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The main thing is not to eat all the food until the photo has been taken 🍰

Trend researchers say the golden days of food photography are over. Yeah of course. We all have our morning coffee, our favorite dessert, or proudly made pasta at least once a week. Moreover, in quarantine, when there are no more interesting objects for photos in the apartment.

  • What can you do to make your photos really appetizing? Telling ✨

Choose the right colors

Photography is a visual art, the energy and beauty of which is expressed through shape and color.

Choose the most contrasting color combinations or duets that make each other “appetizing”.

  • Red, green, violet, and yellow are perceived as the most “delicious”, so there must be at least one object of that color in the frame;
  • Blue, black, blue, and other colors unusual for natural products, remove or supplement with “edible” shades;
  • If you have white food (bread, eggs, rice) in the frame, add a bright subject for contrast. And vice versa – a monochrome light product will bring together a picture on which a lot of everything is mixed at once.

Take a suitable dish

Monochrome dishes in soothing shades will accentuate the dish itself, while designer multi-colored plates will rather complement the overall atmosphere. By the way, if it is preferable to remove black food from the frame, then the dishes are vice versa – against the background of dark plates, everything looks brighter.

Good middle ground would be one-color dishes with an interesting texture  – scuffs, roughness, marble imitation  – or unusual shapes.

  • The texture and curves will give the photo volume and depth.
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Mussels in red wine. Не забывайте радовать себя, сейчас это очень важно. Любите семечки? Грызите. Хочется шоколадку? Не отказывайте себе в этом. И пофиг на лишние килограммы, эмоциональное состояние сейчас важнее. Я нашла в закромах бутылку вина, привезенную из командировки на Канары (эх, были у меня когда-то такие командировки 😁) и устроила ужин с мидиями в компании с Соней @welcome.canary. Совместила приятное с приятным и канарское с канарской) Рецепт: 500 г мидий, 100 мл вина, 2-3 зубчика чеснока, 2 веточки розмарина, 50 г сливочного масла, Лимон для подачи. Ставим сковороду на максимальный огонь, топим в ней сливочное масло, добавляем чеснок и розмарин. Жарим до появления чесночного аромата. Выкладываем мидии в сковороду и добавляем вино. Когда оно испарится наполовину, снимаем сковороду с огня и подаем мидии с лимонными дольками.

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Find a favorable angle

The classic view is from the top, but not suitable for tall drinks or large portions. In this case, try shooting at a 45 ° angle.

  • By the way, it is not necessary to leave the plate on the table: take it in your hands and play with different tilts of the camera.

Details are everything

The easiest way to make non-photogenic food look beautiful is to distract attention with small objects.

What will fit:

  • Seeds: shelled sunflower, pumpkin, and chia. Sesame looks the coolest!
  • Edible greens or flowers ( dandelion, jasmine, lavender );
  • Spices and sauce  – just a lei and a rash no more than a teaspoon, otherwise the picture will come out untidy;
  • Berries  – Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries look especially good on solid cereals and sandwiches.

Shoot in natural light

The simplest and most commonplace, but effective way! In the light from the window, even the most familiar food becomes an edible treat from the Michelin restaurant. The best hours for shooting are in the morning and evening when the sun is not beaming with might and main.


  • Take pictures of what is really tasty. Otherwise why all these efforts?
  • Make sure the food is in focus. A great trick for food photographers is to shoot in macro mode.
  • Wipe the camera! Believe me, the picture will immediately become clearer 🙂

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