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Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Very often, food is stored in the refrigerator that would be better left in the kitchen cabinet. We have compiled a list of foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator.

1. Bread


People who keep both white and brown bread in the refrigerator are quite common. The basis for such an act is the belief that the product will last longer at a cold temperature. However, this only works in one case – if you wrap the loaf in linen or canvas and place it in the freezer. So the product really does not get moldy and retains the nutritional value and original taste.

And in the common refrigerator compartment, the bread will simply absorb the odors surrounding it and fall under the attack of mold. In addition, the crumb will become hard and moist. Therefore, it is best to store a loaf in a bread box or kitchen cabinet.

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