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Buffet in the office: advantages and features of business

In every office or business center, you can easily open a buffet or catering establishment. In such organizations, workers are on average 8 hours, and during this period of time, food should be mandatory: to maintain health and restore strength. To meet these needs, the management has allocated a room in the building that can be rented and served as a buffet.

The profitability of the canteen is high, and the initial investment can be quickly recouped. Even a beginner can open a buffet, it is important to have initial capital and have a step-by-step business plan. Detailed recommendations can be found below.

What is a buffet

The GOST system gives a clear definition of a buffet. This is a catering establishment that sells semi-finished products of high readiness, drinks (including alcoholic ones), and related products. In addition, the buffets are adapted for eating.

According to GOST 30389-2013, the buffet differs from the dining room, since complex dishes are not prepared in the first version. It should not be confused with a bar either, since the sale of alcohol is not obligatory.

The law provides that in buffets:

  • served hot and cold meals;
  • reheated food before serving in microwave ovens;
  • organized conditions for comfortable eating.

It is important for an entrepreneur to analyze the target audience and understand what it needs. And already based on this, choose a name for the future institution: a buffet, a canteen and a cafeteria. In practice, the business plan for opening is the same, there are only some subtleties during registration.

The buffet is the most versatile option, as it allows you to serve a sufficient variety of dishes. At the same time, the legal requirements are minimal:

  • Information about the activities of the buffet on the signboard, which indicates the name, type of enterprise, opening hours.
  • Separate exits for staff and visitors.
  • Connection of communications: hot and cold water, sewerage, electricity.
  • Buffet counter, furniture.
  • Current price list, price tags.
  • The service staff is a barman.

Business advantages and disadvantages

The following advantages can be highlighted:

  • high profitability;
  • stable traffic;
  • fast payback (up to 6 months);
  • preparatory period up to 3 months;
  • ease of discovery and development;
  • if you work at the office, then you do not need extensive advertising.

Some disadvantages and difficulties cannot be avoided:

  • it is necessary to arrange the supply of quality products;
  • raw materials quickly deteriorate;
  • constant monitoring by sanitary and fire services.

Types of buffet service

Catering establishments come in different forms, and within each category, there is also its own division into types.

For example, buffets are divided into formats based on

  • peak times: morning, lunch, evening;
  • locations: school, office, manufacturing, culture and recreation buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc.

The buffet is a versatile establishment with a small area, so it can be located anywhere. However, there are several of the more popular types. They are also considered the most profitable.

Restaurant or canteen

The restaurant and canteens prepare complex dishes that have to wait. Therefore, a buffet is opened for clients in the same building. It sells ready-made, packaged meals at a lower price.

Student and school

The peculiarity is that it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages in public catering of school and student meals. Selling junk food and fast food (chips, sweet soda, etc.) is not encouraged.

In establishments of this type, preference is given to selling hot first courses, full second courses, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Also, when opening a children’s buffet, special furniture will be required – for the growth of customers. It should be understood that there are usually more than several hundred students, they all go to lunch at the same time, and the break is limited – up to 30 minutes. Therefore, it is important to establish a very fast large-scale service.

Office buffet

The easiest option to implement. An adult solvent audience is an opportunity to expand the assortment and successfully sell it. However, the quality must meet the requirements of the employees and maintain the reputation of the establishment. This includes the dress code of the seller and the chefs, perfect cleanliness, quality furniture.

In-office buffets, you can successfully sell fast food (pizzas, hamburgers, etc.), alcohol, and takeaway drinks.

Business idea: how to open a buffet

Preparatory work before the actual opening of the buffet can take 1-3 months. During this period it is necessary:

  • analyze the market;
  • register;
  • choose an office;
  • rent a room;
  • purchase equipment;
  • draw up a business plan, etc.

Step-by-step plan for opening a buffet

It is recommended to stick to the following business plan:

  • First of all, the type of establishment (in our case, office) is selected, after which it is necessary to find a suitable site. The design will depend on this, analysis of the target audience will help you choose the menu and form a pricing policy.
  • After choosing the premises, it is necessary to conclude a lease agreement and enlist the support of the office management.
  • Registration of the organizational and legal form (individual entrepreneur or LLC). Preparation of documents, including conclusions from the fire, sanitary services, Rospotrebnadzor.
  • The choice of the OKVED code (All-Russian classification of types of economic activity).
  • Decide on the taxation system. SP supports the patent system (one-time fee is paid).
  • Cosmetic repair of the premises (if necessary).
  • Compilation of the menu (snacks, convenience foods, drinks, desserts, etc.).
  • Purchase of furniture, equipment, signs.
  • Recruitment of personnel with health records.
  • Obtaining a license to sell alcohol.

Before registering, you must go through a number of environmental procedures:

  • draw up a PEC;
  • disinsection;
  • disinfection;
  • deratization;
  • draw up an agreement on the removal of solid waste (solid household waste);
  • dry cleaning of staff work clothes, tablecloths.
  • get the conclusions of the SES and Rospotrebnadzor.

Which taxation system to choose

The easiest way is to open an IP so that you can use the patent system. It is easier to make a one-time contribution than making regular tax deductions. In addition, a patent depends only on the type of activity, and is not related to capital turnover.

A complete list of available options:

  • OSN or OSNO is a general, basic tax regime.
  • Special modes: STS, UTII, ESKhN and patent (only for individual entrepreneurs).

Choose based not only on availability, but also on capital turnover and the number of employees.

What documents are needed to open

General list of documents:

  • form for registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • passport;
  • certificate with TIN;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • IP registration certificate;
  • originals of constituent documents.

To get the conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological service, you will need documents:

  • certificate of state registration;
  • taxpayer passport;
  • a certificate from the BTI;
  • architectural and technological design, including air conditioning, ventilation;
  • owner’s statement;
  • a copy of the charter of the LLC (if the institution is registered as a legal entity);
  • sale and purchase agreement or lease of premises;
  • coordination of the commissioning of the facility by the SES.

OKVED code

You must select the OKVED code:

  • 10 – for restaurants and in the case of food delivery.
  • 10.1 – activities of restaurants and cafes with full catering, cafeterias, fast food and self-service restaurants;
  • 10.21 – activities of catering establishments with takeaway service.

It should be studied in detail in the law 56.30 and 56.40, which also fall under the activities of buffets.

How to choose a room

The room must have an area of ​​20 sq. m, be well lit and warm. It should be possible to carry out the communications necessary for the functioning of the institution.

What equipment is needed

The equipment in each case will be selected individually, but the standard set is as follows:

  • refrigeration showcase;
  • counters for trade;
  • microwave ovens;
  • electric kettle;
  • coffee machine;
  • tables and chairs for clients;
  • dishes;
  • tablecloths, shape.


In total, at least 4 people with health certificates will be required, as they will work with food. These are two barmen who will work in shifts, a cleaning lady and an accountant.

Buffet opening costs

The cost of opening a buffet can be about 200 thousand rubles with minimal spending. Initial rental space of 20-30 sq. m will cost up to 30 thousand rubles. The largest item of expenditure is the purchase of equipment and the preparation of the interior of the premises. Here it can go from 100 thousand rubles.

The first purchase of goods for sale and products can cost at least 20 thousand rubles. In this case, it is worth considering the shelf life and consumption of the goods. So, frozen semi-finished products can be stored for several months, and perishable dairy products – for several days. Accordingly, after that, you will have to re-purchase it.

The wage fund for 4 employees will be at least 40 thousand rubles. The calculation is based on the rate and the number of hours worked.

Additional costs, utility bills, and an advertising campaign can cost another 50 thousand rubles.

How much can you earn from opening a canteen

An entrepreneur receives on average 70-90 thousand rubles from a buffet. The active capital is at least 50 thousand rubles, respectively, the profit is 20-40 thousand rubles.

If the initial contribution was 250 thousand rubles, then it will be possible to recoup the business in 5-7 months.

At the same time, a significant increase in income is allowed due to the attraction of clientele from neighboring offices, as well as an active marketing policy.

Useful Tricks for an Entrepreneur

To simplify the process of starting a business, it is recommended to register as an individual or private entrepreneur, since the procedure for a legal entity is more sophisticated.

It is not worth renting an area of ​​more than 30 sq. m, since the cost of payment will be higher, and the benefits from the extra territory will be less. Office workers will fit in a small hall.

Choose the interior and general concept of the establishment so that they are in harmony with the office format.

Remember that the key to success depends on how polite and courteous the staff is. Therefore, select people carefully.

As a result, we can say that organizing a buffet is a profitable and not very difficult business. Catering establishments are easy to open and register, there is always a steady flow of people. This guarantees success for a young company.

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