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30 profitable business ideas from Europe in 2022

Europe is a recognized leader in the number of creative ideas for new business. The specificity of life, the mentality contribute to the emergence and subsequent implementation of non-standard projects. They are quickly becoming widespread and earning impressive returns. Startups that are successful in the West may well become a profitable business, both in Russia and in other countries. The novelties for 2022 discussed below can be a source of inspiration for finding a good investment of money and effort.

1. The perfect jeans store for men

A rare man loves long trips to shopping centers in search of the necessary things. The problem with the visual selection of the model and the appropriate size. A real find for the males was the Hointer jeans store. The simple and functional layout of the product, modern technology and the absence of intrusive service attract men like a magnet. Jeans are not folded in neat piles, but hung face down to the customer, each in a single copy. Using the QR code on the labels, it is easy to find out which of the fitting rooms already has the right model of the right size. Jeans that you like after trying on are taken to the checkout, those that do not fit are sent to a special hole. The advantage of such a store is significant savings on square meters and employees.

2. Purchases with delivery to the place of arrival

An actual service for cities where there is an airport will be the delivery of products after an online order to the place of arrival. Tired passengers will be grateful for the opportunity to go home, bypassing the queues at supermarkets. The idea was implemented by the Woolworths chain of stores in Melbourne (Australia).

3. Goods without packaging

The Bulk Barn company offers bulk, and most importantly, cheap goods: cereals, nuts, teas, pastries, dried fruits and much more in large vending machines with transparent walls. The lack of packaging greatly affects the price. Since its inception, the company has expanded to 200 branches and increased its product line to 4,000 items.

4. Restaurant with weight control

The fashionable trend for a beautiful athletic body has made the idea of ​​opening a restaurant where you can calculate your dinner according to the number of calories truly “golden”. This service is successfully offered by the Hitzberger restaurant (Switzerland).

5. Restaurant with the opportunity to earn money for visitors

The Logbar in Japan gives its customers the opportunity to create their own recipe for the desired cocktail on the iPad. The bartender will mix the ingredients, and the visitor will enjoy the taste of his invention. You can come up with a name for the drink and save it in the bar map. If another visitor chooses the invented cocktail, the author will be credited with 50 yen for each new order.

6. Cafe for cyclists

A healthy lifestyle, the desire to help the environment annually increase the number of bicycles in cities. People began to often change from car to two-wheeled transport, while the infrastructure of cities is well developed for the first, but ignores the second. In Zurich, cafes are very popular, where you can have a bite to eat without getting off the saddle. For parking, there are special tables, at which meals take place. Convenience and accessibility attract not only cyclists, but also motorists and pedestrians.

7. Automated bike rental

As with the bike cafe idea, the offer is influenced by modern lifestyles. For those who do not have the opportunity to buy a bicycle, instead of a taxi and public transport, a rental service will be in demand. The points of issue are automated and brought to perfection. Anyone can take a transport in a few seconds, paying for it in cash or by card, and rent it out in a similar rental without bothering to go back.

8. Free gym

Expensive subscriptions become an obstacle to visiting the gym for everyone. What are the benefits of opening a free gym? A huge flow of customers and the opportunity to receive large incomes from the sale of related products and advertising space.

9. Pizza in a cone

Pizza in its usual form is a costly meal in terms of cooking time and inconvenient as a “snack on the go.” The Italians came up with a way out of the situation. The dough is pre-made and folded into a horn, which, when ordered, is filled with stuffing and brought to readiness in the oven. Compact in size, convenient for a quick snack, crispy and endlessly delicious, PizzaCono is gaining popularity in all cities of the world. The idea will be a great start-up in a city where it has not yet appeared.

10 Tourist Vending Machine

Towels, umbrellas, sunglasses, toothpaste and other indispensable things on any trip are often forgotten at home. In Germany, they came up with the idea to install the Berlinomat Design Automat, which supplies travelers with everything they need at train stations and airports.

11. Hotel for children

A great way out for parents who have no one to leave the child with for the duration of the event or trip. The hotel is a camp accessible at any time of the year, where experienced educators will look after the baby, animators will take care of it, doctors will look after it and cooks will feed it deliciously. Given the busyness of modern parents, the idea has become widespread in the West.

12. Sausages with drawings

An amazing invention for children came from Feldhues (Germany). It was proposed to make sausage in such a way that when cut, pieces with drawings were obtained: bear cubs, hares, dolphins and other cute pictures. Over time, an assortment for adults and a service for the production of individual designs appeared. The result of a successful commercial offer was the expansion of a small store to three factories with a wide range of products.

13. Tours for tourists with vision problems

There is a growing demand for services for people with disabilities. In the process of preparing trips for visually impaired or visually impaired people, groups are recruited, half consisting of well-seeing tourists, who help the first to enjoy the trip and feel the beauty of the surrounding places.

14. Vending to relieve stress

The European fashion for psychotherapists, trainings and other things that help restore emotional health has moved to a new level. The business idea began to gain popularity in the form of placing vending machines on the street to release negative emotions. For example, the machine will give out dishes that can and should be broken. After that, a special employee will clean everything neatly and quickly. The service is in demand among young people and teenagers who splash out energy and have fun with the help of force.

15. Recipe Kit Store

The idea is suitable for both gourmets and busy people who do not want to look for the right products on store shelves for a long time. An example of successful implementation was the Kochhaus chain of stores. All goods inside are on separate tables, on which there are photos of dishes with descriptions and the necessary ingredients are selected in the right proportion. Perishable products are placed in refrigerators next to the tables.

16. Printing short messages

Important, valuable information for many remains forever in our computers and smartphones. offered a unique opportunity to print and save all valuable correspondence as a keepsake. The service makes it possible to archive correspondence from any messengers (viber, whatssapp, and others).

17. Barzahlen service for online stores

For those who do not accept credit cards and are not friends with Internet banking, a system has been developed that allows you to print a receipt with a barcode when buying on the Internet and pay for it in any convenient store (which is a partner of Barzahlen) at the checkout, after which the seller online The store will immediately send the goods.

18. Narrow professional advice

A successful satrap was the idea of ​​Michael Franke, an insurer from Germany. The entrepreneur helps colleagues deal with the nuances of insurance offers, identify pitfalls, compiles and publishes company ratings.

19. Paying for travel with a smartphone

Every second European from developed countries has an application installed on their phones that allows them to pay for travel directly on their phones. The idea is suitable for enterprising entrepreneurs who are able to take on complex organizational issues.

20. Smart technologies

Babolat Play (France) offered a tennis racket that can monitor the game online and analyze its performance, which makes it possible to correct the tennis player’s game in time. The idea is relevant to other areas of life as well. The introduction of such technologies makes life easier for people and makes the level higher.

21. Service for renting windows for advertising

A novelty from Holland is advertising on the windows of buildings. The owners of the premises are registered in the Add My Window project, the system evaluates the location and their business. After the assessment, the company’s managers send advertising perforated stickers that transmit light well and do not affect the interior lighting of the premises. Monthly rent to landlords – 150 euros.

22. Mobile hotel

Whitbread’s Scandic To Go hotel stops wherever the guest wishes. Fields, meadows, roadside areas: any place available for the trailer. The service is becoming more and more in demand due to the growing desire among tourists for a secluded vacation with comfort. For a night spent in a mobile hotel, you will have to pay 328 dollars.

23. Twitter hotel

A hotel called “SolWave” offers sociable tourists a vacation with the services of “Twitter”. Guests can chat in a general chat, get to know each other, participate in contests and sweepstakes, and talk in private rooms for four. To order drinks, just leave a message with the hashtag #FillMyFridge. In the context of the popularity of social networks, a relevant idea in any country.

24. Rent the same cars

Silvercar can be considered a successful startup that has gained quick popularity and good income. The peculiarity is that the company rents out a car of only one make and model – Audi A4. Customers do not have to get used to new cars every time, and it is beneficial for the company to service similar models. All the necessary data on city navigation is integrated into the car control panel, and you can order a car from your smartphone through the application.

25. Chocolate Constructor

The idea was realized in France by designer Elsa Lambina. The buyer is offered a choice of milk, white and dark chocolate in the form of squares, into which a chocolate bar is usually divided. You can choose any filling and insert it yourself into special holes. On top there are recesses for decorative elements. Such handmade chocolate is in unprecedented demand as gifts for dear people.

26. Coworking center

Free space for communication or work. A modern alternative to cafes, restaurants, libraries and other places where it is customary to spend free time. Payment is made only for the hours spent inside such a center.

27. Hotel for flowers

For travelers going on a long journey, those who are planning to make repairs or have other reasons to leave flowers without care for a long time, the idea of ​​a plant hotel appeared and proved to be successful.

28. Virtual Presence

LiveLike VR is a project that, using virtual reality, allows fans to “be present” at the stadium where the match of their favorite team is taking place in real time.

29. Scented lacquers

Nail polishes usually have a strong, unpleasant odor. The solution to the problem, which made fashionistas very happy, was offered by Revlon. The brand has released a series of coatings Parfumerie. The whole line has pleasant gentle smells that last for 3 days.

30. Willcall

An online service that notifies smartphone owners about upcoming concerts and events. Through the application, you can buy drinks, alcohol, and snacks in real-time and, bypassing the line at the checkout, pick up the goods at the point of the issue at the event.

Europe is replenished every year with new interesting, profitable ideas. Monitoring successful projects, processing available information in a timely manner and launching an adapted business in another country can guarantee success for a novice businessman.

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