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Best Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

To start your own business, you just need to understand what exactly you would like to do. Although it seems that starting a business requires a lot of money and connections, as well as remarkable experience, in fact, the main secret of success lies in the original idea and competent organization. Having shown ingenuity and resourcefulness in the initial stages, then you can relax and make a profit.

What is a business idea

A business idea is understood as a concept on the basis of which you can build a new business or open another direction in an existing one to make a profit. However, the idea is not a ready-made business and in order to generate income, you will need to draw up a detailed business plan and start production.

There is also the possibility of selling a business idea to investors or interested businessmen, but this also requires drawing up a business plan that will visually see what can be obtained from the implementation.

For an idea, it is important to be implemented at the right time and in the right place, because not everything that inspires the initiator is needed by other people. A potentially successful idea is characterized by:

  • relevance;
  • the ability to bring something new into your usual life or a specific area;
  • not like other projects;
  • simple and straightforward goals;
  • the opportunity to make a profit (in the short or long term).

Techniques for generating new ideas

Usually, new good ideas appear either from experts or from beginners. And this is due to the opposite reasons. Specialists in their field know exactly what the client needs and what already exists, while beginners have a fresh perspective on things, not clouded by existing stereotypes. This can happen when a person, after working in the fashion industry, starts a career in finance, or vice calculation

There are ways to “artificially” provoke an idea. They are used when they want to start a business and are looking for the right direction, or when an existing business needs a fresh breath that can attract new customers and increase profits.

Use for this:

  • structural analysis of the market, existing business model or current processes;
  • SWOT analysis (from English strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats);
  • brainstorm;
  • analysis of Porter’s five forces;
  • morphological analysis;
  • method of indirect strategies.

There are many ways to “push” yourself to generate a new idea but do not forget that the creative plan must have no less creative execution.

A small business is considered to be a business that brings no more than 800 million in revenue per year. However, experts admit that the division is very arbitrary, since in modern conditions, with the right business idea, a business can develop from a small business to a large company in just a few months.

If brilliant ideas do not come to mind, use one of the suggested ones. Ideas are not protected by copyright, and therefore working in a direction that someone else came up with is not forbidden. Indeed, in the process of implementation, you will still have to implement your own ideas.

Selling things on avito

The portal, originally conceived as a platform for connecting buyers with sellers, has been operating since 2007, is included in the Forbes rating as the third-largest company in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, and offers favorable conditions for those who want to open their own online store, but do not yet know how to look for clients.

Plus, in regular research, which the company conducts together with the analytical center Data Insight and publishes in the public domain. This allows you to always be aware of what is in demand among users.

Many are looking for used inexpensive goods there, but according to statistics, about 40% of purchases made on Avito are new things. It is in vain to believe that success can be achieved by selling only cheap things. The best way to assess the sales opportunities is by looking at the official data published on the website.

The cost of opening a store starts at 3000 rubles. per month, but varies by region. So, a month for a store to work for Muscovites will cost 9,000 rubles, which is still a lifting amount for most businessmen.

Advertising agency

A well-organized advertising agency can pay off within 3 months. The idea can be implemented with minimal funds. The easiest option is to have a small firm producing and placing simple advertisements, however, according to experts, it is better to create a larger agency that will produce its own original content. When creating such a business, you need to understand that the idea itself will be a winning one only if employees have no problems generating new ideas.

Holidays agency

Everyone loves holidays, and for a competent organizer, the opportunity to fill someone’s life with bright colors can bring a good income. Event agencies are especially in demand among companies, but such services will be needed at a wedding, birthday, presentation, etc.

The most important thing in this business is having a smart team, as well as the ability to negotiate. Basically, you will have to negotiate with musicians and artists, and creative people are not always easy-going.

This idea is ideal for young and energetic people who are ready to work hard and do not lack imagination.


All ingenious is simple – the idea is to start installing green walls (entwined with living plants) in homes and offices. This will not only refresh the interior but will also bring real health benefits, as the plants will purify the air and enrich it with oxygen. As a result, working in the office will become much more pleasant.

Cargo transportation

In a world where all life takes place on the move, you can make good money by helping others transport things from place to place. This is assistance with moving and delivery of goods. Despite quite a lot of competition, the idea can be developed by choosing the right niche and organizing the process.

Today, there are many small transport companies operating in any city. Their services are quite expensive, while customers are not always satisfied with the quality.

It is recommended to study what exactly customers are lacking, to take business seriously and focus on quality service, and then the business will quickly pay off.

Service husband for an hour

Such an idea, despite the seeming absurdity, can bring much more income than skeptics can assume. However, modern families have all the time scheduled literally by the minute and therefore work on minor repairs, setting up equipment, etc. it is much easier to entrust the master. At the same time, the organization requires only a small team of men familiar with housework and organizational skills.

Most often, “husband for an hour” is ordered for:

  • repair of plumbing;
  • customization and simple repair of home appliances;
  • assembly of furniture;
  • hanging chandeliers and cornices;
  • tie-in locks.

The idea costs will be small. It is enough to rent a small office and purchase the necessary equipment for repairs.

Shoe repair and key making

Providing personal services is a good idea for a small business in a residential area. Everyone was faced with the need to put heels or make a new key for the entrance doors after the loss of the main one. 2 demanded services can be combined or only one of them can be offered. At the same time, shoe repair will be more in demand. In both cases, the costs are not too high, and, provided that the location is chosen correctly, they will quickly pay off.

Breeding and sale of animals

This idea can be implemented both in the countryside and in the city. Everything will depend on the volume and goals of production, as well as the type of animals that you choose for breeding. To implement the idea at the initial level, you will need very little investment and experience. Possible business options:

  • keeping goats for milk, cottage cheese and cheese;
  • growing turkeys;
  • breeding chickens for eggs;
  • pig breeding;
  • breeding chinchillas.

Now such a business will be in demand on the wave of interest in ecological products. People are willing to buy farm produce at a higher price.


Tutoring services are now extremely popular and, instead of providing single services, you can open a whole tutoring center. If in the first case you need to have certain knowledge and a desire to teach, then in the second it is enough to have organizational skills. Such a business practice does not require investments and, with competent management, can bring a good income. However, you need to obtain a license to carry out this type of activity.

If opening a center is not part of your plans, you will still need to register as an individual entrepreneur.

Online store of things from China

It would seem, why the order in a third-party online store that you can easily order from China? But the abundance of small companies making money in this way confirms that we are ready to pay more for the speed of delivery.

In addition, when organizing a business, you can make bulk purchases, so the final price for the client will not be much higher than that at which he can purchase the goods directly. Plus, the buyer will no longer have to independently understand the not always clear structure of Chinese online stores.

At a minimum, you need to know about their existence, as well as understand which seller is verified, how to order a quality product. In favor of the purchase, you will also have accessibility, the ability to call, find out all the necessary information and pay for the purchase in cash upon receipt.

Thanks to all these factors, an online store of things from China will become a simple but profitable idea of ​​guaranteed income.

Computer service

The ability to easily and deftly handle computers can also be monetized. It is enough to issue an individual entrepreneur, advertise and do the job efficiently. In this case, grateful customers will tell their friends about the good service, and you can make money quickly without investing a penny. To expand your business, you can hire a team and provide services not only in your region, making calls, but also providing technical support by phone or Skype.pc repair business

Printing on clothes

Providing people with the opportunity to create their own designs for a small fee is a deliberately profitable idea, especially since people tend to differ from each other as much as possible. At the start of a business project, you will need to invest in equipment and purchase basic things in order to simplify the life of clients and earn extra money.

The disadvantage of this idea is that in large cities there is already quite a lot of competition in this area. As for small towns, the venture may not pay off, so you need to carefully research the market.

Private cosmetologist hairdresser, make-up artist, manicure master

Such an idea can easily be realized independently by the one whom nature has endowed with the talent to give people beauty. All you need to do is purchase the materials you need for the session, register yourself as an entrepreneur, and find clients. If you have already worked in a salon before, it will not be difficult.

Photo and video filming to order

If you have the skills to use a professional camera and good taste, you can safely open your own photo studio. At first, the income will be small, since you will need to make a portfolio – for this, you can agree to free shooting, in exchange for working with interesting models or advertising. You will also need to involve a retoucher or learn how to process photos yourself. Despite the fact that the competition in the field is quite strong, constant development will allow you to achieve a good income.

Dance studio

Being able to dance can be more than just a hobby, but it can make good money, along with the fact that you will share your skills and knowledge with other people. Even as an instructor, you can earn up to several hundred dollars a week, and a well-advertised studio with professional instructors can be extremely lucrative. Moreover, dancing is in trend now.

Home web studio

This business idea can be realized with only one computer. All orders are carried out remotely. To take on more serious projects, team up with other developers. Providing comprehensive services will be beneficial for you, and contacting the team, instead of looking for developers for each part of the project, will be more convenient for the client. In order for the idea to bring good income, you need to constantly develop, because the technology market does not standstill.

Organization of the festival

This business idea cannot be called new, but it is not well developed in Russia, especially outside of large cities. Moreover, in the summer season, the festival can attract a large number of visitors of different ages. Contrary to popular belief that organizing is a laborious and time-consuming process, practice shows that a small festival can be prepared in 2 weeks, having recouped the costs even before the start.

The main thing is to act according to the following plan:

  1. Decide on the venue and audience – you need to understand in advance where there are enough interested people who are ready to attend the event.
  2. Make a plan of the event – what will happen at the festival, what artists you want to invite.
  3. Get permission from the city administration – there should be no problems with this, especially if you do not need city funding.
  4. Find a suitable site and arrange a lease for it.
  5. Invite artists and organize a city of craftsmen, street food and drinks.
  6. Advertise the festival to your target audience – hand out flyers, advertise on the radio and on the Internet.
  7. Follow the progress of the festival, solving the difficulties that have arisen in time.

If you organize everything correctly and guess with the tastes of the audience, you can make good money even at 1 festival. But after the first time, it will be easier to organize more events.

Skype training and consultations

The presence of the Internet, a device for making calls with a webcam, will allow you to earn money without getting up from the couch. In the era of technology and a limited amount of free time, many turn to the opportunity to get advice on any issue via the Internet. Financial investments in such a home business are not required, it is enough to have knowledge in some areas and devote time to finding clients. The hardest part of the idea is finding clients. To do this, you can go to thematic forums and sites on the Internet or look for work through friends.drawing up a business plan

Manufacturing of furniture to order

Everyone wants to have an original design of the house, but without unique interior items it is quite difficult. Therefore, the production of upholstered and cabinet furniture to order will be popular.

It will take about a million rubles to open a business, but they will quickly pay off. Such an idea in a region where the same company does not work nearby could become a gold mine.

Grooming salon

Those who love their pets are often ready to pay big money for caring for them, their claws and hair, thanks to this, today the idea of ​​doing a grooming business does not seem crazy. Provide as many services as possible, hire people who love animals and know how to handle them, and the business will surely bear fruit.

Home atelier sewing and repairing clothes

If you have experience with clothing – tailoring, modeling, or repairing it, then with a little investment you can start your own business. An idea can bring a good income and pay off within six months if you focus on the quality of work and open a workshop in a good location.

6 easy steps for starting a small business

Developing a business from scratch does not mean at all – with a zero budget. Most business ideas require investment. But you will have to develop your business from the very beginning. But you shouldn’t be afraid, to start a business you don’t have to study for years. Many successful businessmen have education far from the sphere of business, which does not prevent them from earning millions.

Step 1 defining the idea

The idea is the main component of the project. The budget, registration form, recruited staff and other details will depend on what and how you decide to do it. You can make money literally on anything, the whole point is how to do it.

Before you borrow someone’s idea, think, maybe there is something that you have always dreamed of doing. Maybe this is your chance to become a millionaire.

Step 2 draw up a business plan

However, just coming up with an idea is not enough, you need to carefully calculate and paint everything. This will help you better understand how the idea will be implemented. If your own knowledge is not enough, you can contact a specialized agency. They will not only draw up a business plan but also give advice on the implementation of the project.

Step 3 getting started

Go through registration, complete all the necessary documents and, if required, obtain a license, purchase equipment and start negotiating with suppliers and future customers. When the business officially starts, everything should be ready for it.

Step 4 recruiting staff

Every brilliant idea needs a good team. When recruiting employees, try to look not only at professionalism but also at the loyalty and similarity of your ideals. It’s not about making friends, but building a business with people who look the other way is, if possible, extremely difficult.

Step 5 start the business

When all the nuances are provided, do not hesitate and start your own business. Even if not everything will turn out right away as it is written on paper, but in practice, you will learn the business faster, besides, planning will not give income, but doing business, even if it is imperfect at the very beginning, can bring the first profit and inspire further development …

Step 6 make a profit

Don’t lose your head after earning your first money. Do not forget that it will take time before you can return your investment. In addition, to keep the business afloat, you need to constantly develop the idea, learn and allow your employees to learn. The modern world is changing very quickly and in order to create a stable business, you must always be on the alert, and never stop developing.

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