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How to open a small phone repair shop?

Mobile phones have long ceased to be a luxury and a toy only for wealthy people. The diversity of the smartphone market provides both cheap models and flagship phones at a variety of prices. But no matter how much a smartphone costs, technology loves to break down, you have to take a gadget for repair quite often, because the slightest damage can affect its performance. It follows from this that phone repair, as a business, will be in great consumer demand. The launch of such a workshop does not require large initial investments and special knowledge. The main thing is to love and understand technology or hire someone who is well versed in this.

Relevance and benefits of the workshop

The relevance of the phone repair workshop is due to a number of reasons. People try to be more economical when buying equipment, they do not want to change it often, therefore, in case of any breakdown, they initially go for repairs.

Another important fact is the abundance of gadgets on store shelves, various companies annually release more and more new models, which they buy with pleasure, and then undergo repairs due to emerging problems.

Often, it is much cheaper to fix faulty equipment than to buy a new one – people understand this, therefore they prefer small workshops, where they will revive the phone for almost a penny.

Business benefits are:

  1. The minimum start-up costs required to open.
  2. If the entrepreneur is a master in the field of technology, then you can work for yourself.
  3. This business is very flexible, it can be constantly expanded by taking various equipment for repair and providing additional services.
  4. Minimal risks. The entrepreneur invests initially a small amount, which is easy to recoup in a couple of months, and if the business does not go well, sell the tools. In such a business, you do not have to sell the remaining goods, negotiate returns with suppliers, and so on.
  5. High and stable demand for repair services.

If we talk about the disadvantages, then it is worth mentioning the high level of competition in the market, low monthly income. In most cases, the workshop will be held by a specialist who can fix any kind of breakdown, if you are not one, or if you did not hire one – people will leave your workshop for competitors.

How much does it cost to open a workshop

This type of business is not picky about start-up investments; absolutely everyone can open such a workshop.

List of starting costs:

  1. Registration of documentation – 10,000 rubles.
  2. Cosmetic repairs – 20,000-25,000 rubles.
  3. Purchase of equipment for the repair of equipment – 55,000 rubles.
  4. Purchase of tools for repairing smartphones – 35,000 rubles.
  5. Advertising – 15,000 rubles.
  6. Additional expenses – 5,000 rubles.

In total, to open a small workshop, you will need about 150,000 rubles.

How much can you earn from phone repair

It is impossible to give an exact figure for the monthly income, it all depends on the number of clients and the cost of renovation work. By drawing up a business plan for the repair of phones, you can roughly calculate the future income of the workshop.

The approximate income can be calculated based on an example:

For 1 working day, on average, five people come to the workshop, who bring in 3,000-4,000 rubles in earnings. Thus, in 30 days, the total income will be 90,000-120,000 rubles. Working with two days off a week, the revenue will be 66,000-88,000 rubles.

After deducting all costs, the net profit will be about 20,000-25,000 rubles per month.

Taking into account the initial investment in the amount of 120-150,000 rubles, the workshop will pay for itself in 6-7 months of work.

Business registration

The first step to solving the question of how to open a cell phone repair will be the registration of a business and the execution of all the necessary documents.

It is easier to choose an individual business as a form of business – this is the best option for a repair shop.

Documents for registration of an individual entrepreneur include:

  • Registration application.
  • Passport, its copy.
  • INN.
  • Payment of state duty (receipt).

In the case of renting premises, the form of taxation can be chosen by UTII (single income tax or simplified tax system).

You will also need to indicate the appropriate OKVED codes:

  • 72 – repair of electrical household appliances.
  • 74 – repair of electrical products not included in other categories.

No special licenses are required to open.

We select a room for a workshop

In this matter, you need to rely on whether the entrepreneur himself will be engaged in repairs or hire people. In the first case, you only need a small room to receive phones for repair, and the workshop itself can be equipped at home, so the rental costs will be significantly reduced.

Otherwise, it is necessary to rent a room that includes two rooms – one for the reception area, and the second for the workshop itself, where the specialists will work.

Several criteria for choosing a room:

  • The presence of all communications.
  • High-speed Internet connection.
  • Ability to ground equipment.
  • Ventilation in the room.

The location of the workshop should be:

  • Near large shopping centers or in them.
  • Densely populated sleeping areas.
  • Near the university and schools.

In general, the place must be chosen so that the flow of people always passes by your workshop, so that in the event of a breakdown, people will know where to go.

Staff recruitment

It is important to understand that opening a phone repair business is a delicate process, the master must clearly understand what he is doing in order not to worsen the situation. If the entrepreneur himself is versed in technology, then additional hiring of an employee will not be required.

Otherwise, you need to find a professional who will easily deal with a variety of breakdowns. Usually, in small cities, one master can calmly cope with the entire volume of work, but in larger cities, 2-3 specialists will need to be hired. But this question is also individual, it all depends on the flow of customers to your workshop.

When hiring employees, you need to think about concluding a liability agreement. An employee who accepts an expensive phone will be responsible for it, which in unpleasant circumstances will remove all responsibility from the entrepreneur.

Purchase of furniture and necessary equipment

For stable work, you will need a minimum set of furniture – it should not take up much space in the room.

List of required furniture:

  • Table and chair – 9,500 rubles.
  • Table lamp – 1,000 rubles.
  • Working laptop – 20,000 rubles.
  • Safe for storage – 8,000 rubles.
  • Phone – 1000 rubles.
  • Wardrobe and racks for equipment and personal belongings – 8,000 rubles.
  • Other furniture and equipment for employees – 7,000 rubles.

You will also need to buy a starter kit for repairing smartphones:

  • Soldering station – 4000.
  • Ultrasonic bath – 2,500.
  • Power supply unit – 2,500.
  • Digital oscilloscope – 8,000.
  • Vacuum tweezers – 1,500.
  • Miniature tools (screwdrivers, tweezers, etc.) – 6,000.
  • Other instruments, depending on the services provided – 7,000.

The equipment can be bought both new and used. Finding “used” equipment is easy at online auctions.

Workshop advertising campaign

The best advertising for a small business will be high-quality services and reasonable prices. It can be quite difficult to build up a customer base, but by providing a good renovation, you can gradually increase the flow of customers. Even 30-40 people who are satisfied with your work will increase the influx 3-4 times, simply by telling friends and acquaintances that they were satisfied with the service and the work performed.

But you shouldn’t rely only on word of mouth. It will not be superfluous to use traditional advertising methods:

  • Hang a bright sign at the entrance, put up pillars at the entrance to the workshop.
  • Discounts and promotions for phone repair will bring new customers to the workshop.
  • The regular distribution of flyers should not be neglected either.
  • And of course, advertise your workshop online.

Much depends on advertising, but in reality, everything will depend on the perseverance of the entrepreneur and good specialists.

What services can be provided

Typically, the repair business can be divided into two categories:

  1. Block software repair services are repairs without physical intervention, which include reinstalling the system, installing programs, cleaning phones from garbage, etc.
  2. Physical repair service – involves directly repairing components, replacing parts of the gadget.

Services that can be provided in the workshop:

  • Reinstalling the operating system.
  • Installing programs on the phone.
  • Sticking protective glass and film.
  • Resuscitation of the phone after liquid has entered it.
  • Replacement of components.

There is also a service for analyzing phone problems. Sometimes customers come to services dissatisfied with the operation of the device, but they do not find any visible reasons for the breakdown. Doing an inspection of the gadget for free or taking money for it – it all depends on your choice.

Repair of equipment with a visit to the house

Include home phone repair in your business plan – this is a very popular service among the population. It is necessary to hire an employee who will go to clients’ homes and fix the repairs, if possible, technicians are right at the client’s place.

Various factors motivate people to use such services: someone does not want to leave the gadget for a long time in the wrong hands, someone simply does not want to go anywhere, and so on.

Which is better: buy a ready-made repair business or start your own business

It is very easy to find an offer for the sale of a ready-made business for the repair of phones, tablets and other equipment on message boards on the Internet. There are dozens of such offers every month, and the prices of such a business start from 300,000 rubles and go up to several million.

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