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Best Starter Small Business Ideas: Popular and Profitable Options

Many aspiring entrepreneurs want to start their own business without financial investments, but they meet many obstacles along the way. What do you need to know before starting your own business? From our review, you will find out what small business ideas for beginners exist, and which option will require minimal investment.

What you need to know about starting your own business

The advantages of owning a business for beginners are the opportunity to do interesting things and get paid for it. If you choose some options, you will be able to work from home on a convenient schedule.

So, where to start a start-up business. Experts recommend starting with simple steps:

  1. Pick up ideas that will bring not only income, but also the joy of the work process.
  2. Make a plan with dates and important places.
  3. Accumulate initial capital.
  4. To promote and develop activities, it is recommended to create a website.
  5. Start by looking for clients.

Entrepreneurship can be done in real life or on the Internet. The easiest types of business for beginners are manufacturing and services, trading and buying a franchise of a fast food outlet.

Psychological aspects

To choose the appropriate option, you need to make a list of more interesting topics. Then you need to analyze your capabilities for compliance with certain parameters – a detailed plan, start-up capital, skills and opportunities for finding clients. Pluses should be noted with a 100% to write a business plan

Any undertaking will require enormous efforts and costs of nerves, time and labor. Own business will require some restrictions, especially in the early stages. Even when creating a simple business for beginners, you will have to search for distribution and supply channels, search for staff and an office. To master all this, you will need special resistance to stress.

How to choose a field of activity

First you need to analyze the locality or area where you plan to open your business. It is important to identify underdeveloped areas and features of competition.

If the sphere is chosen incorrectly, interest will fade over time, and management will become mediocre.

Start-up capital

Even the easiest business will require certain financial investments. But in the absence of the required amount, it is not recommended to abandon your plans. You should start small. You will have to spend more time, but it will allow you to do without taking loans.

Keep in mind that getting a loan to start your own business is difficult. And significant payments will have to be paid from profits, which the first months may not be.

Ideas for beginners with minimal investment

The advantage of an easy business for beginners is the minimal cost, which in case of failure will allow you not to lose a lot of money.

You can consider the following simple ideas:

  1. Breeding of purebred dogs, cats, rabbits and fish.
  2. Foreign language courses do not require large investments – renting an office and purchasing teaching materials.
  3. Cleaning agency or provision of cleaning services.
  4. Creation of a clothing store. You can order from China.
  5. Production of notebooks and handmade books.
  6. Services of a make-up artist, nail master or hairdresser at home.
  7. Production of furniture to order. To do this, you can rent a garage.
  8. Printing photos and images on clothes.
  9. Daily rental housing.
  10. Making bouquets.

You can also choose business services. Computer assistance is in demand. People often need to install programs, restore information and debug the local network.

You can also choose to distribute promotional materials. This will require a team of people to distribute flyers and put up ads.

An interesting option is printing on clothes. This will require high-quality clothing and original design.

It is worth considering other small business options for beginners.

Fancy Projects for Beginners

There are also unusual business ideas for beginners. An interesting option is to conduct city tours. You can come up with an exciting program and start cooperation with a travel agency.

A hotel for pets can be a good solution. This option is necessary when you need to leave for a few days, and there is no one to leave your pet with.

Rare professions include restoring jewelry and vintage furniture, but this can be a great to write a business plan

Business ideas for beginners on the Internet

Now let’s find out what is the most profitable business for beginners on the Internet.

Application of Avito

You can make good money on Avito. Try it with the sale of unnecessary things. You can try and resell things. Investments are not required if you sell other people’s things for a percentage.

Social Media Marketing Assistance

Social media is an important part of life for many. And some companies are starting to promote their services and products with their help. Promoting organizations is a good business for young people.


Certain practical knowledge can become a source of income. You can create a tutorial or guide to problem solving in a particular area. This may be in the form of a video recording or a book.

Internet auctions

You can earn at auctions by buying and selling a variety of things.

Online store of products from China

Large start-up capital is not required for a business like reselling things from China. To purchase the first things you will need about 700-800 dollars. Even with small margins, income can reach 600-1000 dollars.

Youtube usage

You can open your channel on this video hosting. You need to post a video that is relevant to the consumer. Then you should connect to the Google Adsense affiliate program.

Other business ideas

When choosing business ideas from scratch for beginners, it is worth considering such options.

The photo

You don’t have to be a professional to be a photographer. First you need to purchase special equipment and understand its capabilities. It is important to learn how to properly process photos. The results of the work can be posted in the social. studio business plan

Repair services

To start your own business in this direction, you do not need large investments. It is enough to purchase working clothes and a minimum set of tools.

Some experience is required to complete orders. You can create a team that has the necessary skills.

Cakes to order

The creation of cakes has become widespread and is a profitable business. When preparing confectionery products, it is necessary to maintain the necessary proportions, cooking time and temperature. To decorate cakes, such a popular material as mastic is used. It is recommended to choose 2-3 optimal recipes and practice them constantly.

vending business

The business consists of the use of special devices that independently carry out sales. To accommodate it, you will need a small area and an electrical power point. You can service the device yourself.

fast food outlet

This direction involves the sale of products in crowded places. Such points should be placed near shopping centers, educational institutions and schools. A special menu is developed for a certain place. Food is packaged in convenient containers. Juices, coffee and tea are also available.

Equipment repair

You can also offer home repair services. This will require a small space. Quality work pays very well.

Food delivery

The easiest business for beginners is food delivery. For this, a home menu is compiled and a minimum set of products is purchased. During the delivery of meals, you can immediately collect orders for the next day.

Cargo transportation

This option is suitable for those who have a truck available. If you do not have your own transport, you can use the services of leasing organizations.

The best types of home business

Many are attracted to home business projects for beginners. This allows you to choose an individual work schedule and choose a job to your liking. Consider interesting projects for starting a business.

Growing vegetables in greenhouses

The organization of such a business is provided in two variations. You can make greenhouses or grow various useful crops on your own. Products grown without the use of chemicals. They are in special demand. The market needs to be considered as well. You can cooperate with shops or markets.

Production of canned food

You can open your own production for the manufacture and sale of all kinds of pickled products, jam or jam. At the initial stage, you can prepare preservation in the kitchen, using berries, fruits and vegetables from your own garden.

soap making

For creative people, the best business for beginners is soap making. This will require a small space. One part is useful for the place of production, and the second as a warehouse. To work, you will need components such as base oils, soap base, dyes, fillers and esters. As additional equipment, scales, molds and containers will be required. The original packaging with the author’s design will be an additional advantage

Making products from polymer clay

An inexpensive clay business for beginners will appeal to many. Using a simple technology, you can create original jewelry and jewelry.


This option is suitable for those who live in rural areas. You can earn money by growing and selling live fish. In addition, fish can be smoked and salted. This fishery will require a reservoir and the purchase of fry.

Curd production

Cottage cheese is one of the healthiest foods. The production of this fermented milk product will require equipment, premises and personnel. Creams, pastes and curds are also made from ordinary cottage cheese. For successful business development, you will need to find suppliers and markets.

Production of food for small pets

The most profitable business for beginners is the production of pet food. Products must comply with GOST. For birds and rodents, cereals with the addition of dried fruits are required, and for fish – fishmeal, algae, fat, proteins, starch and plankton.

To create a healthy and high-quality food, it is worth consulting with a veterinarian.

Production of semi-finished meat products

To create a business in the manufacture of semi-finished products, you need to purchase special equipment. It is important to find good meat suppliers and consumers.

Interesting projects for a small town

You can find good business ideas for start-up entrepreneurs in a small town as well.

Private kindergarten

Often, young families living in small towns have problems finding a child in a kindergarten. To organize a kindergarten, you will need a small starting capital. It is also required to create favorable conditions for the child and offer reasonable prices. But people who love children and know how to handle them should work in kindergarten.

Solution for home problems

A good solution for light business will be services to eliminate domestic problems. The company offers assistance to the population with household chores. Employees of the company can perform various tasks – washing and ironing, cooking and changing light bulbs.


The most profitable business for beginners is a small manufacturing enterprise that produces bread and bakery products. Fresh baked goods are always in demand. Will have to invest in the purchase of equipment

What kind of business to do in the manufacturing sector

You can choose the simplest business in the field of production. Activities based on small-scale production are promising and complex.

Furniture creation

To implement this idea, special equipment is required – drying, woodworking, metalworking and sewing. For business, it is worth choosing different directions for the manufacture of cabinet, office, kitchen and other furniture. Furniture can be offered to furniture stores or to the public.

Production of building material foam

Such a small production brings a consistently good income. Such an enterprise involves the creation of a production line and the search for sales opportunities in construction companies. The material is used to strengthen the facades of buildings.

Souvenir production

Making souvenirs will require a small investment. You can make products such as mugs, t-shirts and file folders. To reduce the cost of renting premises, you can use the garage.

What business is relevant now: examples of relevant business in 2019

It is worth noting the options for entrepreneurial activity, which is particularly popular at the present time.

Cryptocurrency business

There is a good business solution for young people – this is the topic of cryptocurrencies. The current areas are:

  1. Crypto exchange trading.
  2. Launching your own exchange.
  3. Mining of digital assets.
  4. Organization of a cryptocurrency exchange.

To start trading, you should choose a reliable broker.

 Brand shoe or clothing boutique

Creating a branded boutique can be a good idea. It is not necessary to open a store in a prestigious area. The option to create an online store is also suitable.


The construction of various buildings is also popular. The main costs include the acquisition of land and the purchase of building materials.

11 tips for growing your own business

When drawing up a business plan for beginners, it is worth consulting with people who have gone through this path. To succeed, you should listen to the following recommendations:

  1. You need to get up early and stay up late to find time to create a new business.
  2. It is important to choose a business that brings pleasure.
  3. When working at home, you will have to keep yourself from many temptations – the Internet, a refrigerator and a TV.
  4. All ideas should be immediately written down in a notebook.
  5. You need to plan for the year ahead.
  6. It is recommended to evaluate your capabilities.
  7. The ability to attract customers matters.
  8. With each profit you need to set aside a small amount.
  9. It is important to make good use of your free time.
  10. You need to set goals and achieve them.

Goals may be different, but they must bring moral satisfaction. Many small business ideas for beginners don’t require a lot of investment and quickly turn a profit. It is necessary to correctly assess your capabilities and choose the best option.

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