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5 good habits for an entrepreneur

What is a habit? These are the actions that we take on a daily basis. Habits shape our lives. All great people did not have any special recipe for their success. They just had the right habits.

I decided to share with you five good habits that every entrepreneur would be nice to acquire.

1. Do not listen to people who say: “It’s impossible!”

Are you being told that your idea will fail or that you will not succeed? Wait to get upset.

All great people have been told at least once that they will not succeed. Today it seems that the success of Bill Gates was inevitable, but at the beginning of the journey everyone around him was sure of his failure. Walt Disney was fired from the newspaper for “lack of imagination.” Sigmund Freud was booed by his colleagues when he presented them with his theories.

If you want to be an outstanding person, you need to develop an immunity to skepticism. Even the experts are wrong, remember that.

2. Review tactics in case of failure

Many people have an unhealthy attitude towards failure.

First, they are afraid of them and are trying with all their might to avoid. Even at the cost of inaction. After all, if you don’t do anything, then you won’t be mistaken, right?

Second, for many, failure means failure. It didn’t work, so it’s not yours, cry and put up with it.

However, in reality, failure only means doing something wrong. And this is an excuse to reconsider your tactics and try again and again until you succeed.

Thomas Edison has carried out over 10,000 experiments to improve the incandescent lamp. And this is what he said about this: “I did not suffer defeat. I just found 10 thousand ways that don’t work. “

Every failure is a step forward. Wrong – analyze your actions and do it differently. Repeat until you get it right.

3. Constantly learn

Before starting the SpaceX project, Elon Musk read and studied so much literature about rocket technology and power plants that he could well have built a rocket. It would seem, why does he need it? After all, he has already built successful companies – PayPal and Tesla. But he wanted more and realized that if he wanted to become a competent leader in a space industry company, he would have to gain new knowledge.

In this regard, I like such a quality in people as the recognition of their own ignorance. Usually people try to pretend they know a lot and they are confident, even if they are not. However, if you admit to yourself and others that you do not know something, you have the opportunity to learn it.

Get into the habit of constantly improving and learning. Take an hour every day to read a book, learn about something new.

Just don’t get stuck in the status of an “eternal student”. It is not enough just to read and gain knowledge. They are useless without application.

4. Focus

One of the most useful and necessary habits for a modern person is the habit of focusing on the most important.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the company was in a state of disruption. And it was the lack of focus that destroyed it. The company was dispersed over the smallest details and produced more than 300 products. So the first thing Jobs did was cut the number of manufactured products to 10. When he focused his full attention on a few of the most important products, the company began to grow again and became the powerful brand we now know.

Keep it simple and focus. As my friend says: “One full glass is better than ten slightly full.”

5. Work, work and work again

Why do we dream about many things, but do not achieve it? Because we are not ready to work hard and fight for the result. Some people dream of becoming rock stars, visualize their success, say affirmations, however, they touch the guitar at least a couple of times a week. They want to be successful, famous, but they are not ready for the downside of success – for constant and hard work.

Understanding that you need to work hard to be successful is perhaps one of the most important things that distinguishes a successful person from an unsuccessful person.

There is a phrase: Genius is 1% talent and 99% sweat. If you are willing to work hard, you will achieve a lot. If you expect that everything will work out by itself somehow and you are lucky, then for sure you will never wait for this. Take control of the situation, lift the butt off the couch and go to work. Working is also a habit. A good and useful habit.

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