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110 home business ideas for women

A home business is a convenient format that allows you to start your own business. A wide range of activities opens up for women. This includes both the manufacture of various toys, jewelry and other items, as well as teaching, conducting courses, trainings. Ideas are suitable for women of any age. The choice of field depends on education, skills and personal preferences.

Where and how to start a business for a woman and a girl

To start your own business, you need to choose a line of business. It is important to identify your strengths: education and skills. The main thing is to choose an interesting area for yourself in which you can show your abilities. If you don’t have enough knowledge and skills to start a business, then you can enroll in courses or find a job in a field of interest.

The main steps to help a woman start her own business:

  1. Analysis of suitable business ideas.
  2. Selection of the best ideas.
  3. Assessment of the field of activity, competitors, target audience and market conditions.
  4. Implementation (registration of individual entrepreneurs, cost estimates, loan processing, etc.).
  5. Attracting clients.

Home business for women and girls: 15 ideas how to start a home business for a woman and a girl

It is easiest for a woman to start a business at home. This option does not require renting a room and allows you to work in comfortable conditions. Below are the best home business ideas and tips for women .

Business idea 1: Selling toys, jewelry or souvenirs

A great business for a woman at home is the sale of handmade products. To begin with, the direction of activity is determined: soft toys, dolls, magnets, jewelry made of wood or stones. For example, for sewing an ordinary bear, materials for 200-500 rubles are required. You can sell a toy for at least 1000 rubles.

sewing toys for sale

Business idea 2: courses, trainings and tutoring

This option is suitable for women who have experience in teaching or working in a particular field. It does not require special investments, you already have everything you need. Examples of courses: needlework, do-it-yourself repairs, hairstyles, gardening. The cost of such trainings starts from 500 rubles. for the lesson.

Business Idea 3: Teaching Languages

Women who know a foreign language well will be able to earn extra money by tutoring. You can recruit students from all over the world and give lessons via Skype. The cost of one lesson starts from 200 rubles.

Business idea 4: soap making

Natural cosmetics are popular and in demand. Materials are required to make your own soap. First, glycerin, base, oils, pigments and molds are purchased. The volume of investments will be 1-2 thousand rubles. The cost of a bar of soap – from 120 rubles.

Business Idea 5: Private Florist and Toy Bouquets

For women who know the basics of floristry, the following business option is suitable. To create and sell bouquets, you need to agree with the flower base. Unusual bouquets are obtained from toys and sweets. Such products are more durable than flowers. For the purchase of materials will require from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. Bouquets are prepared in advance for the holidays: New Year, March 8, September 1, etc.

Business idea 6: dropshipping – selling popular products

Dropshipping is the resale of goods from suppliers to the final buyer. You need to pay for the wholesale cost of the goods and shipping. In this case, the addresses of customers are transferred to the supplier. Suppliers are looking for in Russia or China. You can sell goods and advertise your services through a page on social networks.

Business idea 7: Kindergarten at home

The idea can be used by women on maternity leave. To begin with, 2-3 children are accepted. It is important to provide the wards with food, educational games and other conditions. Business brings from 40 to 60 thousand per month.

Business idea 8: selling homemade baked goods

Home baking is a great business idea for women who love to cook. You can sell buns, cheesecakes, cakes, pies and cakes. To find sales markets, they negotiate with offices, hotels, fast food outlets. The cost will be about 300-500 rubles,

homemade cakes to order

Business Idea 9: Selling Homemade Cosmetics

At home, creams are made from oils and plant extracts, peels, scrubs. The easiest option is cosmetics made from coffee and sugar. All ingredients are freely available. Products are sold through social networks or their own website.

Business Idea 10: Private Hairdresser

You can open a small salon at home. The idea is suitable for women who already have experience as hairdressers. Inexpensive tools are bought on Chinese sites. At home, not only haircuts are performed, but also coloring, lamination and other procedures.

Business Idea 11: Stylist

Stylist is a very demanded profession. The business is suitable for women with good taste who know how to choose looks, combine clothes and accessories. The idea does not require investments, it is enough to draw up a portfolio and offer your services in social networks.

Business Idea 12: Dog and Cat Breeder

A successful business is organized by breeding purebred dogs and cats. It is enough to get one pet and give it for mating. The business requires investment to provide the animals with good care. The main disadvantage is unstable income.

Business Idea 13: Clothing store at home

At home, you can open a store and resell clothes from Chinese sites. A profitable business is the sale of quality products from America and Europe. It is recommended to start with small batches of goods and gradually increase momentum. It is convenient to promote your services through your own group in social networks.

Business Idea 14: Trainings for Children

A good business option for women is training for children. Such events improve communication skills, present knowledge in a playful way. It is desirable to have the education of a teacher or trainer. The cost of one training starts from 500 rubles.

salary as an animator

Business Idea 15: Animation Activities

Animator services are in demand at children’s parties. To begin with, they choose an image and think over an entertainment program. Investments are required only for the manufacture or purchase of a costume. The cost of the performance is 5-20 thousand rubles.

Business for a woman with minimal investment and from scratch: top 25 business ideas

The main problem that does not allow you to open your own business is the lack of start-up capital. In such cases, business ideas that require minimal investment help.

Business idea 1: creating an eco-farm, raising pets

For women living in rural areas, organizing an eco-farm would be a great idea. You should start small: buy chickens and other birds. Products are delivered to the nearest cities. The cost is set at a higher level than in hypermarkets.

Business idea 2: business on vacancies

For such a business, they rent premises and draw up documents. There are two areas of activity: the search for workers for companies or assistance in finding employment for the population. At the first stage, they offer their services to large companies, study vacancies and requirements for candidates.

Business Idea 3: Opening a Private Art School

For women who have a talent for drawing, it may be a good business to open an art school. The start-up capital is used to rent premises, purchase easels, brushes and paints. The approximate cost of expenses is 50 thousand rubles. The school accepts both children and adults who want to learn how to draw.

Business Idea 4: Soap Bubble Show

The entertainment business is always in demand. The soap bubble show is in demand at children’s parties, corporate parties, weddings and birthdays. The main costs are for the purchase of a generator and a container for the solution. The total amount will be 80 thousand rubles. Recommends purchasing equipment for lighting and musical accompaniment. For half an hour performances receive from 3 thousand rubles.

soap bubbles show

Business idea 5: tourism business

The tourism business is suitable for women living in the mountains, near attractions or in other interesting places. You can study the history and features of the objects and conduct excursions for tourists. The cost of such a trip is from 1000 rubles. from a person or group. The main drawback is the seasonality of business, the main flow of tourists is taken in the summer.

Business Idea 6: Decorating Weddings and Holidays

A woman will be able to show her taste and creativity when decorating the premises. Services are in demand before weddings, corporate parties and other celebrations. The main costs are necessary for the purchase of balloons, ribbons and flowers. For an hour of work as a decorator, a woman can get from 2 to 15 thousand. To promote a business, they create a portfolio and a group in social networks.

Business Idea 7: Raising Poultry

The business is suitable for women living in their own home. Funds will be needed to buy a batch of chickens or turkeys, organize premises and feed. Natural products are in demand in large cities. It is implemented through ads and social networks.

Business Idea 8: Marriage Agency

The idea of ​​a marriage agency requires a computer and an internet connection. For starters, you can work from home. To help people find their soul mate, it is important to build a customer base. The marriage agency brings in an income of 20 thousand per month.

Business Idea 9: Making or Reselling Costume Jewelry

The business of creating jewelry is realized at home. Raw materials are of low cost, they are ordered on Chinese sites. Such a business allows a woman to show her creative abilities. At costs up to 300 rubles. you can sell a finished bracelet or necklace for 1-2 thousand.

do-it-yourself jewelry

Business Idea 10: Online Clothing Store

Own online store will help a woman to get a good profit. Goods are ordered on AliExpress or other sites. To begin with, choose one direction – casual wear, wedding dresses or accessories. The markup in such stores is up to 50%.

Business idea 11: yoga and other exercises

It is easy to turn your favorite hobby into a profitable business. Yoga or fitness trainings are organized for children and adults. The main costs are related to the rent of the premises. The cost of classes starts from 300 rubles. If there is no experience, they sign up for courses and attend classes of other trainers.

Business idea 12: growing oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are useful mushrooms that are grown at home. First, they equip a room where they maintain a certain humidity and temperature. Then a substrate is acquired, which is placed in bags with straw. The cost of expenses – from 2 thousand. 1 kg of oyster mushrooms is sold for 150 rubles. For a month, a woman can earn from 15 thousand.

Business Idea 13: Manicure and Pedicure at Home or in Fitness Centers

For such a business, manicure tools, varnishes and a lamp are purchased. The most affordable prices for equipment on AliExpress. The cost of a manicure starts from 500 rubles. The salon is organized at home, rented premises in fitness centers or work on-site to clients.

Business Idea 14: Selling Goat Milk

Goat milk is a healthy and valuable product. To organize a business, investments from 100 thousand are required: an aviary, the purchase of animals, feed. Estimated income – from 10 thousand. The idea is suitable for women living in the private sector.

Business Idea 15: Vending Business

Selling snacks and drinks through a vending machine is an easy business option for women. The cost of the device starts from 50 thousand rubles. For renting a place you need to pay 2-15 thousand rubles. The machine is placed in crowded places – in shopping centers, cinemas, universities, medical centers.

vending machines

Business Idea 16: Selling Root Dogs

On fast food, a woman can get a good income. Corn dogs are sausages fried in wheat or corn dough. To organize a business, they rent a retail outlet, obtain permission from the SES, and purchase equipment and ingredients.

Business Idea 17: Selling Homemade Cakes

Beautiful and delicious cakes are in great demand. Business will help a woman to show her imagination and creativity. The cost of a cake to order reaches 1500-200 thousand. In addition to the ingredients for its manufacture, mastic and decorations are required.

Business Idea 18: Hair Salon

To organize a hairdressing salon, they rent premises, buy equipment and hire staff. Profitability depends on the location, advertising and quality of services. The starting capital for the hairdressing business is from 70 to 250 thousand.

Business Idea 19: Massage Room at Home

Massage is in great demand, especially among people who lead an inactive lifestyle. To organize a business, a woman should take special courses. Another option is to buy a massage chair.

Business Idea 20: Making Sling Jackets and a Maternity Store

The sling jacket allows you to carry the child with you without strollers. Products are popular with women with small children. Jackets are made independently or organized in bulk. Additionally, you can engage in the sale of clothing for pregnant women.

Business Idea 21: Growing Plants and Seedlings for Sale

Starting capital is directed to the purchase of boxes, seeds, soil, fertilizers. This is a seasonal business for women as seedlings are required in the spring. The idea is suitable for women living in the private sector. It is best to allocate a large room for seedlings or equip a heated greenhouse.

Business Idea 22: Tea or Coffee Shop

A small tea or coffee shop is a great business idea for a woman. Rent a room in a shopping center or hypermarket. It is best to supply products for people with different incomes. Do not forget about the elite varieties of tea and coffee.

tea and coffee shop

Business Idea 23: Felting Wool

By felting, beautiful toys and accessories are obtained. The business requires investments in the amount of 30 thousand. First they buy wool, fabrics, decorative items. The cost of toys starts from 500 rubles. For sale, they make an extra charge of 2-3 times.

Business Idea 24: Sewing Clothes for Dogs

Dog clothing is an interesting business option. Orders are taken at home or via the Internet. A woman is required to have a sewing machine, fabrics, needles and sewing skills. To create a portfolio and attract customers, you can try to sew clothes for dogs from relatives or friends.

Business idea 25: sale of knitted items and souvenirs

Women who know how to knit will be able to find a use for their abilities. Knitwear has a unique design. Toys, napkins, mittens, socks, sweaters are created for sale. For inspiration, the study sites with ready-made products.

Business for a woman in a small town 10 best ideas

It can be difficult to open a business in small towns. The main problem is low demand for goods and services. There are advantages here – this is the lack of competition and the opportunity to occupy your niche in the market.

Business idea 1: animal husbandry own mini farm

The idea is suitable for women living in the private sector. To sell natural products, it is enough to keep several animals. Be sure to equip enclosures or other premises and purchase food.

Business idea 2: opening a hardware store

Household goods are always in demand. Under the store they are looking for a room for rent and negotiate with suppliers. Business develops best in places with high traffic. To attract customers, they offer promotions and discounts.

Business idea 3: sale of bath brooms

A profitable business can be the sale of brooms. The case does not require large investments, you can prepare everything you need yourself. Brooms are sold in specialized stores, near shopping centers and other crowded places.

production of brooms for a bath

Business Idea 4: Making Beautiful DIY Phone Cases

Beautiful covers are made of felt, leather, and plastic. Rhinestones, artificial watches, beads are used for decoration. Components are bought on Chinese sites or a fabric store. The cost of such a cover starts from 500 rubles. at a cost of 100-200 rubles.

Business Idea 5: Selling Paintings and Portraits

The business of selling portraits is suitable for women who can paint. Paintings created from photographs are popular. First, they invest in the purchase of canvas, brushes, and paints. To promote services, they create their own website or group on social networks. Be sure to provide examples of your work.

Business Idea 6: Pie Vending Machine

The vending machine with pies is placed in schools, universities, office centers, gas stations, and shopping malls. The purchase of the unit will have to spend 80-100 thousand rubles. Women can sell their own pastries or order them from the bakery.

Business idea 7: designer souvenirs

Original souvenirs are in great demand. These are fridge magnets, mugs, crafts. Accessories are ordered from AliExpress. Sales are organized through social networks or a personal website.

Business idea 8: home studio

Women who know how to sew well can earn money in a home atelier. The list of services includes not only tailoring but also repairs, inserting zippers, trimming lengths, etc. If you already have a sewing machine at home, then the investment will be minimal.

Business idea 9: production of goods for children’s creativity

Creativity kits cover different areas of needlework: felting, appliqués, embroidery, scrapbooking. The cost of such sets is quite low and amounts to about 100 rubles. The minimum prices for buyers start from 300 rubles. Products are offered to kindergartens and schools.

Business Idea 10: Selling Printed Bags

Bags with an unusual print have a unique design. Such a product has a cost of 2 to 3 thousand rubles. Bags are sewn according to patterns from fabric or leather. It is enough to come up with an unusual print and apply it with the help of paints.

Successful Business Ideas: 3 Real Examples of Women’s Success in Business

Many women have been successful in business. They are recognized for their hard work, intuition and business acumen.

Example 1: Tatyana Bakalchuk

She founded Wildberries, a well-known clothing, and footwear store. Its pickup points operate throughout the country. The online store accepts more than 1000 orders daily. Tatyana taught English when she decided to earn extra money by reselling clothes from catalogs. Today, her fortune is 350 million dollars.


Example 2: Natalia Bykovskaya

In the 90s, Natalia started a business in the agricultural sector from scratch. During this time, she became a co-owner of Rusagro. Her income is estimated at 50 million rubles. Natalya Bykovskaya is considered one of the wealthiest women in Russia.

Example 3: Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is the most impressive example of a successful business. Her path began with poverty, shelters, work in a store. Despite all the difficulties, she managed to create a company that produces cosmetics, perfumes, premium clothing, and accessories.

4 rules for starting a successful and profitable business

In order for home business ideas for women to give results, adhere to the following principles:

  • analyze the market, introduce new ideas;
  • always evaluate risks and start small;
  • choose an activity that brings you joy and benefit;
  • study the experience of other people, do not be afraid to make mistakes and gain new experience.

Five of the most successful business ideas for women

Every year there are more and more business opportunities. A woman can realize herself in various fields, from needlework to managing a large company. There are 5 main areas of business where it is easiest for a woman to start her own business.

Idea 1: handmade

The direction includes various types of needlework: the manufacture of soft toys, clothes, and accessories. Starting capital is directed to the purchase of fabrics, threads, and other consumables.

Popular directions of hand-made:

  • knitted items (swimsuits, sweaters, socks, napkins, potholders);
  • bouquets of sweets or toys;
  • sewing soft toys and dolls;
  • felting from wool (toys, souvenirs, bags);
  • jewelry made of wood, stones, rhinestones, beads.

Idea 2: a creative studio for children or a mini-kindergarten at home

An interesting business idea for women is opening a kindergarten at home. Many parents have problems enrolling their children in kindergarten. You can open not only a mini-garden but also a creative studio. Children are taught to draw, dance, sing, cook, do pottery. Such a business is suitable for women living outside the city.

Idea 3: a women’s clothing or lingerie store

It is not necessary to rent a room to open your own store. A good option is to offer clothes and shoes online. Goods are purchased on Chinese sites, better products are purchased through intermediaries in America. First, it is recommended to choose a specialization: leather bags, shoes or evening dresses. Gradually, the range of goods is expanding. Over time, you can open your own boutique or showroom.

Idea 4: service delivery

The service industry is very diverse. A woman can try herself in the field of beauty as a hairdresser, stylist, masseur or makeup artist. It is better to take several courses beforehand and study the competitors. Services are provided at home or travel to clients. The largest investment requires renting a room for your own salon.

Idea 5: work on the Internet

Working on the Internet does not require serious investments. This requires a personal computer or laptop, as well as constant access to the Internet. To start earning through the Internet, you will have to study the experience of other people and gain new skills.

There are many areas of activity:

  • writing articles;
  • Photo processing;
  • selling pictures on photo stocks;
  • development and content of sites;
  • blogging and social media pages.

Ideas for your own business for women from scratch

Any woman can start her own business, even if she has no sales and promotion experience. To develop a business from scratch, they study ideas for a business at home for women and choose the most promising one.

Business Idea 1: Gift Baskets

A gift basket is a real salvation for those who are tired of looking for gifts for the holidays. To fill it, mugs and other utensils, candles, cookies, cosmetics, postcards are suitable. Baskets are popular in offices when you need to buy gifts for a large number of people. You can fill the basket to your taste or offer several options for men, women, and children.

gift baskets

Business idea 2: cedar products

Cedar products are extremely useful. To begin with, a woman should start supplying cake, butter, and jam. Through an online store or a page on social networks, they arrange delivery worldwide. The most important part is to negotiate with suppliers. Over time, the range expands and new positions are added.

Business idea 3: urbechi and healthy products pooled

Urbach – a traditional Dagestan dish, is a thick mass of crushed nuts, flax seeds, sunflowers, pumpkins. He was appreciated by adherents of a healthy diet. Urbechi are expensive in stores. A great business for a woman is to organize a joint purchase, raise money, purchase and deliver goods.

Business idea 4: Raw food delivery

Adherents of a raw food diet include in the menu only those products that have not undergone heat treatment. Dishes from such products can be prepared independently or bought in special cafes. To arrange delivery, it is enough for a woman to collect orders and deliver raw food dishes. Payment is possible both during the formation of the application and upon receipt of the dish.

Business Idea 5: School of Foreign Languages

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is not required to organize a school. A great example is a Need4Speek school in Kazan. At first, the project brought together language students who wanted to improve their skills. They were sent to international events as volunteers. Over time, the project became commercial.

Business Idea 6: Instagrammer

Instagram is convenient to promote your products or advertise products. To gain an audience, create interesting content. Over time attract sponsors and advertisers. The promotion of your blog is a long process that requires constant work. To make money on advertising, you need an audience of more than 5 thousand people.

Business Idea 7: Tutoring

If you have knowledge in any area, a woman can do tutoring. Lessons are conducted at home or travel to clients. You can teach both children and adults. The most promising areas are foreign languages ​​and exam preparation. An alternative option is to conduct master classes in drawing, modeling, and pottery.

Business Idea 8: Dog Walking

Dog walking is a business for women that do not require investment. Their services are offered in groups dedicated to pets. Dogs are walked in special places. To save time, walk several dogs at once. Well, if a woman has her own pet, then dog walking is much easier. For an hour of work, they receive about 300 rubles.

dog walking

Business Idea 9: Reselling Things

You can start a business by cleaning your wardrobe. Some unnecessary things are taken from friends and acquaintances. One of the directions is the purchase of defective or damaged items. They are repaired and put up for sale at higher prices.

Business Idea 10: Advertising on windows, balconies and vehicles

The idea is suitable for women who have a house or apartment in the city center or near the roads. In this way, they receive a one-time income. Another option is to advertise on your car. You can find advertisers on your own on the Internet or contact an agency.

Business idea 11: renting an apartment, room, house

If you have “extra” real estate, it is convenient to receive regular income from renting out. The most profitable option is daily. You can also rent apartments and rent them for a short time.

Business Idea 12: Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent requires organizational and communication skills. The realtor receives from 2 to 10% of the transaction. Such business is associated with the sale of real estate or land.

Business Idea 13: Doing Work for Students

Such a business is suitable for students, recent graduates of universities, and teachers. To perform student work, knowledge in a certain area is required. Revenue is determined by the number of orders and the prices set.

Business Idea 14: Translator

Good knowledge of a foreign language will allow you to find a job as a translator. Profit depends on the quality of work and the complexity of the text. Employers are looking for through agencies or bureaus, on freelance websites and exchanges.

Business Idea 15: Field Computer Administrator

For women who understand computers, the work of an administrator is suitable. Such a specialist travels to solve urgent problems or gives advice remotely. The cost of one trip reaches 1-5 thousand, depending on the complexity of the task.

Ideas for business with minimal investment

Any business requires investment. In the absence of available funds, it is important to minimize costs. Therefore, they choose home business ideas for women, which require small start-up capital.

Business idea 1: author’s toys

Selling original toys is a great opportunity for women to turn a hobby into a profitable business. There are a lot of options: teddy bears, rag dolls, felted products, toys for newborns. It is convenient to promote your business on the Internet. Be sure to take color photographs of their work.

author's toys

Business Idea 2: Handmade Chocolate and Cooking School for Kids

To implement this idea, one of two ways is chosen: already prepared chocolate is melted and the desired figures are obtained, or it is boiled from cocoa beans. The first option is simpler and more economical. Women will be able not only to make sweets with their own hands but also to teach other people how to work with chocolate. If you open a cooking school, you can teach children how to cook different sweets.

Business Idea 3: Mehendi

Mehendi is a painting on the body with henna. To engage in such a business, they buy an instrument and henna. If you master the technique, you can travel around the world. Services are in demand in all cities, from Europe to Asia, especially in resorts.

Business idea 4: sale of homemade cakes, pastries and sweets on the example of the Tatar national dessert talkysh kaleve

Homemade sweets are a great business for a woman of any age. A vivid example is Venera Bakhtiyarova from Kazan, who makes and sells the takes Kaleva dessert. Friends and relatives can become the first clients. Services are promoted via the Internet.

Business idea 5: natural stone jewelry

The wholesale store buys natural stones. They make simple jewelry: bracelets and necklaces. The amount of expenses is from 8-10 thousand. For the sale of finished products receive up to 60 thousand. To promote jewelry, it is important to take beautiful photos.

Business idea 6: baby carriers, teethers, pacifier holders

Original things for babies are made of wood and knitted elements. The initial investment is from 1.5 thousand. Profit depends on sales and reaches 10-15 thousand.

making rodents

Business idea 7: online store for children’s clothing and toys

High-quality children’s products are very popular. It is enough to design your website or page in social networks. Things are ordered from Turkey or China. You can promote your business at a cost of 10 thousand rubles.

Business idea 8: designer clothes

Designer clothing is one of the ways for a woman to realize her design abilities. First, they choose the direction of activity: swimwear, tracksuits, cocktail dresses, etc. Products are promoted on Instagram or order advertising from bloggers.

Business idea 9: cutting and sewing courses, custom-made clothes

For women who know how to work with fabrics, a good business idea is cutting and sewing courses. Bespoke clothing is also popular. You can start a business without investment. if you take payment for your work.

Business Idea 10: Bodyboards

A business board is a small board for children with switches, latches, hooks and other items. You can create such a toy at home. The first business board can be created from old unnecessary things.

Business idea 11 aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the treatment and prevention of diseases with the help of oils. A woman should sell oils or organize aromatherapy sessions. It is better to purchase products from reliable suppliers. For the sessions, you will need a room that needs to be beautifully decorated.

Business Idea 12: Handmade Wooden Toy Store

Wooden toys are environmentally friendly and harmless to humans. Their manufacture requires raw materials, tools and good woodworking skills. First, goods are sold at fairs or in shopping centers, it is convenient to promote through social networks.

holiday host

Business idea 13: host of holidays

To become a leader, investments of 10 thousand rubles are required. This includes advertising and creating your image. The job is suitable for sociable women with good diction. To improve your skills in this area, it is recommended to attend seminars, read more books, watch training videos.

Business Idea 14: Home Diaper Delivery

The idea is easier to implement in big cities. Orders are taken by phone or online. Small capital is required to purchase the first batch of diapers.

Business Idea 15: Farm Products

To implement this idea, a car is required to transport products from the countryside. Such products are in demand among parents who want to feed their children with natural products, as well as among adherents of a healthy diet. At the first stage, investments from 200 thousand rubles are required. Be sure to negotiate with suppliers.

Business Idea 16: Massage at Home

Massage is useful for adults and children, so the service is in high demand. First, you need to take training courses, purchase a table, oils, and towels. Anti-cellulite, Thai, vacuum massage are popular among women. The cost of one session starts from 500 rubles, so the costs pay off quickly.

Business Idea 17: Home Beauty Salon

At home, a woman can provide the following cosmetic services: manicure and pedicure, depilation, tattooing, makeup, hairstyles. For a home salon, one or more directions are chosen. Depending on the complexity of the work, the volume of investments will be from 5 to 50 thousand rubles.

Business Idea 18: Kindergarten at Home

The service is popular with parents who have no one to leave their child with. One or more children are accepted at home. Children can be taken for the whole day or a couple of hours. Investments are required for the purchase of educational toys, tables, chairs, beds, etc.

Business Idea 19: Selling Custom Clothes

The idea is suitable for women living in Moscow. In the market “Gardener” you can buy clothes at low prices. In groups in social networks, they post photos of goods and take orders. The cost is set higher than the purchase price. At the initial stage, it is important to negotiate with suppliers, you can ask for a discount as a regular customer.

make money blogging

Business Idea 20: Blogging on Youtube

On Youtube, you can blog about any topic: show makeup, travel, life hacks, and much more. For quality content, you need a good camera, microphone and computer for video processing. It will take time to promote the blog, so the income will not appear immediately. The blogger’s income is generated through advertising.

Women’s business ideas with investments from 100 thousand rubles

If you have start-up capital, you can choose an idea that requires investment. Before directing funds to purchase goods and equipment, you should analyze the market and business prospects.

Business idea 1: handmade skin care products

You can make soaps, shampoos, creams, and other care products with your own hands. The volume of investments starts from 500 rubles. As the business develops, the number of purchases of raw materials increases. With constant orders, the business pays off in a few months.

Business Idea 2: Photographer

The profession requires large investments in training and the purchase of equipment. Over time, all costs pay off. Income largely depends on the season. If there are no clients, then they work for photo stocks. The success of the activity depends on the portfolio and the promotion of its services.

Business Idea 3: Visual Arts School

To become a make-up artist and open your own school, it is enough to invest from 100 thousand rubles. With this money, they rent a room, equip lighting, shelves, mirrors, and buy cosmetics. Training is carried out in different courses: make-up for yourself, evening hairstyles, advanced training for makeup artists.

Business idea 4: organizing events

A woman can show her organizational skills and help with events. Funds will be required to purchase equipment and a laptop. Profit depends on the season. The maximum income is received in December. To attract customers, they participate in charity events, create a group in social networks. Word of mouth works well.

Business Idea 5: Women’s Training

The organization of training requires large investments. It is important to have good knowledge in a certain area. Training can cover various areas: psychology, business, finance, self-development. The best advertising for training is social networks and word of mouth.

trainings for women

Business Idea 6: Kindergarten

For the organization of a kindergarten, the volume of investments will be from 500 thousand rubles. The funds are paid back within a year. The main expenses are related to the rent and renovation of the premises, the purchase of toys and literature.

Business Idea 7: Beauty Salon

Before you open your beauty salon, it is important to choose a good place, to determine your target audience. Businesses are targeted at women with medium or high incomes. The volume of investments – from 500 thousand rubles. The payback period is 3 years.

Business Idea 8: Bodyflex

Bodyflex is a technique that helps to lose weight by stretching muscles and breathing exercises. To organize a business, they rent a room, if necessary, make repairs. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the methodology, attend various courses and training.

Business idea 9: modeling school

In order for the modeling school to generate income, it is important to be well versed in this art. Investments will amount to 2 million rubles. This includes the rental of premises, the purchase of materials, website promotion.

Business Idea 10: Intimate Gymnastics School

For such a business, the size of investments starts from 300 thousand rubles. The costs include training, purchase of simulators, promotion. Training can be done both online and offline.

Business Idea 11: Club of Playing Moms

In such a club, mothers are taught to play with their children. Starting capital starts from 120 thousand rubles. He is sent to improve his skills, rent a room, buy toys. As advertising, free classes are first held.

Business Idea 12: Women’s Clothing Store

Clothes are ordered on Chinese websites or purchased at sales. It is most convenient to create an online store, and offer a fitting at home. Over time, you can expand and rent space for a store. Investment amount from 200 thousand rubles.

Business Idea 13: Maternity and Nursing Store

Such a store is opened in a shopping center or other places with high traffic. Starting capital is spent on the purchase of toys and other things, rent, advertising. Due to high competition, a business may not bring good profits.

creation of a store for pregnant women

Business Idea 14: Lingerie Store

For a lingerie store, investments from 300 thousand rubles are required. It is best to open a department in a hypermarket. The average income per month will be from 300 thousand.

Business Idea 15: Wedding Salon

To create a wedding salon, they rent a room, buy furniture, and buy dresses. You can engage in both sales and rental, offer holiday outfits for children and adults.

Business Idea 16: Design Studio

For a design studio, a room is chosen, furniture and equipment are installed, and specialists are hired. They work with both large companies and individuals. The cost of the project starts from 2000 rubles. per sq. m.

Business Idea 17: Tea and Coffee Shop

A small space is enough to open a store. Investment amount – from 500 thousand rubles. The product is in demand in any season, it is stored for a long time under normal conditions.

Business Idea 18: Handmade Store

They make jewelry, accessories, bags, clothes with their own hands. Investments are needed to purchase materials and tools. The first time they work from home.

Business Idea 19: Dance School

A dance school needs a large space. Funds are used to purchase equipment, rent, musical equipment, teachers’ salaries, and advertising. A school may specialize in ballroom, modern or other forms of dance.

Business Idea 20: Nail Salon

Minimum investment is needed for a nail salon at home. Clients are attracted through social networks. For rent, choose a room in places with high traffic. The business pays off within a year.

Many women can start their own business. The main thing is to evaluate your strengths and choose the best idea. It is recommended to study the market and competitors, as well as think about ways to promote your products or services.

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