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How to start a medical business?

Private clinics are more popular than ever. Statistics show that people are increasingly choosing private health services over public ones. This market segment is a good source of income, but it has its own characteristics related to reporting and additional responsibility. Therefore, it is important to think through every step of the business plan and assemble a team of qualified specialists for the medical business.

Risks and Cons

The main aspect of running a private business for the provision of medical services is psychological. The owner is responsible not only for the prosperity of his company and its compliance with legal regulations but for the health of the patients who put their trust in his clinic. Risks associated with starting a medical business:

  • lack of experience and knowledge in the management of medical companies;
  • inability to work with the financial part;
  • lack of time and money;
  • unwillingness to work with documentation;
  • responsibility for the clinic and the work of employees;
  • inability to work out a business idea in medicine.

There is a lot of competition in the medical services market, largely due to the profitability of the business. Many doctors who open their clinics are highly qualified professionals, but do not know their consumers, cannot build a marketing plan, etc. An entrepreneur must know both the medical business and the management. Otherwise, he will either not understand the concept of his establishment, or will remain a specialist who will not be able to promote the company.

The disadvantages of business in medicine include:

  • the significance of negative reviews that can completely deprive customers;
  • misdiagnosis or treatment will result in a fine, revocation of a license;
  • the formation of an employee’s client base, which leaves with him;
  • complexity of pricing.

At the first stages of development, highly specialized clinics are often created, which create their own circle of regular customers. An effective solution would be to choose an advertising agency for the phased promotion of the company.

What are the types of medical centers

According to the statistics of 2017 from MAR CONSULT, the leaders in the paid medical services market are:

  • Dentistry – approximately 50% of clients turn to private companies for treatment;
  • Diagnostics and analyzes – 43% of respondents prefer paid medical services. 63% of them combine private and public treatment.
  • Consultations with narrow specialists – 30% of the respondents.

Enterprises of such a focus as the cosmetology and reproductive industries are popular. You can organize a business in medicine from scratch in the format:

  • a specialized medical center;
  • a doctor’s office;
  • private clinic.

There is still a lack of trust in private medical specialists in Russia, so the reputation of an individual doctor and institution will play a major role in promoting the business.

How to open a medical center: a step-by-step algorithm

The specialized medical center differs from the clinic in that it provides comprehensive medical and diagnostic treatment to patients. This is one of the most expensive medical business formats.

Documents and licenses for the medical center

The medical center will report on the sanitary standards that are checked by the supervisory authorities. For Rospotrebnadzor, it is important to fill out the documentation correctly, preventive measures, and cleanliness in the center. The purchase of new equipment is accompanied by obtaining a license for it. To open a medical center, you will need the following types of documents:

  1. Medical practice license
  • registration of LLC;
  • NPA;
  • PPK;
  • lease contract;
  • Fire Service;
  • FEZ.
  1. Disposal agreements
  • pharmaceutical waste;
  • medical waste;
  • rubbish-containing waste;
  • MSW.
  1. Documents for implementation
  • laboratory examinations;
  • washing of bed linen and uniforms;
  • ventilation functionality control;
  • ventilation disinfection;
  • regular medical examinations of employees;
  • equipment sterilization control.
  1. Magazines
  • disinfection of ventilation;
  • arrival / consumption of disinfectants;
  • production control.
  1. Labrabot protocols
  • water analysis;
  • ventilation flushes;
  • processing of working surfaces;
  • stealizer.
  1. Assessment of jobs
  • indoor microclimate;
  • lighting.

The owner is required to have a number of documents that relate to specific types of activities. In addition, the medical center should always have waste disposal schemes A, B, C, D and expert opinions based on the results of laboratory research.

Determining the location

For the normal functioning of the medical center, a building of 1,000 sq / m is needed, costing about 6 million rubles. Renting premises is more profitable, but the entrepreneur may be at a disadvantage when the landlord decides to terminate the contract after a complete reorganization of the premises for the clinic. Renting 1,000 sq / m costs about 60,000 rubles.


The purchase of equipment is accompanied by obtaining a license for it. The most expensive devices are considered:

  • tomography;
  • Ultrasound;
  • x-ray;
  • equipment for physiotherapy;
  • equipment for laboratory research.

It is important not to purchase all the equipment at once, but to purchase only diagnostic equipment at the first stages. This is due to long queues at public clinics, which force clients to look for a way out of their situation in private medical centers. The average cost per acquisition is $ 30,000.


The medical center should work from five doctors, each of whom should have a nurse and orderlies. In total, about 30 employees will be needed to create such an institution.

  • medical part;
  • administration;
  • junior nursing staff;
  • procurement personnel;
  • laboratory;
  • pharmacist.

The number of employees is taken into account when writing a business plan. When the doctor forms his client base, which often leaves with him after being fired.

How to attract clients to a medical center

Since only an experienced doctor can become the owner of a medical center, it is more correct to care about promoting the institution to a full-cycle advertising agency. They will conduct a set of research and marketing activities to promote the center and build a client base. It is recommended to choose companies that have already worked with medical institutions and have shown their effectiveness in a specialized niche. An important aspect of advertising a medical center will be the introduction of its employees into the campaign as high-level professionals. The agency will maintain constant contact with regular customers and bring new ones, consulting the center staff on all special issues. The campaign depends on the idea of ​​the medical business and the goals of the owner.

Financial investments, start-up and recurring expenses

When calculating costs, you need to take into account that the cost of equipment will be about 70%. The average earnings of an institution per day is 80,000 rubles. Expenses for opening a medical center:

  • repairs – 2 million rubles;
  • paperwork – 100 thousand rubles;
  • equipment – 7 million rubles.

Monthly expenses include:

  • salary – 1.5 million rubles;
  • advertising – 30,000 rubles;
  • maintenance of equipment – 60,000 rubles;
  • rent – 60,000 rubles.

Opening expenses will amount to RUB 9.1 million, and monthly expenses – RUB 1.65 million. The operating profit of the institution will not be less than RUB 2.3 million. That is, the business in medicine will pay off in a year.

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