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Business for teens

Adolescence is an important stage in a person’s life. It is at this time that the main goals and plans for the future begin to form. Today, many teenagers are actively starting to develop their own business and succeed in it. Earning money during adolescence allows you not only to have financial independence but also helps you gain some experience that will come in handy in the future.

In the process of solving work issues, the child develops communication and organizational skills, therefore, parents should encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the child. The task of parents, at the initial stage, is material and moral support, and most importantly, help in choosing the right niche.

Knowledge Earning Ideas

Each person has unique knowledge in a particular area. Many are called “experts in their field”, with whom they consult and ask for help. Today, many business ideas for teenagers are based on the transfer of their own experience, skills, and knowledge. Based on the interests of modern youth, we will consider popular areas that can bring a stable income:

  • Computer games. Gamblers can make a profit by selling promoted accounts, organize competitions and share the secrets of passing certain levels.
  • Computer services. Many teens are good at computers. Based on their own knowledge, they can reinstall the operating system, remove viruses, or troubleshoot more complex problems.
  • Promotion of goods and services. The current modern generation spends a lot of time on social networks. To carry it out with maximum benefit, you can provide certain information to the firm, and receive a reward for the sale of specific goods or services.

For those who are good at school, you can earn money doing homework. On the Internet, there are special freelance exchanges where anyone can earn money by writing essays, essays, as well as control and laboratory work.teen business ideas

Freelancing: opportunities for everyone

Earlier we mentioned this type of earnings as freelancing, we will dwell on it in more detail. The essence of the work of a freelancer is as follows: a person is looking for clients, receives an individual order, performs work, and receives a certain amount for this. The most common types of freelancing are:

  • Administrators, programmers , testers. In this field of activity, it is necessary to have certain knowledge in programming and have skills in working with databases.
  • Working with texts. This type of activity includes editors, copywriters, translators, content managers. It requires not only masterly mastery of the word, but also some knowledge in the field of psychology, analysis and marketing, site administration.
  • Designers. This category includes any kind of this profession: game designer, graphic designer, web designer, interior designer, and more. To work in this area, you need to have the appropriate knowledge and skills.
  • Internet marketers. The essence of this work is website promotion: building the attraction of a potential audience and keeping them as consumers. These professionals need to keep up with the latest trends in advertising and marketing.
  • Coach trainers. This type of freelancer should be an expert in the field in which he provides his training services. As a rule, classes are held online. For the most part, such specialists as a business coach, fitness trainer, architect, lawyer and others are in demand. It is worth noting that it is not enough to be an expert in a certain field of activity, it is important to be able to competently and clearly share unique information with your students.

Video blogging

Talking about how to open your own business for a teenager, one cannot fail to mention video blogging. Today, video content occupies a special place. Simply put, this work is about creating a video based on the needs of the target audience. As a business for a teenager, it is suitable to create his own Youtube channel, where he can post his videos and thereby attract the attention of the audience.

Future income also depends on the popularity of this resource. The promoted channel allows you to make good money on advertising. Many video bloggers enter into contracts with well-known companies that pay them for direct advertising: links in descriptions, reviews of goods and services, clothing with logos. Creating interesting videos is an affordable business for teenagers from 14 to 16 years old.

Conducting master classes

Today, one of the most popular areas is the manufacture of various products with your own hands, in other words – hand-made. Those teenagers who like to be creative can give master classes on the creation of any objects. The most popular destinations include:

  • Soap making.
  • Creation of jewelry and bijouterie.
  • T-shirt design.
  • Felting toys and paintings from wool.
  • Creation of figurines from polymer clay.
  • Candle making.
  • Knitting toys.

Masterclasses can be held both in a quiet and cozy cafe and online. Such activities have one-time earnings, but if enough people come, then the income will be very significant. So, the entrance ticket to the master class starts from 500 rubles, but it implies the availability of all the materials necessary for the work. Based on this amount, the net income is about 300 rubles per person. To make master classes in demand, experts advise you to come up with several different training programs. To promote your business, you can use advertising on social networks, launch a free business school for teenagers, where young men and women can share their knowledge, success, and for teens

Publishing your newspaper and computer customization business

Today, youth newspapers are published not only in cities but also in regional centers. It is worth noting the social significance of this type of activity for adolescents. “Amateur” journalism helps to broaden the horizons, develop the spiritual and moral world, become more active and purposeful individuals.

Of course, at first, such a business will not bring a lot of income for teenagers, but there are great prospects for the future. With daily practice, a teenager will be able to write essays and articles, as well as, if he wants to make connections, if he plans to engage in organizational work in the near future.

Young people who are well versed in new technology can make money by setting up computers. The cost of one order usually varies from 300 to 1500 rubles, depending on the complexity of the work. Competition in this market is relatively tough, so it is recommended to set an adequate price for services, make discounts to regular customers and use advertising.

Help in ordering clothes from Amazon

Today, Amazon is one of the largest online stores that provides prestigious items from well-known brands at affordable prices. By ordering things from the site, you can save a lot. But due to the lack of time to understand the site interface and the intricacies of a foreign store, an adult will most likely give up such an idea. That is why it is possible to organize a business for teenagers, where they will order certain things for clients and receive a certain amount for this.

You can charge a commission of 500 rubles for each parcel. Thus, the income from this activity will directly depend on the number of clients. This type of business for teenagers can be combined with others, since it does not require much effort and time-consuming.

Other types of business ideas

In addition to the above, there are many more business ideas for teenagers.

  • If the child enjoys culinary art, then he can bake various pastries, cookies, cakes. The sale can be done online or through retail grocery stores. However, all products must comply with sanitary standards.
  • And for those who love pets, as a part-time job, they can look after dogs and cats during the absence of their owners, as well as walk them.
  • For girls, there is an opportunity to take special courses for makeup artists or training in manicure, after which you can offer your services for a symbolic amount.
  • In the service sector, such activities as cleaning premises, mowing lawns, and washing cars are also common.


The modern marketplace provides a huge number of business options for teens. But when choosing, it is necessary to be guided by the following rules: it is worth choosing the field of activity that is in demand among the population, and most importantly, the chosen niche should bring not only income but also pleasure. And, of course, it is necessary to develop in the chosen direction of activity. Only with constant development and the use of the latest techniques can you become the best among competitors.

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