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Home Business Ideas

Many people dream of starting their own production, forgetting about the bosses forever, and making their own work schedule. But only a few decide to make such a dream come true.

Of all types of business, home production is the most acceptable for most aspiring entrepreneurs. This option is both simpler and more economical. However, in order to get a stable profit, you need to decide on the type of activity, taking care of its correct organization. Fortunately, at the moment there are many ideas for home production within a small business, and therefore you just have to choose the most appropriate direction.

Home Based Business Benefits

When thinking about what kind of business you can do at home, you should consider the main benefits of such activities. They are as follows:

  1. When you work from home, you do not need to rent space, which can save you a lot of money. This option will be primarily beneficial to novice entrepreneurs who have every penny in their account.
  2. At first, you may not register your production. It should be understood that such a measure is temporary, since serious activities require appropriate registration. However, at first, you can do without registration.
  3. Possibility of adjusting production volumes. Your expenses will depend on the cost of purchasing raw materials. As a result, this allows you to change the volume of production, taking into account the level of demand for the offered goods.
  4. By making your own products as part of a home business, you can make a profit almost instantly.
  5. The size of the investment is minimal.

All of the above allows you to increase the chances of business success while achieving minimal risk reduction. Below we take a look at those small home business ideas that are currently the most profitable. For convenience, they will be divided into blocks.

Types of production for an apartment

This section includes those types of home businesses that you can do right in your apartment. As you know, a private house allows you to implement a much larger number of ideas due to the presence of a courtyard and outbuildings, as well as the opportunity to have less contact with neighbors. However, even in the conditions of an ordinary city apartment, you can successfully implement your own ideas for a home business.


Household is exactly the kind of activity that is in demand, regardless of the political or economic situation in the country. Food products belong to the category of priority goods, and therefore it is an obvious decision to build a business at home in this particular industry. In addition, there will be many options for doing business in this case.

Bakery products

Such a home business will require about 15 thousand rubles of start-up investments from you. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a culinary education to do this. If a person cooks well, then with the right presentation of his products, he can reach heights in this home business.

To work, you need a basic kitchen set consisting of a hob, oven, mixer and kitchen utensils. With the increase in the volume of home business, you can additionally purchase professional equipment for kneading dough.

To successfully conduct this business, you will need to pay attention to the choice of recipes and the external performance of baked goods. In addition, you should take care of the high aesthetic and taste qualities of your products. This is necessary in order to form a customer base.

There are several options for baking:

  • street sales (in metro crossings, in markets, etc.);
  • Internet sales;
  • fulfillment of orders for chains of coffee shops and restaurants.

Homemade jam

This type of home business costs no more than 8 thousand rubles, which makes it very attractive for aspiring entrepreneurs. Such production does not require the purchase of additional equipment – everything you need is already available in the kitchen of a good hostess.

To make homemade jam you will need:

  • a set of pots of different sizes;
  • jars with lids of various capacities;
  • seamer.

To purchase raw materials, you can go in two ways:

  • purchase products from stores or local markets;
  • use the crop harvested from your own garden.

This home business is seasonal. If in winter its profitability is about 30%, then in summer it will be more difficult to sell products. In order to maintain the normal level of sales, experienced entrepreneurs either cut prices or sell products exclusively in the winter.


This type of home business will require a start-up investment of about 12,000 rubles. The most popular types of preservation are pickled mushrooms, cucumbers and tomatoes. The former can be collected in the forest or purchased in the markets. Vegetables can be grown or negotiated directly with farmers for a constant supply of products in the required volume.

home preservation

This home based business may not be limited to canning mushrooms or cucumbers. You can also practice Korean carrots, sauerkraut, and other popular foods in your area. To determine the most profitable direction in such home production, you should research the local market.

You should also think about the marketing of finished products. Depending on the volume of production, you can use the following options:

  • offer products to friends and acquaintances;
  • conduct street sales in metro crossings or markets;
  • come up with an attractive label and sell your pickles online under your own brand.

Production of semi-finished products

In this case, a home business will cost you about 25 thousand rubles. We are talking about the manufacture of the following products:

  • sausages;
  • vareniki;
  • sausages;
  • dumplings, etc.

Here you should immediately decide where you plan to take raw materials for your production. There are two options:

  1. Purchase meat at a meat processing plant or from farms.
  2. Raise animals on your own. To do this, you will need a country farm and the conditions necessary for keeping livestock. You will also need to obtain permission from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station to conduct such activities.

At the moment, semi-finished products are one of the most profitable areas of home business. Due to the fact that most modern people do not have enough time to cook on their own, they give preference to already prepared dishes. However, the competition in this area is quite high, and therefore you should determine the strengths and weaknesses of your production in the early stages of business.

You should start with a small range of products. Over time, you will be able to reach volumes of 30 or more items. At the same time, considerable time should be devoted to the choice of recipes. Remember that the main goal of such a home business is to find repeat customers. People should contact you again and again, only in this case you can count on a stable income.

Running such a business will require quality kitchen utensils. Much attention should be paid to the purchase of knives and a meat grinder. Separate freezers should be provided for storing meat and finished products.

Homemade herbal teas

It is a good start-up business for the poor at home. He will require no more than 6 thousand rubles at the start. In addition to small investments, this activity has a good return on investment, since today many people take care of their health. Accordingly, the popularity of “healthy” products is growing. And herbal teas in this case are no exception. Therefore, building a home business on the manufacture of such herbal preparations would be a really good idea.

This type of home business does not require large material costs from you for the purchase of raw materials. You can do such fees in the summer when going out into the countryside. If, as a result, you find a shortage of any of the ingredients, then you can buy it in addition at the pharmacy.

herbal tea production

For more presentability of your products, you can use special bags. They can be labeled with the name of the composition and the manufacturer’s contact details. Over time, as demand rises, you can expand the range of products offered.

To successfully run such a home business, you will need the following:

  • measuring scales;
  • container;
  • raw materials.


In this case, we are talking about those areas of home business that require the entrepreneur to have special skills and talents. Consider the most promising types of earnings:

  1. Making decorative ornaments from polymer clay. Having up to 10 thousand rubles at the start, you can create a brand with a pronounced personality. It will not be difficult to compete with stamped-goods stores – all you need to do is make a strong statement about yourself. Low cost and the possibility of significant markups are the main advantages of this home business.
  2. Handmade boxes. They demand up to 4 thousand rubles at the start. Engaged in the production of boxes from shells, wood, sequins, beads, etc. There are many schemes of such products on the Internet. In this case, it is advisable to pay special attention to the inner upholstery of the box, as well as accessories. You should not be cheaper – remember that you are making handmade products, and therefore you should rely on beauty, ease of use and uniqueness.
  3. Handmade soap and cosmetics. Such a home business requires an average of 10,000 rubles of start-up investment. If earlier such products were purchased mostly as a gift, today home cosmetics are at the peak of their popularity. However, remember also about the responsibility to the consumer. Make the trial batch small and test it yourself to avoid problems with angry customers.
  4. Manufacture of frameless furniture. Requires about 6 thousand rubles of start-up investments. Recently, the so-called bean bags have become very popular – soft armchairs in the shape of a pear. They not only have an attractive appearance, but are also very comfortable, since they take the shape of the body of the seated person. With a cost price of 800-1000 rubles, such products are sold in stores for 7 thousand, which makes them a tempting solution for home businesses.
  5. Home atelier. Perhaps this is one of the most expensive types of business, since at the start it requires an investment of about 50,000 rubles. To do this at home, you need seamstress skills. You will also need to purchase special equipment in the form of a sewing machine, overlock, special cutting table, etc. You will also need knives, scissors, needles, etc. Remember that beautiful designer items are in great demand today.

Home Business Ideas for Men

This includes those activities that require physical strength and skill in working with various machines. This home business is more suitable for men, although it can be successfully mastered by some women.

glass engraving at home

Glass engraving

Such a production within the framework of a home business for men will require 35,000 rubles in start-up investments. The advantage of this activity is that it can be successfully carried out right in the apartment. However, if you plan to use stencils and a compressor in your work, then it is better to set aside a special garage for your business.

At the moment, engraving on glass is an exclusive type of service. The competition in this area is not very high. Many home craftsmen do this as a hobby, earning a good additional income.

Manufacturing of leather accessories and belts

This type of home business for men will require 25-30 thousand start-up investments. A men’s leather belt is not only a functional item, but also a beautiful accessory, and therefore such products are in great demand these days.

Conducting such activities will require from you not only the availability of special skills, but also the purchase of specialized equipment. We are talking about hole punches, special machines for sewing edges and installing fittings. At the same time, the profitability of this business idea at home is more than 50%. Working from home, you will spend a minimum of money on the manufacture of such products, while the margin in some cases may be 500% or more. The possibility of online sales greatly expands the possibilities of this direction in the home business.

Production of keys

To open a mini-workshop at home, you will need 90-100 thousand rubles. Such a business requires considerable start-up costs but has a high return on investment, which attracts many modern entrepreneurs to it. To be successful in key making, you need to purchase several types of machine tools (usually more than 5). The cost of each of these units can go up to 70,000 rubles.

Experts do not advise buying cheap Chinese machines due to their frequent failure. Within six months after the start of activity, such a device can seriously break down.

You will also have to purchase material for making duplicates. The mark-up for one key can go up to 1000%, which is why such a home business is very popular today.

Private house production

This section contains those home business ideas that will require you to have a private home. For some of them, a small garage will suffice, while others will assume a courtyard.

furniture manufacture

Home Business Ideas for Men

Below will be described mainly those activities that require great physical strength and certain skills. However, with a great desire and a certain skill, women can also establish such a business. In this case, workers can be hired to do the most difficult work.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular home business ideas:

  1. Furniture manufacturing. A good business idea for a private home. To open a small home furniture factory will require about 60 thousand rubles. To run such a business, you need to have carpentry skills. You will also need to purchase special equipment, raw materials and consumables. Glass and fittings, as well as complex forged products can be ordered from specialized factories.
  2. Joiner’s production. Such a home business requires about 90 thousand rubles of investments. For the workshop, prepare a room with an area of ​​at least 50 m2 and a ceiling height of about 4 meters. In order to conduct legal activities, you will need to collect documents for the fire department. You will also need a number of power tools, jointers, circular and side saws, mallets, chisels and hacksaws. Using this equipment, you will be able to produce doorknobs, toys, souvenirs, etc. Since this home business involves working with your own hands, you must have certain skills to work with carpentry machines and power tools. The profitability of such a home business can be around 25%.
  3. Manufacturing of veneer doors. The start-up capital for running this business for a private house should be about 90 thousand rubles. Costs are comparable to carpentry, but a separate room will be required to manufacture doors. The main task of this activity is to find a consumer. The best option would be cooperation with finishing and construction companies.
  4. Home-based brick production. Home business that requires significant investments, which can go up to 300,000 rubles. You will need a spacious room and specialized equipment. The main machine for carrying out such activities is an automatic semi-dry pressing press. You will also need special forms. The main objective of the activity is the organization of uninterrupted supply of raw materials and the search for reliable distribution channels.

Food processing

With a private home with your own plot, you can build a home-based food business. Today, the sale of organic products is one of the most promising areas of business. Many people try to buy fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides and other potentially harmful substances.

growing fruit

Growing fruits and vegetables

To start such a home business, you will have to spend about 15 thousand rubles. There are two ways to grow crops:

  1. In open beds. In this case, we are talking about the minimum investment. However, this income will be seasonal.
  2. In greenhouses. This option allows you to get more crops and do your home business all year round.

Growing fruits and vegetables requires patience and a lot of manual labor. In addition, this option is not suitable for making quick profits, since you will need to wait several months for the products to mature, and only then deal with their implementation.

Growing mushrooms

This home business requires about 25 thousand rubles of start-up investment. It should be understood that the cultivation of mushrooms is subject to significant requirements from regulatory organizations. You will have to use compost purchased from farms as fertilizer.

You can choose one of two directions of this activity:

  1. Oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms are unpretentious and grow quickly, therefore they are the best choice for a beginner.
  2. Champignon. They need careful care, but they bring a higher income than oyster mushrooms.

In general, this is a good business for the basement of a private house. With the right approach, it can make good money.

Cheese making

Homemade cheese making is a great business idea. It will require a lot of money to start. Therefore, if you do not have 500 thousand rubles, then you should not even think about conducting such an activity.

To do such a business legally, you will need to obtain a number of permits and certificates, including from veterinary control. In addition, you need to have a large room (about 350 m2), which houses the following workshops:

  • industrial;
  • for fermentation;
  • for the salting.

Running such a home business is unthinkable without the use of special equipment. We are talking about boilers, presses, tanks, fermentation tanks, pumps, sterilizers, containers, etc. A separate room should be set aside for storing finished products. It is equipped with industrial refrigeration chambers.


The main ideas for running a promising home business have been described above. However, the list of opportunities for obtaining a stable income does not end there.

If you have any skill and want to make money on it, then, first of all, you should assess the possible risks of future activities. Study the market, identify the main competitors and determine your advantages over them. Remember that anyone, even a small home business, should be taken seriously. Only in this case, the undertaking will not only pay off but can also bring you tangible income.

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