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30 promising business ideas for 2022

After the 2020 pandemic, aspiring entrepreneurs are afraid to start their own business, because they think that this idea is doomed. However, this is not quite true. Business can and should be started, if we do not forget about the new realities. Given the trends, you can build your own business, which will allow you to make a profit.

Business idea selection strategy

The main entrepreneurial trend and principles of starting are unlikely to change in the near future. Therefore, it is much more important to find an idea that will be relevant now and in the near future. How do you know if an idea is good? There are three easy steps to analyze:

  1. Consumer behavior has remained the same. People also like to eat, want to dress beautifully and have fun. Therefore, a business in the field of catering, entertainment and clothing sales should be considered first.
  2. The invariable principle of choice: look for an area that interests you . Organizing parties, brewing coffee or making candles? Think about what is close to you and develop in this direction. Remember: if the area is not interesting to you, then the business will not bring normal profit. 
  3. Focus on business trends . At the same time, these trends are old, but until last year they were not so noticeable, everything went on as usual. Self-isolation exposed the problems and forced the business to adapt to the situation. In particular, it is worth remembering the restructuring of business in a digital format: online presence has become mandatory, along with the possibility of delivery for some areas.

TOP 30 business ideas for 2022

  1. Opening of a paintball club. Opening a modern club will require about 300 thousand rubles, which, with proper investment in marketing, will quickly pay off. Money will be required to rent a room or purchase a site, purchase equipment and targets, and organize parking lots. You can start with the minimum amount of equipment.
  2. Water attractions. It is not necessary to do this at sea, any body of water used for summer holidays will do. The main difficulty is the choice of a place for organizing a business.
  3. Sale of tea or coffee. Connoisseurs of unusual tastes and aromas are unlikely to pass by. You can develop a base of regular customers who will provide a constant stream of profits. The main costs are for the lease of the outlet and the purchase of goods. 
  4. Cooking school. With its help, children and adults can learn how to cook various dishes. This is a type of leisure that is gaining popularity in large cities. At the first stage, the costs will be large, they are associated with renting a room, buying equipment and utensils, and paying a salary to a professional chef.
  5. Opening of a massage parlor. This is a highly competitive business, so special attention should be paid to the place to work and the professionalism of employees. 
  6. Scientific and experimental shows for children. This is a fairly new type of entertainment that has not yet had time to bother the consumer, and therefore quite profitable. It does not require large investments. The main item of expenditure: rent of premises, purchase of reagents, inventory and costumes, advertising.
  7. Peeling with Rufa fish. The cost of implementing this idea will also not be large. You can negotiate with a beauty salon or a swimming pool to provide a service. The costs associated with the purchase of fish, aquarium and equipment. It is imperative to advertise here, because without it it will be difficult for potential customers to find out about the service. 
  8. Production of stamps. This is a business with constant demand. At the first stage, a standard set of sketches will be enough, later you can expand and use more and more ideas. 
  9. Sale of hookahs and vapes. Smoking has become a new culture that brings great profits to those who sell the related accessories. A franchise is needed for such a business.
  10. Sale of honey bought from farmers. Natural products are now appreciated, so there will be no shortage of demand. It is important to find beekeepers that will provide a good product.
  11. Improvement of adjacent territories. The purchase of materials is carried out at the expense of the customer, therefore, the expense item will only include the purchase of tools, the payment of salaries to workers, the rental of a warehouse and transport services.
  12. Creation of photobooks. A creative service that will appeal to newlyweds and young parents. You can work with a photographer. The costs are associated with the purchase of a printing press and equipment for processing albums, training in collage design, purchase of consumables and advertising.
  13. Sale of sports nutrition. Interest in a healthy lifestyle supports the demand for sports nutrition. In a large city with many fitness rooms, the business will be especially profitable. For work, you will need a room, goods, racks, commercial equipment. 
  14. Production of stretch ceilings. The business includes the entire production process for the manufacture of custom ceilings. You will need a production facility, equipment, raw materials and employees. We recommend cooperating with wholesalers at the initial stage, this will help save money. 
  15. Sale of Kono-pizza. Fast food is always relevant, however, there is a lot of competition here. You need to choose a place with high traffic, use non-standard advertising and offer consumers a truly original product. 
  16. Installation of milk dispensers. To do this, you will need to buy the milk machine itself, as well as rent a site for its installation and conclude an agreement for the supply of dairy products.
  17. Makeup School. Investments here are relatively small, but you need to understand the issue and involve well-known makeup artists for teaching. The costs are related to the rent of the premises, the purchase of cosmetics and the salaries of teachers.
  18. Opening of a coworking center. To do this, you need to choose a room and equip it. At the same time, it should be located next to the traffic intersection, and there should also be a parking lot near it. 
  19. Opening of the climbing wall. This is a rather expensive business, but with proper marketing, it will pay off pretty quickly. Active recreation is now in trend, people need to get emotional release and the climbing wall copes with this task perfectly. The main thing is to choose a room that is appropriate in height, buy mobile modules and ensure complete security. You also need to select instructors who have extensive experience and the necessary knowledge.
  20. Opening of a fitness club. It is worth opening an equipped fitness center if you have a sufficiently large starting capital. To open it, you will need an equipped room, next to a bus stop and a parking lot. The money will be needed to buy exercise equipment and equipment, equipment for locker rooms and showers, and hire staff.
  21. Confectionery. The principle of choosing a place is the same as when opening a fast food outlet. Additional costs will be required for the design of the premises: here you will have to involve a designer.
  22. Organization of a design studio. The main expense item is a stylish and spacious office, which is located as close to the center as possible. Other expenses: powerful computers, licensed design programs, design of work areas and recreation areas.
  23. A jewelry workshop that cleans and repairs jewelry. This is a low competition business. For a workshop, it is better to choose a place next to jewelry stores, and if possible, you can settle right inside them.
  24. Cafe on wheels. For its organization, an ordinary trailer on wheels is suitable. You also need access to the oven, organize a showcase. Also, costs will be associated with the purchase of semi-finished products and ingredients and the lease of a site for installing a cafe.
  25. Mini coffee shop. This format of catering can also be profitable. To prepare several types of coffee, large expenses are not needed, but it is possible to make money on it.
  26. Opening of a linguistic school. There will always be a demand for learning foreign languages, so this business is more relevant than ever. Here it is important to obtain the appropriate license and find a convenient room. It should be next to a stop and accommodate several rooms. In addition, you will need to buy comfortable furniture and create training materials, as well as find professional teachers.
  27. Clothing store for expectant mothers. Pregnant women like no one else need comfortable clothes. It is worth focusing on consumers with an average income. It is better to locate the store closer to the city center.
  28. Production of self-leveling floors. A popular design solution, which is actively implemented both in the design of private houses and other premises. At the same time, it is not necessary to equip the workshop: the main work is already carried out at the facility. Of the costs: the purchase of inventory and materials, as well as staff training.
  29. Car tuning. Car enthusiasts like to transform their horse, and they are willing to pay a lot of money for it. To implement this idea, you need to rent a large room adapted to your needs. 
  30. Opening a hookah. There are quite a few vapers. In this business, the interior, a large assortment of tobacco flavors and staff who understand the art of smoking are important.

Top business ideas with minimal investment and quick payback

Projects with minimal investment exist in all areas of business. Some ideas are more promising, others are slightly inferior to them. However, each of them has the right to exist, as it is associated with a long trend. The idea of ​​caring for the environment and the needs of the audience caused by the pandemic are popular. Promising areas: online education, e-commerce and other online areas.  

In small towns, you can open a business even with modest investments. At the same time, the competition is lower, so it is easy to draw the attention of potential customers to your product and encourage them to experiment.

Promising business ideas with investments up to 500 thousand rubles:

  1. Beauty coworking.
  2. Manufacture of wooden products.
  3. Growing and selling microgreens.
  4. Bookinistry.
  5. Online shopping and stylist support.
  6. Psychological centers.
  7. Children’s programming courses.
  8. Game and logical quests for children.
  9. Organization of parties for pregnant women and women on maternity leave.
  10. Sale of designer interior items.

Top business ideas without investments from scratch

Is it possible to start a business without investment at all? Can! The main thing is to understand what resources and knowledge you have! Below are the TOP 15 ideas that do not require start-up capital.

  1. Car babysitter . In large cities, moving from point A to point B can be difficult. Transportation of children to school and to sections requires a lot of time. It can be difficult for busy parents, so they are forced to turn to car nannies. These are girls with cars who bring and pick up the child from the circles, and also stay with them for some time until the parents can pick it up. Now there are special mobile applications that allow you to track the location of the nanny and the baby and guarantee his safety. This allows parents to be calm for the child and without fear to trust him to a stranger.
  2. Preparation and sale of edible bouquets. Especially popular are beer bouquets for men, which include beer and snacks for it.
  3. Organization of offsite wedding registrations. Wedding ceremonies are less and less held by the registry office. At the same time, the scenario of the ceremony also departs from the templates. Therefore, the services of leading such registration are popular. You can decorate the space, become an animator, develop a script for the ceremony – there are a lot of options for business.
  4. Animal knitting. Business without start-up capital: it is suitable if you have a purebred animal.
  5. Production of figurines from gingerbread. You can make them at home. At the same time, the shelf life of gingerbread is long, so it is not possible to make them every day, which allows you to choose a convenient work schedule.
  6. Moving . Moving is difficult. Therefore, services for the assembly and transportation of things can be very profitable. In the US, this is a popular business, which is not yet well developed in our country. Therefore, for now, the market is relatively free, and even without your own transport, this is a profitable business.
  7. Delivery of business lunches. If you love to cook, you can start a business that delivers ready meals to offices. Homemade food is better than fast food, so after building a customer base, the business can turn out to be profitable.
  8. Home kindergarten. This is especially useful in new LCDs, where kindergartens are sorely lacking. At home, you can gather small groups, up to 5 people.
  9. Tutoring . If you have knowledge in some area, then this is the perfect business for you. At the same time, in a pandemic, it can be organized in person and online.
  10. Husband for an hour. If you develop a clientele, you can earn up to 150 thousand rubles. per month and this is with a free schedule.
  11. Furniture restoration services. This is not quite a business from scratch, but its organization will require literally several thousand rubles (for the purchase of materials).
  12. Production of items from polymer clay : things for the interior, accessories for women. You can sell products both through personal accounts and through specialized e-shops
  13. Outdoor manicure. The quality of services will not be lower, but the client will be able to save time on the road. This option is suitable for those who have completed the courses and know what skills are needed. It is also ideal if there is a customer base.
  14. Conducting trainings and online consultations. In order for this business to become without investments, you need to find a free site, a barter option is possible.
  15. Repair of computers and mobile phones. This business starts with helping acquaintances, and then, through word of mouth, a clientele is acquired.

New business ideas that are not in Russia: TOP-5 ideas

  1. Personal consultant: you can consult on any issue – from psychology to jurisprudence. Everything is done anonymously and at affordable prices.
  2. Organization of comfortable tourism: sale of inventory for those who like to travel wild, but appreciate comfort.
  3. Edible dishes: they can be made from jelly or chocolate and sold in catering.
  4. Organization of silent events: for this, at the time of the holiday, silent soundproofing is installed, protecting from the loud sounds of neighbors.
  5. Real flower installation: This is an automated process for selling flowers that saves on staff salaries and room rent.

Which is better to choose a business for a small town

In theory, in a small town you can open the same business as in a big one. After all, the same people live here as elsewhere. The difference can only be in the degree of comfort and prosperity. This should be remembered first of all. Also, when choosing an idea, one should take into account the infrastructure of the city, analyze existing establishments, observe and even conduct surveys of residents. The working options are public catering and sales: these areas are equally effective for any city.


Even in times of crisis, you can start your own business. The main thing is to focus on the needs of the audience and adapt to changing market conditions. Keep an eye on competitors, try new things, test different approaches to doing business, and then success will not be long in coming.

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