists will be required more and more, and the ways of interacting with information will also not remain unchanged.homemade baked goods

Underwater rocks

Before you start preparing to start your own business, it is worth considering the following nuances:

  1. If at the initial stage the idea can be implemented alone, then before the expansion it will not be superfluous to enlist the support of the team so as not to lose customer confidence and continue to control work processes.
  2. The IT business abhors conservatism. Ignoring current trends and working on outdated methods will not lead to anything good.
  3. You should not equate all financial receipts with net income and engage in self-deception. In some cases, unnoticed costs call into question the relevance of the entire project, and incorrectly calculating income, you can lose not only money, but also time.

Business form

There are many ways to provide IT services. An entrepreneur can independently choose the most convenient way to work and adjust the work process depending on the situation.


Globalization is enabling many companies to rely on remote workers. This is considered a convenient and modern approach to workflows. Freelancers can be at any distance from customers and work with only Internet access. Suitable for the first steps in the provision of IT services, but when the project reaches a higher level, it may not be very effective.

IT consulting

Training and consultation of managers and specialists of the company in the field of IT is necessary in order to integrate and improve even such products that may not be directly related to information technology.

IT company

The provision of b2b services involves working to solve problems in a specific IT area. The company’s clients are other organizations. IT companies offer their customers technologically advanced solutions and can increase revenue through the introduction of information technology. A business in the IT sphere, involving the sale of services to companies, allows you to reach stable high earnings, but will require more investments at the start than other forms of activity in the IT sphere.


Before the company starts providing services, the owner should go through the registration procedure of a legal entity. To register an IT company, you need:

  1. Issue an individual entrepreneur or LLC.
  2. Decide on the form of taxation (OSNO or STS).
  3. Indicate the OKVED code (72.20 “Software development and consulting in this area” or 72.60 “Other activities related to the use of computers and information technologies”). One main code is selected, and all the rest, if necessary, can be specified as additional. The IT sector also includes codes 72.10, 72.30, 72.40, 72.50.
  4. Prepare the necessary documents: an application in the form of P11001, the decision of the founder or the agreement on establishment, the charter of the organization and a receipt for payment of the state duty.
  5. Pay the authorized capital within 4 months after registration (for LLC the minimum amount is 10 thousand rubles).


In the first stages, you can do without an office altogether. This will save time and money. Now more and more companies work remotely, but in the future, it is worth thinking about renting premises. It can be a business center or even an apartment in a residential building – there are no special requirements for the placement of equipment and staff for an IT company.


Many successful startups were born only because of the strong desire of their founders to offer people something new and useful, and less attention was paid to technical aspects at the start. Of course, there is no IT business idea that does not require a computer to implement. In most cases, it will be sufficient at first.


What exactly each employee of the company will do depends on a specific IT idea for the business. The form of providing services is also chosen at the discretion of the entrepreneur, taking into account the specifics of the direction. If we talk about freelancing, then before starting work, it will not be superfluous to acquire a portfolio so that the client can be convinced of the competence of the performer and entrust him with the work.

Among the companies, customers especially highlight those whose employees are not only regularly in touch during working hours, but are also ready to organize a business meeting to clarify questions about the services provided.


A freelancer can offer his services on thematic resources or work on exchanges. The second option cannot boast of high profitability, so more and more free workers create their own website and are engaged in its promotion in the same way as companies. To promote the organization, you definitely cannot do without your own Internet resource, and the creation of communities on social networks will allow you to quickly position the audience for a new brand.

Costs and return on investment

Any IT business idea can fail, resulting in costs significantly higher than income. Provided that the entrepreneur is acting correctly, the following examples are quite real:

  1. City news portal: investments of 122,000 rubles, profit 60,000 per month. Payback 3 months.
  2. Blog on Instagram: 80,000 rubles of investments, profit of 20,000. Payback 4 months.
  3. Web Studio. 500,000 investments, profit 35,000 per month. Payback 15 months.

All options differ in their areas of activity. You can start your own business without any investment, but you should not think that money will materialize out of thin air – you will have to work in any case.

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