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How to make money on the New Year’s “fever”: 30 business ideas for the New Year 2022

To prepare for the New Year, the average person spends an amount commensurate with a monthly salary, or even more. And this is a great opportunity to make money for active and enterprising businessmen, to replenish their pockets with specie and crisp banknotes. We have prepared for you a selection of 30 business ideas that will help you make money in the New Year 2022. Read, choose the best, act and make a profit.

1. Sale of live and artificial Christmas trees, their delivery

This is a very old and no less profitable business idea with a lot of competition. There are two main things here: a conscientious supplier with quality goods (fluffy and fresh Christmas trees) and the organization of a retail outlet in a busy walkable place. The preparatory phase must begin long before December, it includes:

  • obtaining documentation for trade and search for a retail outlet;
  • arrangement of the point of sale in accordance with the law;
  • selection of a supplier and conclusion of an agreement with him.

The markup on New Year’s Eve can reach and even exceed 100% of the cost of goods, and the cheaper it is, the more profit you will end up with.

Artificial Christmas trees are gaining popularity these days. Since they do not require special storage conditions, it is more profitable to buy them out of season, then you can significantly save on cost. The main advantage of artificial Christmas trees is their diversity, respectively, their range should be as wide as possible: colors, sizes, shapes – for every taste. The sale can be carried out both through stationary outlets and through an online store. In parallel, you can rent artificial Christmas trees to individuals and organizations.

If you don’t want to bother with the preparation of all the necessary documentation for organizing the sale of Christmas trees, you can arrange their delivery to apartments and offices. To do this, you need to select points of sale, negotiate with sellers and organize advertising with the offer of delivery services. Delivery can be provided as a separate service and in the online store.

2. Sale of mini-Christmas trees in the car and on the office table

In today’s world, a lot of time is spent at work and in the car. And the implementation of small Christmas trees for decorating an office table or a car interior will fully justify itself. The sales network can be built both through retail outlets and via the Internet.

3. Sale of garlands

In addition to the usual use of garlands for the Christmas tree, it is now fashionable for the winter holidays to decorate rooms, building facades, houses, and territories in a Western way. Selling them through a retail network or Internet resources, along the way, you can offer garland decoration services. Having the talent of a designer, you can work on your own, or resort to the services of a professional designer.

To design large and tall objects, you will need equipment with a lifting device, which must be taken into account in the cost of the service provided.

4. Sale of fireworks, sparklers, and other pyrotechnics

During the winter holidays, pyrotechnics and various fireworks are in increasing demand. But there are some nuances here: pyrotechnic products, according to the law of the Russian Federation, are divided into 5 classes according to the level of danger, and a corresponding license is required for class 4-5 pyrotechnics. If you manage to complete all the necessary paperwork and get a license, you will find a gold mine!

But in order to make money on New Year’s Eve, class 1-3 pyrotechnics, which do not require licensing, are quite suitable: these are sparklers and candles, ground fireworks and fountains, firecrackers and even salute batteries.

The same China can act as a supplier, it is better to make up an assortment of easy-to-manage and inexpensive fireworks, and equip a point for sale in a shopping center or in an open market, thus eliminating the issue of fire safety.

5. Sale of New Year’s toys

Of course, what is a Christmas tree without toys. You can organize a trade in standard balls and Christmas decorations of an economy option, or use your design talent to beautifully decorate and decorate them, and sell them at a higher price. Dilute the assortment of toys with all kinds of tinsel, it is always in demand.

6. Gift wrapping

If you stock up on ribbons, bows, beautiful gift paper and other packaging paraphernalia, then it is quite possible to organize a point for decorating gifts. It is better to stay in a shopping center, where they sell toys, cosmetics, perfumes, and underwear.

7. Manufacture and sale of New Year’s gift packages, corporate New Year’s packages

You can limit yourself to standard New Year’s gift bags, or add zest with your own hands and develop an original design. It’s not a bad idea to offer companies gift bags with their logo. On the eve of the New Year holidays, almost all of them deliver a huge amount of gifts: to partners, clients, suppliers, etc.

8. Packing and selling fruit Christmas baskets

Original fruit baskets and cuts in the New Year’s theme will decorate any New Year’s table and will be a nice gift. Such a service can be organized on the basis of an existing vegetable shop. Children’s matinees, corporate events, and just private clients can become potential buyers.

9. Packaging and sale of New Year’s baskets of tea, chocolate, coffee, sweets, champagne

The essence of the idea is to create sets in baskets with New Year’s decoration. These can be sets of beautiful sweets with a package of tea or coffee, or a set of chocolate and champagne, decorated with Christmas balls, spruce branches and cones. There are many options, everything will depend only on the imagination and wishes of the customer.

And by the way, there is a little trick, with this type of serving, you can do without a license for the sale of alcoholic beverages, since festive decoration and packaging are sold, and champagne itself is tantamount to a gift. But it is necessary to have certificates for products and checks for champagne.

10. Manufacture and sale of New Year’s confectionery and cakes

If you have the skills of a confectioner, then you can make pastries with a New Year theme to order at home, or open a stationary point of sale. These can be cookies and gingerbread in the form of a symbol of the year, Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa Clauses, or muffins in the form of Christmas trees with cream and balls. You can make delicious homemade cakes and pastries in the New Year theme.

Such pastries are always popular, and if customers like them, you will get regular customers not only for the New Year, and then the business has every chance to grow from seasonal to regular.

11. Sale of symbols of the new year, various souvenirs

On the winter holidays, a lot of things with New Year’s symbols are bought up: hats, T-shirts, sweaters, mugs, photo albums, calendars, carnival masks, magnets and, of course, toys in the form of a symbol of the coming year.

The main thing is the quality of the products sold, and a little originality, for example, New Year’s magnets of our own production. Sales can be organized through a retail network or online resources. By offering souvenirs with their logo to companies and organizations of the city, you can also make good money.

12. Sale of delicacies for the new year

The main thing here is to find the product that is not sold in your city, or in limited quantities, to find out if there is a demand for it, and if there is such, organize its supply and sale. It can be anything – from black caviar in the southern regions, to pineapples and watermelons in the northern ones.

13. Father Frost and Snow Maiden on call

If there is artistic talent, then you can find a partner or partner, pick up costumes, come up with several different scenarios, and go to please and congratulate others as Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. It can be both exit congratulations at home, children’s matinees, and quite serious adult corporate parties. It all depends on the originality of your script, of course advertising and scope.

14. Letter from Santa Claus

Many children write a letter to Santa Claus with wishes and requests. Imagine what a great joy it will be to receive an answer from Grandfather himself! Most parents will not fail to order a piece of fairy tale for their child. Beautiful personal letters from Santa Claus are popular and inexpensive. And the main consumer is kindergartens and other children’s institutions.

15. Organization of festive celebrations and script writing

The next business idea is the organization of adult and children’s celebrations. This includes finding a venue for the event and its decoration, drawing up a festive program, selecting artists for the show, host, writing a script for the evening, organizing a festive lunch or dinner. But you can go a simpler way – write scripts for holiday programs and sell them to companies that do this.

16. Services of a New Year’s photographer, a family New Year’s photo session

This business idea has two directions – a photographer on location and a photo shoot in the studio. The traveling photographer provides his services at matinees, events and corporate parties. For photo shoots, you need a studio and New Year decorations, lighting installation, and a stylist.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to produce family photo albums in the New Year’s theme, which will be a wonderful New Year’s gift, for example, for grandparents.

17. Services of a nanny-Snow Maiden

On the eve of the holidays, parents always have a lot of trouble, plus the end of the year and a blockage at work, and then there are corporate parties and so on and so forth. Patient grandmothers, steadfastly sitting with their grandchildren, may not be around. And then the nanny will be most welcome, and not just a simple one, but a nanny-Snow Maiden! Children will be delighted.

18. Animal caregiver service

Pets do fine at home alone, but not for long. When the owners go on long trips, and many people do this on New Year’s holidays, it is not always possible to take a pet with them. Here you can offer the services of a nurse for the animal or the service of overexposure at home.

19. Accompanied or sober driver service

On New Year’s holidays, it is often problematic to get home on your own, you won’t drive after drinking champagne, and spending the night at a party is not convenient. In such cases, by the way, there will be the services of a sober driver or the services of a pedestrian guide who will come and transport the customer home, by taxi or by his own car – there is already a choice.

20. Tailoring, sale and rental of children’s and adult New Year’s costumes

Having the skills of a seamstress and a little imagination, you can earn money on New Year’s Eve by making carnival costumes, selling them or renting them out. Mostly children’s sizes are in demand, while adults can be sewn to order. 

Or you can go simpler – find a wholesale supplier, buy all kinds of costumes and sell them, or rent them out. Renting is convenient because with proper storage and careful operation of the costumes, they will bring profit for more than one year.

21. Cleaning the premises before and after the holiday, decorating the premises in the New Year theme

After feasts and festivities, there is always a lot of garbage left, and it is often easier to pay for cleaning than to do it yourself. This applies to both private clients and companies. Before the festivities, the general cleaning service is mainly used by private individuals.

Here you can also offer services for decorating and decorating an apartment or house, office. Of course, if talent allows. Otherwise, in order not to lose face, it is better to invite a professional designer.

22. Sale of hot drinks in places of festivities

It’s a good idea to sell hot drinks and light snacks at public places. On holidays, people walk with their children, all kinds of programs are organized in squares and parks, and the frost takes its toll and you want to drink hot coffee or tea with the same pie.

23. Taxi on your car on holidays and corporate parties

During the New Year holidays, the demand for a taxi exceeds the supply, and this makes it possible to make great money, as prices soar by 100, and sometimes by 300% per trip. It is not necessary to work in a taxi for this, you can also find a clientele through acquaintances, and colleagues, do advertising in advance and work for corporate parties. The main thing is to have a clean car, a neat appearance, and a great desire.

24. Preparation and delivery of New Year’s dinners

The main buyers of this service are companies and organizations. According to an established unspoken tradition, if not a corporate party, then almost every employer arranges a festive dinner for their employees. And the essence of the idea is to replace the so-fed-up slices of cheese, sausages, and fruits with full-fledged beautiful, and tasty holiday dishes. They are prepared at home, and served in beautiful, trendy disposable dishes. You can prepare themed dinners in the traditions of different countries and peoples, inviting customers to make their own choice.

25. Renting an apartment or a summer house

In the market of short-term rental housing during the New Year holidays, the rental price increases by 3-4 times. You can make good money on this by renting out your own real estate (an apartment or a country house, a summer house), or by acting as an intermediary in such transactions.

Intermediary services in such cases range from 10 to 50% of the transaction amount. Find rental properties, negotiate commissions and find clients. Pre-rental is always desirable to back up in advance.

26. Delivery of products around the clock

The essence of the idea is to organize round-the-clock delivery of products to the customer’s home. On holidays, it will be possible to compete with store delivery services, since in practice they are quite busy. Products are bought by themselves in convenience stores in fact. But alcohol can be delivered at night, having bought the most popular one in advance.

27. Create a shopping blog

Of course, one cannot ignore such a business idea as creating a shopping blog. This idea, with its proper development, in the future will turn into a permanent source of income and will go out of the category of winter business. The idea is well implemented in focusing on one specific city.

Blog content – shops, gifts, discounts, promotions – blogger’s stories, supported by photos. Profit is expected from advertising, and advertisers are the same stores that you write about.

28. Making memorable New Year’s albums and calendars

A fairly popular type of inexpensive present is an album or calendar for next year in a New Year’s theme. For private customers, an individual element in such a gift can be a photo of the recipient, for companies – the logo and name of the organization. As an option, you can offer to make an album or calendar, in the theme of a festive New Year’s Eve with photographs and scenes from it.

29. Cooking services at home

Cooking a festive dinner is a great opportunity to make money on the New Year for those who know how to cook deliciously and serve food beautifully. This service is used by wealthy and simply busy people who want to organize a festive feast at home. Additionally, you can offer services for the purchase of products, service at the table, and cleaning after the feast, for an additional fee.

30. Internet site for reselling and exchanging New Year’s gifts that you didn’t like

A rather interesting business idea is the organization of resale or exchange of unnecessary or disliked gifts. The most profitable and low-cost way to do this is to create an Internet resource (blog, page). The commission from the transaction will be the profit of the author and the fee for incognito.

Almost any of the above business ideas can be implemented independently, or you can hire people and organize an entire trading network. In the second option, the profit is much greater, but the risks also increase. Do not forget about advertising – both using Internet resources (social networks, thematic forums, websites, etc.), and in the classic format.

And remember, holidays divide people into those who have a rest, and those who make money on it. The choice is yours! Successful business!

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