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10 most expensive products in the world

Gourmets from all over the world enjoy tasting the finest and most expensive dishes in the world. After reading this list, you can also try to find them – of course, if you have tens of thousands of rubles to spare and tons of free time that will have to be spent looking for high-quality suppliers. Be that as it may, I present to your attention the ten most expensive products in the world.

1. Saffron

Saffron, thanks to a complex and laborious collection process, is even more expensive than gold. Saffron is obtained from the stigmas of saffron flowers, which are harvested by hand and must be dried only in the air, but one flower gives only three stigmas, and 200 thousand flowers are required to obtain a kilogram of spice. Thus, in just two grams of high-quality spice, you will have to pay more than a thousand rubles.

2. Hawaiian water “Kona Nigari”

The world’s most expensive water is produced at a depth of 600 meters in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii. Because of its deep depth, the water is untouched by pollution and is believed to help you lose weight and improve your skin condition. Especially popular in Japan, Kona Nigari water costs about 25 thousand rubles.

3. White Italian truffles

White truffles are highly prized due to their exceptional rarity. Only specially trained pigs can find them in only one area in Italy and only for a couple of months a year. Their price can be more than 100,000 rubles per pound.

4. Wagyu marbled beef

Wagyu beef is obtained from Japanese cows, which are known for their marbling predisposition – the fat streaks in their meat form a beautiful pattern reminiscent of a marble pattern. It is thanks to this marbling that the meat gets its amazing taste – such fat has a rather low melting point, so it melts during cooking, filling the meat with juiciness. Wagyu beef is sold at an average price of 12 thousand rubles per pound.

5. Balsamic vinegar

Genuine traditional balsamic vinegar is protected by the European regional product protection system, and for good reason – it takes at least 12 years to produce and mature. Real balsamic vinegar is dark brown in color, has a complex aroma, and has a natural sweet and sour taste of grape juice, enriched with the flavor of the wood of the barrels. 100 ml of such vinegar is estimated at at least 10,000 rubles.

6.Yubar Royal Melon

These melons, which are a hybrid of two cantaloupes, are grown in only one place on the planet – in the greenhouses of the Japanese town of Yubari. The most valuable fruits are considered to be perfectly round with a smooth bark; it is customary to present them as a gift to ideal couples. The most expensive royal melon from Yuba went under the hammer for $ 26,000.

7. Pork ham jamon Iberico

To prepare this Spanish delicacy, Iberian black pigs are specially fed with especially sweet acorns. Jamon production is strictly regulated by the Spanish appellation of origin system. According to its rules, on a hectare of land at the same time, there should be no more than two pigs, otherwise, they will not be able to get their 5 kg of acorns per day, which they need to achieve the required weight of 150 kg. A hand-chopped Iberico Jamon can cost up to 15,000 rubles per pound.

8. Young shoots of hops

New gourmet whimsy is young hop shoots, a byproduct of the brewing industry. The price bites due to the fact that collecting tiny curls is a very laborious task, because each shoot is collected by hand, and you still need to find it in the thick of a spreading plant. In some parts of Europe, a pound of hop sprouts can sell for $ 120 and up.

9. Elk cheese

There are many expensive types of cheese, but Moose House’s moose cheese is perhaps the most exclusive. A tiny farm in Sweden contains only three moose (named Gullan, Helga, and Juna), which are only milked between May and September. Each season, moose produce enough milk for 300 kg of cheese, which Mouse House farmers produce in three varieties – rind, moldy, and feta cheese. They are sold at a price of 30,000 rubles per pound.

10. Caviar “Almas”

Caviar has always been synonymous with wealth, but in recent years, the world’s most expensive game has become even more expensive, as the species of beluga that produces it has been declared an endangered species. Specifically, the Almas caviar is produced by a 100-year-old albino beluga from the Caspian Sea. Such caviar is sold in exclusively gilded jars for crazy money – about 140,000 rubles per 100 grams.

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