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And make it a little easier! 🤍

I confess honestly and openly: I love to clean. For me, this is a sacred part of the day, week, and month, for which I allocate time no less carefully than taking care of myself. In a clean room, you immediately want to work, move, do things, and live a full life.

If you are one of those who leave cleaning for the last moment, that’s okay. Housekeeping doesn’t have to be nice, but you can make it that way – keep a few tips like ✨

💁‍♀️ Do not litter initially and put everything in its place

The fewer reasons you create to clean up, the less time you will spend cleaning, which is our ultimate goal. Put all your belongings in their places, immediately wipe up the stains, throw away the packaging in the trash, not put it on the table.

The mere seconds make a big contribution to ordering chaos: for example, wipe the table with a cloth while the kettle is boiling, put things neatly while waiting for a message from a friend.

🟩 Get out squares

More often than not, we postpone cleaning because it seems endless and overwhelming. It happens that it takes a whole day to clean an apartment or room.

  • The elephant principle in time management states: you can never devour a huge beast whole, but you can eat piece by piece. We urge not to mutilate animals, but simply to divide the gigantic business into small ones.

Divide personal space into squares: for example, from window to table, from table to bed, from bed to window. Remove only one square every day, but do it carefully. So in three days, you will clean the whole room. It will take a little more time, but much less effort.

⏰ Set a timer for 10 minutes to just start

Another way to divide a scary case is by timing. Get out where and how you want, just indicate that you will do it for exactly 10 minutes. Most likely you will get sucked in and want to continue, but if not, you will at least start.

🎧 Combine cleaning with an audiobook or TV series

In other words – a business with pleasure. Alas, external stimuli, or sounds can be distracting, and you end up spending a little more time cleaning. However, it is better imperfect and slow than not at all.

📦 Make a cleaning kit that will always be at hand

We sabotage household duties often due to the fact that we cannot start right away – we need to look for the right rag, crystal cleaner, and collect the vacuum cleaner. All these are trifles, but they put a lot of pressure on the brain: it seems that before the main action you need to do a bunch of additional ones.

Simplify your task: collect all the essentials in a bucket. Usually these two surface cloths (wet and dry), glass/mirror cleaner, cloth or mop, broom.

💨 Throw away things that are constantly dusty

The fewer reasons for cleaning, the shorter it is – the fewer things at home, the faster it is to take care of them. Throw away all unnecessary and ugly figurines, which take half an hour to wipe. Donate extra clothes that are constantly piling up on the floor to charity. By the way, horizontal surfaces are rarely empty, and therefore we just want to fill them with something – that’s why other garbage so often accumulates on tables and chairs.

  • Get rid of unnecessary surfaces, and there will be no reason to put a pile of rubbish on them.

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