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Business ideas for trade: which store can you open?

Opening your own business in trade is a good idea for start-up investments in any region of the country because many categories of goods are quite relevant, you can make good money on them. The trading business is a treasure trove of ideas that can be easily implemented even by a beginner in entrepreneurship. Depending on the region and the demand for the product, you can open a competitive outlet or choose a new direction and become the first in the city to open a similar business. The main thing is to understand the peculiarities of popular directions in trade and highlight one that will generate income in the future even in times of crisis.

Business using a message board

The first thing that novice entrepreneurs think about is how to make money on the Internet because most types of activities have long gone online and are rapidly developing there.

You can start trading on the Internet on free message boards and online auctions.

You can implement the following on the Internet:

  1. Personal items (clothes, shoes, equipment) that for some reason have become unnecessary.
  2. You can do the resale of goods (for example, from Chinese trading platforms). When reselling, pay attention to the most popular categories, see what competitors have to offer.
  3. It is profitable to deal with the sale of accessories and cosmetics, famous brands.
  4. Online auctions are in demand for mobile accessories and various gifts.

Of course, it is more profitable to start a business on your own website or on a page where you will offer your goods, but for a start, online trading platforms look very good.

What products are in great demand

The list of goods for which demand never falls includes several categories. You can start building a business in trade based on them, or you can choose a narrower area and develop in it.

The following are in constant demand:

  • Food products (meat, fish, sweets, bread, vegetables, etc.).
  • Alcoholic and tobacco products.
  • Personal hygiene products (shampoos, creams, detergents for the apartment).
  • Clothes and footwear.
  • Seasonal items (ice cream, cold or hot drinks, charcoal, and so on can make a good income).

You can also pay attention to the manufacture of gum, small candies, small bars, which are usually found at the checkout of supermarkets – such a product is in demand, but people do not perceive it as a purchase.

What product is suitable for making money

Having decided to open your own business and looking through business ideas in the field of trade, you need to clearly understand which products will be relevant and generate income. To do this, it is worth analyzing the market, competition, assessing the level of demand for a particular product. If you choose the right product, then the business will flourish and bring a decent income to the owner.

It is not a bad idea to open a small retail outlet with products or personal care products, but it is important to remember that there is a very high level of competition in these areas of trade. Stalls with cigarettes, small wine glasses are a good idea, but the main thing in it is to come up with some flavor and find a good place.

In the case of reselling products on the Internet, it is worth focusing on accessories for gadgets, trendy things (like spinners once became), computer and board games, as well as leather products (bags, wallets, business cardholders).

Categories of goods that can be sold even in a crisis

There are products that the buyer does not want to refuse even in difficult, crisis times. When opening a trade, you do not have to worry about the crisis and further loss of funds.

List of products that always sell well:

  1. Appliances and electrical appliances – smartphones, tablets, small household appliances – always remain a purchased category of goods. But such a business requires certain knowledge and investment.
  2. Stationery is the largest peak in sales ahead of the start of the school year.
  3. Sports goods – sports equipment and food remain relevant goods.
  4. Children’s products – parents are not accustomed to deny their child toys or high-quality clothes, so there is always a demand.
  5. Flowers – no holiday is complete without a bouquet of flowers. The prime cost of the business is scanty, and the return on investment is high.
  6. Shoes and clothing – you can buy in bulk at low prices, and sell online or in a small retail store with a good markup.

How to make money selling photos and equipment

People with a talent for taking beautiful pictures can make good money on this. Photos are almost not sold on the Russian market, but unique photos can be sold on foreign sites. A few more ways to make money:

  • Provision of services of a photographer for hire for personal photo shoots and celebrations.
  • Work as a photographer for various companies and media.
  • Creation of professional photography lessons, selling your own course on the Internet.
  • Advertising companies and products using images.

You can also start a small trade in equipment and accessories for studio business plan

Trade in computer games

Another way to make money on the Internet is to resell accounts on Steam and other platforms with purchased games. Reselling keys to games bought at a sale can generate income, but you shouldn’t count on making huge profits.

When doing trade, it is important to understand how to sell purchased games, often the resale takes place in specialized pubs.

Trade in information

Trying to build your own business, trade can be a discovery for an entrepreneur, because such a variety of directions is still worth looking for. One of the trading options is selling your own knowledge in any area. It’s easy enough to create your own online course, it’s harder to promote it and make it popular, but that’s where advertising comes in.

You can also create a channel on any hosting, where you can release video tutorials on a topic that you understand. This can be cooking, fitness, healthy eating, a blog about literature or films, and so on. The profit will come from the number of views and advertisements placed.

Furniture trade

Selling handmade furniture is one of the trade methods that requires certain knowledge. If a future entrepreneur knows how and loves to work with wood, then you can easily open your own mini-business selling wood products.

You can also do the finishing of old furniture, which can be bought on the Internet or at flea markets for a pittance and turned into a unique thing that will be well worth it. The trend for unusual handmade items is at the peak of popularity, people are ready to pay large sums for unique furniture.

Resale business

Reselling can be done both on the Internet, selling small goods, and in real life, placing bets on larger categories.

One of the lucrative categories is real estate. Sometimes the owner of a house or apartment is urgently looking for a buyer, in such cases, he is ready to make concessions and reduce the price by 10-15%. After buying at a reduced price, the property can be resold profitably and a good income can be earned. In such a case, the main thing is to be able to bargain well, because how much you can knock down from the real cost of a home, the more profit you will receive in the end.

Open a small store: what is profitable to trade

Most entrepreneurs are thinking about opening a small store, a retail outlet for the sale of certain goods. It is necessary to consider all business ideas, trading in some products may be unprofitable in a small area, and some, on the contrary, will go with a bang. There are several categories of products that will fit perfectly on store shelves with small floor space.


When you think about organizing a shop, the idea of ​​a grocery store immediately comes to mind. This is because these goods are in constant demand among the population, it is not difficult to open it. For a small retail outlet, you will need a minimum investment, which will pay off quickly enough and the business will start to bring you a stable income. In this business, it is important to choose the right place, set prices that are pleasant for the buyer, and monitor the demand for products.

Beer on tap

A business with minimal investment – a small pub will require a little more than 200,000 rubles. Has a fairly stable, albeit not very large, income. In a small room, you can install about 10-15 taps with draft beer, which means that the choice in your establishment will be excellent. When opening, it is necessary to make good advertising and recommend the institution as of high quality and relatively inexpensive.

It is better to choose domestic sorts of beer – you can make a good mark-up on them, up to 100%. Regions with a warm climate, where there is a demand for a glass of a soft drink, are suitable for opening a beer hall.

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