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Business ideas for small businesses in Ukraine – what to choose and how to start making money?

In order to open a successful business in Ukraine, it is important for a budding businessman to understand the state of the country’s market now. Recently, old directions are fading into the background, and new business ideas are gaining more and more popularity every year.

At the moment, when deciding to start a business in Ukraine from scratch, you should take a closer look at the provision of various services. Now, this is one of the most popular and demanded areas of doing business in the country. New business ideas are mainly what this article will be about.

How to find your niche in business: key points

The implementation of a business idea in Ukraine from scratch requires taking into account several important points. A competent approach to analyzing market trends, supply, and demand will provide a solid platform for movement along a given vector. Here are some of the characteristics you need to consider before choosing an activity:

  1. The first thing that is of great importance is demand. An offer that is in demand is much easier to implement and build a clientele.
  2. Business profitability is the main function of a business. The company must have good financial potential and the opportunity to bring a steady income.
  3. New ideas – an interesting proposal attracts customers well. The introduced novelty, even in the usual goods and services, can be very popular in the market.
  4. The presence of competition. Good ideas are in demand among aspiring businessmen. It is important to ensure sufficient competitiveness of the company or to occupy a niche that has not yet been mastered.
  5. Development perspectives play a special role in business. It is necessary to choose a vector with long-term potential for the future: the ability to open additional branches, expand the range, etc.

Choosing a business niche: potential customers and sales

Starting a business in Ukraine, a further direction should be determined. A correctly selected niche will ensure that the payback point is reached in the shortest possible time and will open the way for successful development in this area. Here is a list of the main criteria to look out for:

  • It is very important to find your target audience. Clients to whom the niche will be targeted;
  • Provide interest to this audience;
  • Offer characteristics that will make people choose your products and services;
  • Analyze the main disadvantages with ways to minimize their impact on the business.

Only after passing through all these stages can you begin to calculate a detailed business plan for the project.

Positioning and competition

You should not be guided only by the interest of clients in the chosen area. Business in Ukraine, as in other countries, provides for the establishment of the correct position in the market, namely:

  • Positioning – identify specific goals and obstacles to look out for when doing business;
  • Providing the correct advertising message – although it depends on the type of service, it is necessary to concretize the existing offer – what exactly the client will receive and why it is important for him to get it from you;
  • The ability to compete with other companies and differentiate your product from their background.

Business ideas without investment – working on the Internet

A business in Ukraine, which really can boast not only prevalence, but also great demand, is freelancing. The number of freelance professionals in this country is growing every year. Their services are in great demand abroad, as Ukrainian freelancers do their job at a high level for a relatively small fee.

Choosing this direction, a novice businessman does not face many problems of starting his own business from scratch, since:

  • The costs are minimal (an exception will be the purchase of the necessary equipment before starting, for example, a laptop for working as a remote programmer);
  • Lack of risks. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to feel a business idea, get acquainted with the nuances. And later you can open a whole company to provide the services offered;
  • Great demand, which is explained by the search for customers not only in the country. The Internet allows you to establish communication with foreign customers and earn a good reputation;
  • By minimizing business costs, the business will instantly reach the payback stage.

Benefits and Features:

  1. The worldwide network allows you to use freelance labor exchanges, where the customer can get to know the performer. Freelancers, on the other hand, don’t waste time looking for clients.
  2. Working remotely on the Internet allows you to take advantage of your reputation in the form of recommendations. Customers satisfied with the completion of the task will definitely advise a specialist to colleagues and partners.
  3. You can create a web service. In this case, all the information necessary for the customer will be displayed on the site. He will be able to familiarize himself in detail with the services, contact information, experience and additional offers.

Consider the most popular business in Ukraine for remote work:

  • Design;
  • Programming ;
  • Copywriting;
  • Internet Marketing;
  • Management;
  • Contact center operation;
  • Administration on social networks and websites;
  • Consulting;
  • Remote teaching of foreign languages.

What business to open in Ukraine: ideas for starting from scratch

When starting a new business, it is important to notice the most promising ideas at the moment. Most of these lines of business are related to the provision of services, but there are also production projects. What kind of business ideas in Ukraine are in greatest demand and the chances of success, we will consider further in the article.

Foreign language courses

This is what is really relevant today. When opening a language school, you need to hire good teachers with the necessary education. There is no need to develop completely new teaching methods. The main thing is that the teachers can train clients at a high level. Subsequently, this will ensure a reputation among students who recommend the firm to friends and acquaintances.

It is advisable to start with several languages. English first. You can also add German and French, and after successful promotion and reaching the payback of the project, provide the opportunity to learn other languages.

If you start this activity with prospects for the future, it is better to provide for the receipt of an appropriate diploma or certificate after completing the training. This will be required for presentation at the place of work or study abroad. The fact that it is possible to obtain such a document brings the school to a solid level.

Niche online store

A very promising idea is to open a small business in Ukraine. When starting to sell on the Internet, you should consider that:

  • It is important to choose a specific niche, a narrow segment of the market. Do not compete with large online stores. It is better to outline the main assortment that will be accentuated;
  • Choosing a specific list to sell over the Internet allows you to spend less money on marketing and advertising. It is much easier to promote a small segment than an extensive network of goods;
  • It is desirable to have a minimum level of understanding. The person who used the product knows its advantages and features, and will be much better able to interest and advise the client.

IT outsourcing

A service sector that will never lose its relevance in the market. Enterprises, both small and large, often need to outsource some vital tasks to qualified professionals. This activity has become very popular in the IT field.

It is enough to hire several professionals, rent premises and purchase the necessary equipment. Companies that do not specialize in solving specific problems can turn to an outsourcing firm for services. For example, due to the growth in the number of online stores, you can open a web design company (website development and optimization).

Equipment repair workshop

The country’s economy now speaks for itself – people simply do not have extra money to buy new expensive equipment. The services that are in demand bring the desired profit. However, choosing this type of business, you need to understand the features of repair shops.

To begin with, it is better to offer the repair of a specific type of equipment, for example, laptops and stationary computers, and in the future, you can add the repair of phones or printing equipment to the range of services. This is also due to the fact that hiring a large number of different specialists at once will lead to unnecessary financial costs at the start.

  1. Atelier for tailoring and repairing clothes. Inflation is growing – accordingly, the prices of goods are increasing. Wardrobe items, in this case, are no exception. The initial costs include the purchase of equipment, fabrics, accessories and other sewing supplies.

For promotion, you can use word of mouth. To ensure work, a small room is enough (at first, you can in your own apartment). The main thing is to properly organize budget planning and order fulfillment.PC repair technician

Cleaning of apartments and premises

Choosing which business to open in Ukraine from scratch, you can pay attention to cleaning offices. Cleaning is a field of service provision aimed at maintaining sanitary and hygienic standards in clients’ premises. Sometimes such firms are still engaged in the arrangement of premises to ensure security.

This direction is relevant exclusively for large cities since it is there that the largest number of apartments and private enterprises that need services are concentrated. A startup will need to hire cleaners and purchase good equipment for high-quality and fast work.

Farm products

In the modern realities of life, the fashion for healthy eating is gaining more and more popularity. Such a business in Ukraine is not so difficult to start. Due to the fact that the temperate climate allows the cultivation of many vegetables and fruits, it becomes possible to supply fresh goods, both in the country and in nearby neighboring states.

The only nuance of this business is its offline focus. You shouldn’t create an online store. It is best to do business as a supplier to other businesses on a partnership basis. In this case, you should work with regular customers, otherwise, you can forget about payback.

Catering franchise

Only one thing can be said about fast foods – it is a scourge for entrepreneurs looking for a business idea in Ukraine. Catering is a popular business, but it is characterized by a high level of competition. Buying a franchise will be an excellent solution for an establishment.

A franchise is a ready-made brand, product, and business model. In fact, you are buying the opportunity to engage in already promoted and profitable activities. It is imperative to take into account that the location of the restaurant should be in areas of the city with a large flow of people – for example, the city center. In this case, a familiar brand will ensure a constant flow of customers and stable profits.

Hand-made products

Great idea for starting a small business. The fashion for handicrafts is constantly growing among young people. There are a huge number of true connoisseurs who will acquire hand-made elements of everyday life.

The advantage of this activity is its simple promotion. You can advertise your product through groups on social networks. Website development and word of mouth will help a lot. The main lever of promotion is the Internet.

The niche’s only problem is its expansion. It is rather difficult to successfully create a network of branches for the production of handicrafts.

These are far from all directions for starting a business idea in Ukraine from scratch. The market in the country keeps pace with the times, which allows us to offer the client many other interesting goods and services.

Excursions in the hometown

Not a bad idea for a startup with minimal investment. It is enough to hire a good guide and find interesting places with their own history.

Such excursions will be of interest to both the local population (for example, to organize educational trips at school), and visiting tourists, which have become more numerous recently. The main thing is to develop an interesting approach to events, and quick profits will not keep you waiting.

Self-service shops

Here we are talking about small retail stores. An interesting idea for a business in Ukraine, considering that such a format of service to the residents of the country will be a novelty.

The calculation in this matter is made for convenience. You save the client from wasting extra time at the checkout.

Purchase and sale of sites and groups in social networks

An easy task, although it requires certain knowledge and capital to start. Engaged in such IT activities, there are several options for making a profit:

  • Purchase and promotion, and further receipt of income from the site;
  • Buying a ready-made website and generating income following the example of the previous owner;
  • Purchase and promotion of a site in order to sell it in the future.

Training courses

In the field of information courses and seminars, there is a lot to choose from. Young people today are interested in a quick and inexpensive acquisition of knowledge in a narrow focus, rather than spending time and money on a complete education.

To run a business, you need to analyze the demand for various training materials. Which areas are most in demand among clients (for example, among IT courses, at present, training in web programming is highly valued).

Delivery by quadcopters

An unusual idea is to start your own small business in Ukraine. You can arrange for retail or delivery of the items you need. A bright idea will cause such a stir among customers that advertising will not even be required. But there are a few downsides:

  • Controlling drones is not an easy task for a beginner;
  • Short flight time of the quadcopter;
  • Legislative nuances in Ukraine regarding unmanned aerial vehicles (registration may be required).

Glowing flowers

You can retail the product through social media. Advertise there.

Such novelty will be in great demand, and the process of turning flowers into a luminous bouquet is quite simple: apply a phosphor on them and the product is ready for sale.

Charging stands

This type of commercial activity is best suited for setting up stations in shopping and entertainment centers, subways, cafes, and other frequently visited places. To start, you will need to purchase equipment and pay for the installation of equipment. Phones and laptops tend to run out of battery quickly, so the business will pay off quickly.

Random Gift Shop

Every loving person wants to give their loved ones a pleasant and unusual present. The client only deposits the selected amount and gives you a brief description of the recipient. This solves several problems for the consumer at once:

  • Interesting gift idea;
  • No need to think about what to give;
  • The store will independently choose the most suitable gift at the price chosen by the client.

All for one price store

Retail trade in the form of such a store will attract many thrifty customers with its low prices. It is very easy to start this business in Ukraine. It is necessary to arrange supplies and rent premises.

People will be interested in the price offer. An important nuance is the calculation of a fixed cost. Set a small price for all products, but so as not to incur losses.

Envybox Franchise

The Envybox Family is a collaboration reward system. The task of a businessman is to sell products to other entrepreneurs and receive a percentage of the income of the goods. You can build your network of partners using the privileges of cooperation.


The sphere has great potential as a business in Ukraine. Agricultural products will always be in demand. The entrepreneur is left to invest in the purchase of a land plot, the supply of raw materials and the purchase of the necessary equipment. The most demanded activities:

  • Growing fruits and vegetables;
  • Poultry keeping;
  • Livestock raising;
  • Fish farming;
  • Beekeeping;
  • Manufacturing of dairy products;
  • Farming.

Repair of household appliances

In times of crisis, the repair of constantly used equipment is even more in demand than in a stable state of the economy. More and more there is a need to debug old products, rather than buying new ones.

For the opening, you will have to invest from 2 to 3 thousand dollars to purchase equipment and ensure the remuneration of employees. The enterprise, with proper demand, will reach the return on investment in six months of work.

Roof greenhouses

Until now, the construction of greenhouses on the roofs of buildings remains an unoccupied niche. High profitability and the ability to conduct water with electricity directly from the premises quickly pay off the investment on the idea.

This is a novelty on the country’s market. Such greenhouses do not require the purchase or lease of a separate plot, and after installation, they can be sold to another company or used for their own commercial purposes.

A few words about registration

Doing business without registration is fraught with negative consequences. If you are just a freelancer and earn even less than the minimum wage in the country, then you can take your time with a visit to the tax office.

In all other cases, you need to resolve a legal issue – you will be in the status of an individual entrepreneur (analogue of an individual entrepreneur), or in an LLC. The latter is only necessary if you already have an organization, and not a single person.

The registration process looks like this:

  • With your passport and TIN, you contact the Center for the provision of administrative services.
  • Write an application for registration of a sole proprietor – Individual entrepreneur.
  • In the application, indicate the code for OKVED.
  • In 1-2 days come to the same CPA for a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur.

This procedure is free of charge. When the registration is completed and the documents are ready, you receive an SMS or an e-mail.

Registration of an LLC takes longer and is not free – it is better to clarify the procedure in advance with the Federal Tax Service or the same Center for the provision of administrative services.

After the Certificate of Individual Entrepreneurship is received, you need to contact the tax office and resolve all legal issues from this side.

As for taxes, for a sole proprietorship it is:

  • ERUs – every quarter or monthly – the size depends on the group in which the entrepreneur is located.
  • ЕН – Single tax, the percentage will depend on the group on which the entrepreneur is located. So, for example, for advertising agencies that do not sell, but provide services, this is 5%.

In addition to paying taxes, periodically you also need to submit reports and declarations.


Opening a business in Ukraine is not such a difficult task for a novice businessman. A business started from scratch will pay off if you carefully analyze the market: its main development trends and changes.

The population of the country keeps up with the times, which makes it possible to introduce novelty and take advantage of unusual ideas for a startup. With this knowledge, even an inexperienced entrepreneur can set up a profitable business with minimal funding.

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