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Gymnastics is performed at a good pace, energetically, in the morning before breakfast or at any other time of the day, but not earlier than an hour and a half after eating.

It looks like a fast sports dance. Its main features: smile and hold the desired image throughout the entire complex; arbitrary constant movements (dancing) of the legs during exercises on other parts of the body; vibration exercises. It takes no more than 15 minutes. If you do it every day, the weight is guaranteed to decrease by 5 kg in one month.  

 Slimness gymnastics for every day

We drink a glass of water.

We turn on our favorite energetic dance music. During exercise, we do not hold our breath, we breathe through the nose, in a comfortable, comfortable rhythm.

1. Attitude. Smile. Condition. Form! We turn on the fun!

2. Warm up: jumping, brisk walking and jogging in place, whatever vigorous movement you like, for three minutes. If possible, make a small self-massage of the legs (you can directly over the clothes) – it is very good if you perform it while sitting, starting from the feet.

Further, we do all the exercises at the expense of 8.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

3. Hand exercises. Continuing rhythmic dance movements with our legs, we simultaneously work out all the joints of the hands – first the fingers, hands, then the wrists, elbow and shoulder joints, for which we perform:

• quick simultaneous clenching of both hands into fists and unclenching (with effort).

Then (in one direction and the other):

  • rotation of the hands clenched into fists; rotation in the elbow joints in one direction or the other;
  • rotation in the shoulder joint (shoulder – alternately and necessarily, – attention! – in the frontal plane, that is, in front of you, and not in the lateral plane);

• then – again simultaneously with both hands – rotation of the shoulder joints forward and backward, together and alternately. We make a “wave” with hands clasped in a lock in front of the chest, in one direction and in the other. They shook their hands vigorously, then shook them loosely.

With the hands finished. We breathed, resumed breathing.

4. Now we are working on the joints of the legs. Add fun! And at a pace, to the music – we continue.

• Standing on the left leg, we work out the right one in the ankle joint with the following movements on account of 1–2–3–4 (1–4): pull the toe forward to the floor – tension – relaxation, then (also at the expense of 1–4) pull the toe to ourselves, then bend the foot inward, then outward.

Now we rotate the foot in one direction (8 rotations) and also in the other. We change the supporting leg and in the same way we work out the ankle joint of the left leg.

• Now – knees. Standing on the left leg, raise the right leg in front of us and bend the knee at an angle of 90 degrees. Rotation of the leg in the knee joint in one direction and the other (8 rotations).

Then – feet shoulder-width apart, hands on knees, knee rotation inward 8 times, then outward 8 times.

After that – legs together, two knees simultaneously describe circles in one and the other direction, also for 8 rotations.

And even more fun!

• Hip joints. Standing on the left leg, bend the right one at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees and set it to the side (sideways) until it stops. In this position, we slightly take the bent right leg even further to the side (at the expense of 1-4), then draw circles with our knees to one side and the other (8 circles each).

We repeat the same with the left foot.

Then again with the right leg, bent at the knee, the thigh parallel to the floor – turns the leg to the side – forward – again to the side (counting 1–8).

After that, we raise the leg bent at the knee up in front of us – lower it, then – to the side up, lower it, again up in front of us, again to the side (“cancan” with the leg bent at the knee).

Repeat four times. The same goes for the left foot.

Next: feet shoulder-width apart, draw a figure of eight with a pelvis in one direction and the other. We also add pleasure, we smile!

Circular rotation of the pelvis in one direction and the other.

Jumping to the music, arbitrary dance moves – what the body asks for, for fun – the music will tell you which ones!

5. Attention to the neck. Starting position (IP) – head straight, look in front of you. Further – slowly, without haste.

We easily pull the neck forward and slightly downward to the count of 1–8, IP, up (nose to the ceiling) to the count of 1–8, IP, neatly to one and the other shoulder at the expense of 1–8, IP.

Then turn to the right – just as very carefully turn the head to the extreme point and with a slight tension – and then by relaxing we try to turn it even more backwards by 1–8. We slowly return to the IP, then the same turn to the left; and again in the IP.

• Exercise “Yes, yes, yes, yes” (neat head tilt); then “no-no-no-no” (turns of the head left and right).

Head tilts with arm resistance: backward, forward, to the right shoulder, to the left shoulder (on the count of 8 each movement).

Then we stretch our head towards the ceiling, stretching our neck up. SP.

6. “Stretching” of the spine. 

• Feet shoulder-width apart, transfer the weight to the right leg, simultaneously raise the right hand up, pull it up and up and up to the limit, squeeze it into a fist and rotate the fist first along, then counterclockwise, 8 times. Lightly and slowly lower your right hand down.

We do the same with the left hand.

• We stretch and intercept alternately with both hands up-up-up to the count of 1–20 (counting out loud!), As if climbing a rope.

7. Gymnastics for capillaries – “shaking” with all possible parts of the body. We start from the bottom of the feet, and in a wave up: shake the calves, hips, buttocks, stomach – one by one and all together. Above – shoulders, chest, arms (“gypsy”).

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

8. And finally, the most enjoyable exercise is rest, relaxation, restoring breathing.

And – very important! – we praise ourselves, we thank our body, we tell ourselves how we love ourselves and how wonderful we are. We hug ourselves by the shoulders, stroke ourselves – I am just a miracle, I am lovely, well done, clever, I am perfection itself!

After gymnastics, you can drink another ½ to 1 glass of water (warm or room temperature, but not cold). Of course, during gymnastics, especially if you have extended it up to 30 minutes – 2-3 sips from time to time will also be very useful!

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