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Business in America: the basics of making money from scratch

American business in Russia

America is the country that provides ample opportunities for doing business. Local businessmen annually find more and more new ways for guaranteed enrichment. And domestic entrepreneurs really have a lot to learn from foreign colleagues.

It just so happened that all the innovations of the West come to our country a few years after their inception. Therefore, it often happens that those goods and services that are at the peak of their popularity in America are just beginning to appear on the market in Russia. Given this trend, it is not difficult to identify promising areas for business. And today, most young entrepreneurs carefully analyze the Western market in an attempt to identify the most profitable ways to invest money.

New interesting business ideas from the USA

As mentioned above, America is simply teeming with original business ideas. However, there are many failed undertakings here, and therefore one should not take on every opportunity for quick earnings. It also requires a thorough analysis of the market in order to identify the most promising areas.

To date, business in the United States has the following areas:

  • replenishment of the state budget;
  • development of the employment sector;
  • improvement of the social sphere;
  • stimulation of the development of various sectors of the economy.

At the moment, America has a solid national debt, which increases every year. But at the same time, the United States is considered a prosperous state, which is explained by a developed business structure. Local entrepreneurs do not stop there, trying to develop more and more new business ideas the American way. Below we will consider the most interesting of them.

Children’s mobile toys

Today, almost every child has a mobile phone. Caring parents always want to be in touch with their child, so children get their first mobile phones almost from the first years of life. But at the same time, there are practically no applications for a smartphone designed for a children’s audience. Therefore, the development of games and programs for children is a promising business in the United States.

At the moment in America there are a number of young companies specializing in the release of such applications. In Russia, to organize such activities, you will need the following:

  1. Availability of reliable software.
  2. Basic knowledge of child psychology to determine the needs of the target audience. To do this, you can involve a third-party specialist or conduct surveys among school students.
  3. A team of experienced developers.

At the start of a business, you can use ready-made applications. Just take any program as a basis, identify its disadvantages, and then optimize, supplement and redraw the design. Thus, you will get a completely new product that can take a leading position in the market.

Keep in mind that in most cases you won’t need to reinvent the wheel. At the moment, there are many good ideas that have not been properly implemented. With the right approach, you can avoid accusations of plagiarism by creating a completely new product.

Rope park

This is a fairly new type of entertainment, which is becoming more and more popular every year. Experts predict that in the future the demand for the entertainment of this kind will only grow, and therefore many entrepreneurs in America are thinking about opening rope parks.

In our country, this type of outdoor activity attracts many children and adults. With the right advertising, you can open a family park with loyal customers.

There are two types of rope parks:

  1. Open. This option requires less material costs, but it can only work in the summer, and therefore is a seasonal business. Rope parks organized at popular resorts bring the greatest profit.
  2. Closed parks can work year-round, but for their organization you will need a large specially equipped room. In addition, the situation will have to be changed from time to time in order to maintain the interest of visitors.

With the right approach to organizing a rope park, this business idea pays off in one and a half to two years.rope park


This type of business is very popular in America, but few have heard of it in our country. However, the idea of ​​such an activity is extremely simple and consists in the delivery of homemade food to your home. Such services are very relevant in our time, because many people are tired of fast food and convenience foods, and therefore order healthy food with pleasure.

Cooking is carried out in a restaurant, you will need to take care of the development of the menu and organize fast delivery of food around the city. In order for such a business to flourish, American entrepreneurs introduce new dishes to the menu, come up with promotions and special offers for regular customers.

To successfully conduct such activities, you will need to hire cooks and couriers. It is desirable that they be people with experience.

car wash

Such a business can bring a lot of income. This is evidenced by the experience of not only American entrepreneurs, but also domestic businessmen. Every year the number of cars on Russian roads is growing, and therefore the demand for car washing is also increasing.

The advantages of such a business are that you do not need any special certificates to open it either in America or in Russia. The main thing is desire and start-up capital.

The main advantages of car washes are:

  1. Increased demand. With the right approach to business, you will definitely not be left without customers.
  2. High profitability.
  3. Little competition provided the correct location of the car wash.

Business cons include:

  1. High investment at the start.
  2. The need for frequent repairs in the room due to the high level of humidity.
  3. The need to borrow frequently.

How much income can a car wash bring? To answer this question, consider a specific example. Suppose you are the owner of a dry car wash located next to a parking lot for 100-150 cars in a large shopping center. The calculations, in this case, will be as follows:

  1. The average cost of services is 300 rubles.
  2. The restaurant can serve up to 30 customers per day.
  3. Daily revenue is 9000 rubles.
  4. Employees receive about 40% of the total revenue, that is, 3,600 rubles.
  5. To wash one car, you need to spend about 35 rubles. This includes the cost of detergent and washing of towels.
  6. The cost per day will be about 1050 rubles.
  7. We calculate the daily profit, subtracting the costs, and we get 4350 rubles.
  8. Thus, the monthly profit will be about 130 thousand rubles. Subtract from this amount the cost of renting the premises (15000) and taxes (5000). As a result, we get about 100 thousand net profit. With such income, the payback of the business occurs two years after its opening.
possible business risks

Luggage storage

This service is not new in America, but it is practically not provided in our country. Accordingly, the level of competition, in this case, will be minimal.

Such a business will be very relevant on the beaches because people come here with valuable things that they do not want to leave unattended. And the lockers installed near the beach are guaranteed to be in demand. To install them, you will need to negotiate with the beach administration by renting a small piece of land.

To open such a service, you need a minimum investment:

  1. To buy a section with several cells, you will have to spend about 20,000 rubles.
  2. The monthly rent of the plot will be 5000.

The income from such a business directly depends on the cost of the service. For example, in America, renting a cell on the beach can vary from one to several dollars. By setting the minimum price at 50-60 rubles, from 24 cells you will have 700-800 rubles daily. With such income, the payback of the business is a month.

Production of bricks from waste

This is one of the most creative ideas so far. In America, several large industries have already been opened that process waste to create building materials on an industrial scale. The main advantage of the business is that there is no need to bake such bricks. Accordingly, the time of the production process is reduced and money is saved significantly.

Consider the main materials used in the manufacture of bricks:

  1. Ash. This is the main component, which makes up about 70% of such building materials.
  2. Clay.
  3. Lime.
  4. Sodium hydroxide.

Another advantage of such activities is the abundance of raw materials for processing. In addition, most large energy companies are willing to pay money for the disposal of boiler ash. Thus, you earn money not only in the production of building materials, but also in the removal of industrial waste.

Unlike traditional bricks, in this case, the material is not fired but goes through an alkaline activation stage. For such products, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment, which indicates the minimum start-up costs.

Hotels and taxis for animals

You have probably heard about such services, which are very popular in America and Europe. The fact is that Russia is also home to many wealthy people who want to keep up with the times and will definitely appreciate the benefits of such a service.

There are two types of services:

  1. Taxi. In this case, the animal is escorted to the veterinarian and back. Due to the workload at work, many people will appreciate this service.
  2. Hotel. Provides accommodation and temporary care for animals. Going on vacation or on a business trip, many Americans book rooms in such hotels for their pets. Such a business is great for a large city.

Competition in this industry is minimal, but demand is quite high.

employment agency

Unemployment is a global problem, typical even for the most developed countries of the world. During the crisis, finding a job has become even more difficult. Therefore, a good idea for making money not only in America but also in Russia is to open a small employment agency.

The benefit of this service is that you can earn money from employers who will be interested in finding specialists. This service will require the following:

  1. Rent a room and renovate it.
  2. Buy computers and other office equipment.
  3. Hire specialists.

The payback of this business depends on many factors, including the level of unemployment in the region, the availability of interesting vacancies from employers, the interest of the population in getting a job, etc.

Opening a thrift store

This business is based on the resale of used items. You buy old things at discounted prices. Then they are brought into a marketable condition and sold at an inflated price.

For a successful business, two conditions must be met:

  1. Rent a room for organizing a trading floor and a store.
  2. Properly develop an advertising concept.

Opening of the market for auto parts and used cars

A very promising line of business, which is currently very popular in America. To conduct business, you will need to rent a suburban plot of land where a small mini-market will be built.

As a rule, sales are carried out once a week. The main profit comes from the entry fee to the market. This is a kind of trading platform, which hosts the products of several sellers.

Vending machines

Another business idea came to us from America. Through vending machines, you can sell food, drinks, and various knick-knacks. Such devices are installed in offices, educational institutions, shopping centers, and other crowded places.

To run a successful business, you will need to purchase a machine and rent a place to install it. If the device is properly located, the start-up costs will pay off within a month.

Restoration of feather pillows

This business is also from America. Since the filler loses its original properties over time, restoration services are a real salvation for old pillows. The business is based on the renewal of the filler, its cleaning and special processing.

Due to the fact that pillows are consumer goods, their restoration services are in high demand not only in America, but also in our country. Therefore, it will not be difficult to make money on this business idea.

The most famous American sites for fresh business ideas

Want to start a successful business but don’t know where to start? The best way out of the situation is to visit American sites, which contain the most interesting and promising ideas for modern entrepreneurs:

  1. . This site is dedicated to small business in the USA and contains many articles on getting a stable income.
  2. . A lot of business ideas are collected here, not only from America, but also from European countries.
  3. . A site with a convenient catalog, which contains more than 3,000 fresh ideas for doing business.

Having originated in America, many business ideas sooner or later enter the domestic market. Do you want to be an innovator in your industry? To do this, it is not at all necessary to invent something, it is enough just to learn from the experience of Western colleagues, using American ideas for the Russian market. And in the age of the Internet, this will not be difficult to do.

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